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      with the rapid pace of modern life, the fine structure of diet and the increase of working pressure, the incidence of c


      with the rapid pace of modern life, the fine structure of diet and the increase of working pressure, the incidence of constipation is getting higher and higher. The scientific method of preventing and treating constipation has become a topic of growing concern. In fact, constipation is not so difficult to overcome, the key is to correctly understand and master the relevant knowledge of constipation, so as to adapt to it.

    so what is constipation? Constipation is a symptom, rather, it refers to the constipation is too low, or poor bowel, laborious and difficult, dry stool and less. 1-2 times a day or 2-3 times a day, if there is no feeling of discomfort, usually belong to normal. Defecation, however, has little effect on the body. As everyone knows, the health hazards of constipation is great. Defecation due to constipation force, leading to acute myocardial infarction, acute cardiac arrest occurred in the clinical emergency can be described as common. Constipation can cause or aggravate hemorrhoids, anal fissure and infection, rectal prolapse of anorectal diseases. Long term constipation people will make the body appear poisoning symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, mental apathy, mouth pain, dysphoria irritability embolism. So constipation can not be ignored.

    what causes constipation? 1 eating too little, fine and meticulous, cellulose in food shortage of water, form a certain amount of intestinal peristalsis can stimulate, slow, not timely food residue to the rectum, stay in the intestine is prolonged, excessive water absorption and dry stool. Can not form enough pressure to stimulate the nerve cells to produce reflex defecation and constipation. Less than 2 of defecation power: the frail elderly, bedridden, because the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, anal sphincter contractility, reduce abdominal pressure and defecation motivation, the stool row not clean, fecal residue, constipation. 3 delay the stool time: some people regard as a matter of no importance, can be as early as late, ignore the habit of regular defecation; delayed the stool time, so that the stool has been returned to the colon. This may cause the nerve cells on the rectal wall to the stool into the rectum after the pressure response to become unresponsive, so that the stool in the rectum to stay longer than the time without feeling defecation, the formation of habitual constipation. 4 bowel obstruction, colorectal lesions, some drugs and mental factors can form constipation.

    how to prevent and treat constipation? 1, to establish a good eating habits, proper consumption of vegetables containing more cellulose. Here we are particularly stressed the need to drink plenty of water, water is a good laxative, actually a lot of habitual constipation can often be corrected by a large number of drinking water. 2 to establish good bowel habits, regular defecation. Here the "timing" refers to two aspects: one is a fixed time every day to defecation, or in the morning, or at night, can according to their own pace of work life; another time refers to the row end in a certain period of time, some people sit on the toilet for a long time, read the newspaper, smoking for a long time, it is very easy to aggravate constipation, we emphasize the general defecation time not more than a minute, this is an important link to develop good bowel habits. And then try not to hold your mind, if you do not want to clean the toilet on the outside and the long time will not tolerate, it is easy to form constipation. 3, form a good living law: the pace of life should be the law, the laws of science to basic necessities of life, it is very important for the prevention of constipation. For example, sleep is not good, long time sitting, lack of exercise, or work pressure, often nervous, are called the "culprit" of constipation.

    the purpose of treating chronic constipation is to eliminate or relieve symptoms. 1 first of all, the use of strict non-surgical treatment: the patient should be aware of chronic constipation is a chronic course of disease, in order to achieve a satisfactory effect must change the way of life, such as increased dietary fiber intake and drinking water. In the treatment of chronic constipation, should be used to determine the cause of constipation drugs. The side effects of laxatives to a certain degree, especially the stimulant almost all contain anthraquinones, long-term use can damage the enteric nervous system, the colon motility. 2 surgical treatment: non surgical treatment is invalid or ineffective, and through a variety of special examination showed a clear pathological anatomy and conclusive functional abnormalities, only to consider the surgical treatment.

We usually divide constipation as "habitual constipation" and "constipation" in two, constipation in the general population incidence rate as high as 20%, of which about 16% for habitual constipation, can be achieved through scientific methods quickly corrected. But if it can not be corrected in time, it will lead to a vicious cycle and into the ranks of intractable constipation.

      here we can say that, despite the great harm of constipation, but most of the constipation is actually through their own efforts to prevent and overcome. As long as we pay attention to the daily life of scientific regulation, to maintain a relaxed mood and regular life, constipation will be far away from us.

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