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What is rectal cancerCancer refers to the above anus dentate line to the sigmoid colon and rectum transitional between carcinoma is a common


What is rectal cancer

Cancer refers to the above anus dentate line to the sigmoid colon and rectum transitional between carcinoma is a common malignant tumor after the incidence of gastric cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, accounted for 60%-70% of the total incidence of colorectal cancer, the incidence of male than female patients are more common, and in recent years the incidence rate increases. Rectal cancer in our country is mainly located in the middle and low rectal cancer below the peritoneum, and has a high incidence of young people (30 years old). The depth of the pelvic cavity, the direction of metastasis, the difficulty of operation, not easy to get radical cure, postoperative local recurrence rate is high. The rectal and anal sphincter section close to, is not easy to keep the anus, and the operation is easy to damage the pelvic nerve plexus, part of patients with postoperative urinary and sexual function will be affected.

Etiology of rectal cancer

The cause of rectal cancer is still unclear, but most experts believe it is related to diet and genetic factors. Epidemiological investigation showed that the incidence of colorectal cancer was higher in the patients with high fat, high protein and low fiber diet, while 5%-10% had a significant family history of colorectal cancer. In addition, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis and Schistosoma japonicum induced colorectal cancer risk factors. Rectal adenoma is considered to be precancerous lesions, the greater the volume, the higher the canceration rate.

What are the manifestations of rectal cancer

1 rectal irritation meaning is frequent, change in bowel habits; they have a sense of falling, pre anal tenesmus, endless defecation, late lower abdominal pain.

2 lumen stenosis symptoms caused by tumor stricture, initial deformation, thin stool, bowel obstruction caused when incomplete intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, bowel sound hyperfunction.

3 tumor rupture and infection symptoms of stool surface with blood and mucus, pus and blood stool even.

The frequency of symptoms were hematochezia 80%-90%, frequency 60%-70%, then 40%, then 35%, thin mucus, tenesmus, anal pain 20% 20% 10% constipation.

Tumor of prostate, bladder, can appear frequent micturition, dysuria, hematuria. There is a severe pain in the sacrococcygeal region that can be seen in the anterior sacral nerve. The late occurrence of liver metastasis can have ascites, hepatomegaly, jaundice, anemia, weight loss, edema, cachexia etc..

How to treat rectal cancer

Although more and more cancer treatment, but the surgery is still the main method for the treatment of rectal cancer resection in rectal cancer, who can allow the patient body condition, should be operated as soon as possible. Because of the low rectal cancer in our country (less than 5cm within the anal dentate line), in order to ensure the treatment effect, most of the patients were forced to undergo Miles surgery (need to dig the anus parallel abdominal wall artificial colostomy). In recent years, with the in-depth study on colorectal cancer growth, metastasis, and continuous improvement of surgical techniques and surgical instruments, most of the patients with low rectal cancer can keep the anus, anal fistula from cut pain.

The Department of anus & intestine surgery, also called colorectal surgery, is a highly specialized and independent subject. The Department of anus & intestine surgery of Wuhan Union Hospital, Department of anus & intestine surgery set professional talents cutting-edge technology and excellent nursing team and improve medical facilities in one hundred years, uphold the fine tradition of Concord, with strict, surgical style and fine new medical concept that cherish life and highly specialized, individualized, minimally invasive, automation and other modern equipment surgical treatment of new services to the majority of patients. Have rich experience for the treatment of low rectal cancer, in the premise of eradicating cancer, can retain the original anus without traditional fistula, which not only treat the disease, but also greatly improve the quality of life of patients, improve the life, cherish the life. Welcome the majority of patients to seek medical treatment, and wish you a speedy recovery to enjoy life.

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