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Feces after the formation of the colon due to colon peristaltic contraction, the stool to the distal colon, which often begin by colonic per


Feces after the formation of the colon due to colon peristaltic contraction, the stool to the distal colon, which often begin by colonic peristalsis of hepatic flexure, slowly move forward to the left colon, sigmoid colon to retention. But the total peristalsis after eating or after getting up in the morning because of gastroesophageal reflex or colon - up colon caused by reflection of the colon, at a speed of 10 cm per hour in advance, such as the sigmoid memory stool can make the manure into the rectum, the accumulation of sufficient quantity of the intestinal wall has a certain pressure is caused by defecation reflex.

Defecation reflex is a complex and comprehensive action, which includes not only the low-level reflex but also the optional high-level reflex activity. Usually the rectum is empty. When the stool is full of rectal stimulation of the intestinal wall receptors, the introduction of impulses into the lumbosacral spinal cord in the lower defecation center, while uploading to the cerebral cortex and produce meaning. If circumstances permit, the cerebral cortex sends out impulse defecation excitability enhancement, produce defecation reflex, the sigmoid colon and rectum anal sphincter contraction, relaxation, but also consciously advance deep breathing, increased intrathoracic pressure, closed glottis, diaphragm, abdominal muscle contraction decreased, increased intra-abdominal pressure, promote the feces in vitro.

If you do not want to defecate in the sense of defecation, the central nervous system can inhibit the regulation of defecation, then the whole colon movement is also inhibited. When the anal sphincter is strongly contracted, the stool can be temporarily retained in the rectum, and the rectum is pushed back to the colon by 0.5 to 1 cm per minute.

In addition, proctitis disease, rectal cancer, stage III rectal stimulation of hemorrhoids and pull, can cause defecation. Patients with constipation, lack of meaning is one of the most common complaints. Among them, some patients because of rectal ampulla volume is too large, can't feel the normal capacity of excrement stimulation; and more patients are due to long-term neglect of meaning, resulting in decreased rectal sensation.

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