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Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, so after suffering from hemorrhoids, there will be different symptoms, mai


Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, so after suffering from hemorrhoids, there will be different symptoms, mainly:

(1) fresh blood: fresh blood is the common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, early red color, blood and stool generally do not mix, but not every stool had hematochezia, more or less, for different amount of hemorrhage, blood stool, after using the toilet paper with blood or drop out, serious person can appear ejection.

(2) pain is a common symptom of hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids in tooth line, innervated by the spinal nerve, once the external hemorrhoid inflammation, swelling, pain is obvious. Internal hemorrhoids usually no pain, hemorrhoids prolapse group also satisfied after only a few of the sense of falling. If incarcerated hemorrhoids prolapse, phlebitis, thrombosis and infection can cause local anal pain.

(3) foreign body projections and emergence: Anal protuberance, foreign body sensation, it is not easy to clean, underwear is external sign of pollution. Emergence is the common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids late, often in the stool when pulled out of the anus external hemorrhoids. In severe cases, squatting, walking, coughing, straining labor will hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus.

(4): Anal wet and itching due to hemorrhoids prolapse, repeated stimulation, often associated with anal sinusitis and chronic proctitis, intestinal mucous secretion, often prolapse, anal relaxation, secretion of mucus out of the anus, stimulation of perianal skin, form of dermatitis and eczema, anal discomfort and itching. In addition, under normal circumstances without external hemorrhoids or secretions, inflammatory swelling of skin ulceration when secretion increased, or after defecate wipe clean the anus or sweat glands developed, will also cause anal wet and itching. After the treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids after inflammation or under control, can be symptoms of anal wet and itching disappeared or alleviated.

(5) constipation: constipation can cause hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids bleeding or pain, and often aggravate constipation. Therefore, the development of change, the close relationship between constipation and hemorrhoids, often forming a vicious spiral reciprocal causation.

In a word, the above is the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, due to different condition, the severity is different, so the different symptoms are not the same, if there is one or several of the above symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, in case of delayed diagnosis, aggravating illness.

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