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It is no doubt a great blow to learn that he or his family is suffering from breast cancer. But the right thing to do is to have the courage


It is no doubt a great blow to learn that he or his family is suffering from breast cancer. But the right thing to do is to have the courage to deal with the difficulties. Then you should listen carefully to the doctor's advice, with the doctor to do a good job of diagnosis and treatment.

First, get as much as possible

Breast cancer related examinations include blood tests, ultrasound, mammography, magnetic resonance and so on, are not the true sense of the diagnosis. Clinically, the so-called diagnosis refers to the pathological diagnosis of the cell or tissue, usually a mass puncture or mass resection, biopsy. Pathological diagnosis is helpful to make a more reasonable and appropriate treatment plan. However, not all tumor cases can be diagnosed preoperatively, and the majority of tumors require surgical biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. So I as far as possible, and not be diagnosed before operation, excessive preoperative examination sometimes delayed diagnosis and treatment.

Second, is to determine whether surgery

According to the preliminary examination, the doctor will come up with a general impression, to determine whether the disease sooner or later, surgery. Even operable breast cancer sometimes requires preoperative adjuvant therapy, while some cases should be operated directly. Do not give up because of fear of delayed surgery should be carried out before the operation of the treatment, nor because of superstition and the role of the drug has been reluctant to surgery. To believe that the doctor's judgments and programs, after all, even if you have a high education, you can not understand the understanding of medicine because of the Internet search or read a few articles on more than specialist. Medicine is a combination of science and art experience, usually Shijishushi years steeped to achieve higher realm.

Third, focus on the operation mode

The radical mastectomy of breast cancer began in 1890s, followed by the improved stage, the expansion stage, accompanied by controversy and progress. At present, there are three kinds of common surgical methods for breast cancer: radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Breast cancer modified radical mastectomy is a classic, the latter two have cosmetic effects and social psychological advantages. Breast conserving surgery usually need to meet the following requirements: 1 in order to perform an illness in a small (2 early; mass around the GB standards, usually require a mass of less than 3 cm); 3. Only one or more than one but is confined to a small area (the latter requires very careful); 4 no violation of the skin or chest wall tumor; 5 (no connective tissue disease will affect the postoperative radiotherapy is light; 6) too young or have other risk factors such as family history of patients to choose breast conserving surgery; 7 tumor distance nipple (relatively far, mainly to see whether the actual operation in the case of nipple sparing complete resection of the tumor, have breast conserving surgery resection of central tumor).

Do special cases of breast conserving surgery including two cases: one is to judge the disease very early stage, only need to do a lumpectomy plus axillary lymph node biopsy; the other is a mass of comprehensive assessment of disease but not too late, you can do first neoadjuvant therapy (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, breast conserving) do the surgery.

If the condition is not suitable for breast conserving surgery, but also hope to get a better cosmetic effect, then modified radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction is a good choice. The common methods of breast reconstruction include prosthesis implantation and tissue transplantation. Prosthesis implantation operation is simple, the wound is small, cosmetic effect is sure, but there are easy to infection, prosthesis deformation rupture, implant rejection reaction and so on risk. Tissue transplantation and reconstruction mainly use autologous tissue, with vascular tissue transplantation, free tissue transplantation, fat transplantation, etc.. The former two are more traumatic, the survival of the transplanted tissue is the key, fat transplantation is easy to saponification, atrophy caused by breast deformation, but also is not conducive to postoperative radiation therapy. My own experience is that the allogeneic tissue is not as good as the autologous tissue, and the distant tissue is not as good as the adjacent tissue.

There may be many patients worry about breast or breast reconstruction will not affect the efficacy of the current literature reports, domestic and foreign experience shows that: as long as the choice of cases properly, breast conserving surgery or breast reconstruction surgery does not affect breast cancer treatment. I focus on breast cancer surgery for ten years, thousands of cases of breast cancer surgery independently, breast conserving surgery nearly 30%, dozens of cases of breast reconstruction, have achieved good treatment and cosmetic results. There are more than 90% cases of follow-up, no local recurrence, distant metastasis cases of only about 6%, I think this should be attributed to my graduate period of the standardized education and subsequent professional practice.

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