New ideas and methods for the eradication of constipation.

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I. purposeI and my anorectal professional team, have guessed the true cause and root cause constipation, changed the cognition of constipati


I. purpose

I and my anorectal professional team, have guessed the true cause and root cause constipation, changed the cognition of constipation, and Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is different; and the treatment method, the diagnosis, the treatment effect is good, satisfaction was 90%; no obvious risk and adverse reaction has now reached the objectives of the program; the cure rate was 80%; and untiing the constipation clinical pathogenic factors Difficult miscellaneous diseases and treatment direction, using the principle of translational medicine, can more constipation patients relieve pain.

Two. Indications

1 by professional doctors diagnosed patients with constipation, functional constipation, including traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine named intractable constipation, outlet obstruction constipation, constipation and mixed constipation, and imaging for diagnosis of rectocele, rectal mucosa prolapse, rectum mucous membrane, puborectalis thickening, spasm of sigmoid colon the long wait.

2 by a variety of methods (traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, western medicine, surgery, enema, biofeedback, acupuncture and physiotherapy) treatment, symptoms of constipation can not control, treatment is not satisfactory; or sometimes effective, sometimes no effect; the condition repeatedly, spend a lot of money, time-consuming, or even lose confidence in the treatment of patients.

3 patients with the following symptoms:

1) anal tenesmus, swelling, congestion, endless defecation, no sense, net hand assisted defecation (extrusion, matting etc.) of the patients; the anus, perineum, hip pain and discomfort, patients on tenterhooks all day.

2 anal straining feeling when defecation, defecation, waiting for a long time, the elimination of stool thinning, deformation, stool surface with a ditch, the amount of discharge, and sometimes stool color, odor is not normal patients.

3) poor bowel movement, 3-5 days do not want to defecate; or a week without a sense of meaning; or if you want to defecate but also how to pull out of the patients.

Three. Tips

1 patients need to visit our hospital outpatient specialist examination and other tests and examinations (professional disease project) and medical records, check and other hospitals, doctors, in order to avoid unnecessary repeated inspection; remind: must be accompanied by a relative (the first three times with the diagnosis is the best fixed one) in order to assist in the diagnosis, treatment; online consulting provides only simple treatment method, the diagnosis and treatment of the concrete scheme can not provide, mainly in order to prevent misdiagnosis.

2 for each patient clinic communication inspection time for about 30 minutes, so every Monday afternoon clinic limited number of 15 people; the follow-up does not limit the number.

3 because of work and other factors can not advance notice published Monday visits, Tingzhen, in addition to the expert outpatient service on Wednesday.

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