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Constipation is a problem for many people. How to deal with constipation, everyone has unique skills, the most common trick is to drink cont


Constipation is a problem for many people. How to deal with constipation, everyone has unique skills, the most common trick is to drink containing laxative laxative tea, in fact, these is not just to drink the tea. Drink too much, it is likely to increase constipation. Our province is also the first doctor of medicine, colorectal and anal surgery in Germany Hospital Department of anus & intestine surgery director Cui Quhui in a newspaper 107th famous auditorium, specially introduced several common mistakes in the treatment of constipation.

Severe constipation leads to complete blindness in the right eye

Experts believe that constipation should be treated with caution, indiscriminate drinking tea may exacerbate the condition

Baby mother: my stool is very irregular, sometimes five or six days to defecate, this is the case?

Cui Quhui: many people are not clear about the definition of constipation, ordinary people are determined by personal feelings, in fact, now has a clear medical claims. If less than three times a week defecation, defecation volume of less than 35 grams per day, defecation time is very laborious, but also accompanied by a number of defecation discomfort, such as the feeling of endless solution, it is necessary to consider the emergence of constipation.

True: I often constipation, have good diet prescription?

Cui Quhui: dietary structure and constipation really have a great relationship, improve constipation first start from improving diet. I suggest to eat foods rich in dietary fiber, such as potatoes, leeks, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, sorghum, and pears, watermelons, bananas, strawberries, ripe peaches and other fruits, and to drink plenty of water, are conducive to the improvement of constipation.

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Laxative tea really can not mess

It is said that director Cui returned to Hangzhou from Shanghai, 50 year old Ms. Yao is very happy, and she was in the help of director Cui, get rid of the trouble of constipation, ten years ago.

Ten years ago, 40 year old Ms. Yao every day is suffering from constipation, in order to improve the defecation, she would often drink a variety of laxative tea laxative, as long as I heard what to drink laxative, she will buy a drink, laxative tea, slimming tea, she has tried, but all of them are there is a beginning, then more and more poor.

Later, a friend introduced her to find, in a hospital medical director cui. Cui director is one of the founders of a hospital department of anus & intestine surgery, is the earliest in the Department of anus & intestine surgery in our province and one of the earliest senior master of colonoscopy diagnosis technology, implementation of the domestic fledgling hemorrhoids for her, which is now known as the PPH operation, then the operation in the province has just begun for hemorrhoids, no one cause for difficult defecation rectal intussusception. After the surgery, Ms. Yao will be improved access.

"Rectal intussusception this situation is very rare, from 10 years ago, I carried out after surgical treatment, with these patients, many people are not regular medical treatment because of the chaos caused by the drink the laxative tea, and some are bad defecation and eating habits, only temporary diarrhea stool, but intussusception aggravate." Cui said, for laxative tea, many people don't care about the ingredients, but some contain ingredients such as anthraquinone drugs laxative tea aggravate constipation situation.

Cui director to everyone support a trick to determine whether laxative tea bag does not contain laxative ingredients. Use of stimulant laxatives often pulled out of the stool is very thin or watery, usually associated with bouts of abdominal pain, diarrhea is the same as. This laxative tea is best not to drink, is likely to contain rhubarb senna, irritant drugs. These drugs can stimulate the intestinal mucosa, intestinal function, so that constipation is more serious.

The dietary fiber as a component of the stool through the medicine taking a regular dose after pulled out of the soft forming, just like shit, this drug intestinal absorption, generally do not have side effects.

"The human body need to defecate, the food intake of dietary fiber, or can not form a sufficient amount of soft stool is not normal defecation, so taking dietary fiber as the main component of laxative products, or may be appropriate to eat a little, but must have the guidance of a doctor." Dr. Cui said.

The cause of constipation is different for everyone

Constipation is not a disease in many people's eyes, but if not treated in time, it will induce other diseases. Cui director of admissions over a 60 year old male patients, the patients with severe constipation history, but has not paid attention to, think can improve constipation.

The man also suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes, but also like to smoke, after a forced defecation, headache and blurred vision and other symptoms. Finally, he found the director cui. After treatment, he was effectively improved constipation, unfortunately, because there is no timely treatment, his right eye completely blind.

Constipation in the end is not a disease, constipation in the end whether or not to rule, which is in the national diagnostic criteria, has been very clear, so that some of the previous non-standard treatment has been effectively improved." Director Cui said.

Constipation relief, the first is to find the reason, what is the cause of constipation. There are many reasons for it, is the common functional constipation, such as drug abuse and dependence on Enema Glycerini stimulating measures will cause constipation." Cui said, in addition to this reason, as well as intestinal tumors, systemic diseases, mental anxiety and changes in living and working environment, will cause constipation.

To find the reason, we must first remove the reasons, if the removal of the reasons, constipation can not be changed, and the growing emphasis on the need to seek medical treatment. Treatment under the guidance of a doctor, if a variety of conservative treatment is invalid, then the need for surgical treatment. I want to say is, do not be too anxious for constipation, do not be too dismissive, if there is constipation, it is best to consult a doctor in a timely manner." Director Cui said.

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