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Normal people, both men and women, old and young 1 bowel movements a day, most, soft stool forming, defecate unobstructed. But because of in


Normal people, both men and women, old and young 1 bowel movements a day, most, soft stool forming, defecate unobstructed. But because of individual differences, bowel habits can be significantly different, some people every day or every 2 days of defecation 1 times; and a day of defecation 2 ~ 3 times, although the defecation interval or number is different, as long as the stool is not normal, dry induration, pain free unobstructed defecation, belong to normal physiological differences.

Constipation is a common clinical symptom. Some patients to the hospital for treatment, the only complaint is dry stool, defecation. The occurrence of constipation can be temporary, when the cause of constipation caused by elimination, stool is normal. If constipation for a long time, easily lead to a series of adverse reactions, such as dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and fatigue.

Cause constipation for many reasons, but also very complicated. To sum up, the common causes of constipation can be divided into two categories:

(1) organic cause: Constipation by certain primary organic disease or disease, constipation is a concomitant symptom. Therefore, the diagnosis should be comprehensive inspection, in order to clear the abdominal cavity, large intestine and anus in the area of primary organic lesions and disease, in order to guide the correct treatment. There are many common reasons, the general need for surgery to cure constipation.

(2) functional constipation due to intestinal peristalsis: all physiological function; or defecation motivation, defecation weakness; or the effect of life and work, mental factors such as neglect of meaning, or endure inconvenience and eating too little or too fine food and water shortage, can not form a certain amount of intestinal stimulation. Cause constipation, also known as simple constipation. Such as the elderly and frail elderly habitual constipation, intestinal motility, ABS, diaphragmatic contractility, lack of motivation to make defecation. In addition, the tension, continuous overtime, excessive fatigue, mental stress, depression, anxiety, caused by autonomic dysfunction caused by constipation; or because often eat some can inhibit or reduce peristalsis drugs, such as morphine, codeine, Opium Tincture, aluminum hydroxide, cimetidine, rimifon, poppy shell, Tripterygium wilfordii sedentary can cause constipation; decubitus can affect the intestinal peristalsis, causing constipation.

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