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Hemorrhoids treatmentAs the saying goes, "nine out of ten hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids is a common disease. Due to the incidence of private part


Hemorrhoids treatment

As the saying goes, "nine out of ten hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids is a common disease. Due to the incidence of private parts, many patients suffering from pain but it is difficult to say.

When we open a newspaper, turn on the TV, many hemorrhoid ads everywhere, what "boast no hospitalization, no surgery, no surgery, no pain, with the rule to go" and "never" and so on, in layman's terms, as if the level is quite high, but if. Who is, obviously, exaggerating the effect of misleading patients.

"Spend less", just after the first bitter sweet

One said, spend less: many small clinics under the name of a very favorable price to attract patients, known as a few hundred dollars will be able to eradicate hemorrhoids. In fact, this is only a few hundred dollars operating expenses, does not include the late treatment costs. In the end, add up the total cost is not low, even higher than the normal price.

No pain, but the pain in the back

Two said "no pain": when the operation is not painful, but after coming home on the pain, which is painless? Anal nerves feel quite sensitive, very small stimulation will cause significant pain. Therefore, hemorrhoids postoperative pain is inevitable, but the degree is different.

Experienced gangchangke doctors, standardized operation, skilled, can avoid unnecessary surgical trauma and local irritation, postoperative pain will be a lot of light.

Many patients due to false advertising beauty lies, accept the operation of improper treatment, resulting in varying degrees of sequelae and complications. The most common are anal skin defect, anal stenosis, wound infection, long-term healing, even need a two operation to solve the problem, cause irreparable injury, this is no pain?

With the rule to go, very dangerous

The three said "no hospitalization, with the rule:" this is the most frequently used small clinics to attract patients. In fact, if the wound is small, it will take at least a week to heal. Moreover, the first few days after surgery, wound bleeding and other complications may occur at any time, the need for careful observation and timely treatment of professional doctors. Therefore, hemorrhoids surgery, that is, to do that is a great risk, especially those with severe hemorrhoids.

"No surgery", pure flicker

Four say "no surgery, no surgery: some small clinics use people advocating high-tech and psychological fear of surgery, in order to attract patients guise of" no operation ", such as laser treatment many advertisements boast. In fact, this is not a mystery, it is only the use of high-intensity laser heat to replace the scalpel removal of hemorrhoids, in the removal of the same time, so that the organization of solidification, without suture, more suitable for smaller hemorrhoids. It's the same as the surgical treatment. Since there is a wound, you can confidently say "no operation" of the story?

Besides, the treatment with laser itchy sore, postoperative wound to form ulcer, healing time is longer, so it is not suitable for large hemorrhoids. At present, the formal large hospitals have rarely used this method.

Never relapse, impossible

Finally, talk about "radical cure, never relapse": hemorrhoids is a unique disease of mankind, it is the evolution of mankind in the process of choosing to walk upright pay the price. When people walk, stand or squat, the anal vein reflux affected, over time, will form hemorrhoids. Spicy diet, long squat sedentary, long time to maintain the upright position to carry out physical labor, etc., are the predisposing factors of hemorrhoids. Therefore, even if the complete removal of hemorrhoids, as long as there are these predisposing factors exist, there is the possibility of recurrence.

Reminder: more than one eye, ask why.

Realistically speaking, every treatment has certain indications and limitations, exaggerate a role, is certainly contrary to the objective reality, like snake oil, which can cure all diseases, in fact, what disease can not cure.

Professional anorectal doctor, he no matter what kind of treatment of hemorrhoids, whether surgery, drugs or instrumentation, will not bring unnecessary pain to the patient, non professional doctors, even let him use the most advanced equipment, will cause harm to the patient.

Now, in a variety of English prefix advertised so-called "advanced technology instrument", or as "medicine", "Miao medicine", "secret" and other titles hemorrhoid medicine even innumerable, has ten years of experience in the treatment of anorectal doctors sometimes are confused, not to mention professional knowledge gaps in the ordinary people?

So, to brag about miraculous things, we must be more careful, ask a few why, do not easily believe that most of the advertising.

80% hemorrhoids, can "autonomy"

87% of people suffer from hemorrhoids

"Ten nine hemorrhoids", really so horrible?

Not false. The survey shows that China has about 87% people affected by piles, the incidence of women is slightly higher than that of male, male to female ratio is about 0.7:1.

Hemorrhoids, actually is not a sore, but refers to the anus inside and outside vein swelling, purple round mass formed by blood return is not easy.

According to the data of different position, clinically divided into internal and external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids of three types. Among them, the largest proportion of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids incidence accounted for 60%, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid respectively accounted for 16% and 24%.

Usually, there is no obvious symptoms of simple external hemorrhoids. The stool generally is the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids, which is painless, a blood red, bleeding more, may sometimes be a jet like bleeding.

When the hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid development to a certain extent, it will block hemorrhoids prolapse in stool external anal.

Hemorrhoids on the misunderstanding, there are two:

First, some people say, "nine out of ten hemorrhoids, not to cure".

This is wrong. Do not need to treat is to show no symptoms of hemorrhoids without treatment, in other words, patients do not know that they have hemorrhoids, no discomfort, of course, do not need treatment.

However, if patients once appear, bleeding hemorrhoids prolapse, pain and other symptoms, should be treated, otherwise it will only increase their pain, cause potential harm to health.

Two, some patients worry about all day, worried that hemorrhoids will turn into cancer.

In fact, so far, there is no evidence that itch sores may have cancer.

However, the early symptoms of rectal cancer are often similar to hemorrhoids, sometimes leading to rectal cancer misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids, thus delaying the treatment opportunity. Patients in the treatment of the anus, or even pathological examination, the purpose is to identify hemorrhoids and rectal cancer.

80% of patients can "autonomy""

At present, the medical profession advocates: asymptomatic hemorrhoids do not need treatment; symptomatic hemorrhoids do not need radical surgery, conservative treatment to alleviate symptoms.

The reason for this proposition, is out of consideration: more than 80% of patients can be improved by changing the diet, exercise, as well as to maintain smooth stool and other measures to improve symptoms. At the same time, hemorrhoids was originally developed from the anal pad, anal cushion has important feelings of feces and control of fecal function, so it is best not to remove; even if you have to be removed, you should try to narrow the scope of surgery.

For patients who do not need surgery, we recommend the use of drugs + diet + improve life habits, three in one approach to treatment.

Can oral drugs, removing dead, Maren capsule and other drugs, but drugs in Titanorein suppository, Mayinglong hemorrhoids ointment, also has a clear effect.

As for the diet, the patient should be light, high fiber foods, recommend eating spinach, with ears, sweet potato, mushroom, banana etc.; as far as possible to avoid spicy greasy food, such as pepper, beef, mutton, etc..

In addition, we should develop the habit of regular defecation, to avoid sitting for a long time, keep the anus clean, take part in sports activities, work and rest time to have the law.

Of course, if the prolapse of hemorrhoids is three degrees or four degrees, should be treated by surgery.

Compared to the traditional mode of operation, the new minimally invasive surgery by PPH (PPH surgery) has obvious advantages. Because the stapler is above the dentate line of the rectal mucosa were removed, the patient will not have too much pain, but rarely, such as concurrent anal stenosis and other sequelae.

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