How can we develop a good habit of regular bowel movements?

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To develop a good habit of regular defecation, we must do the following:1, to develop a habit of defecate every day, the best defecate in th


To develop a good habit of regular defecation, we must do the following:

1, to develop a habit of defecate every day, the best defecate in the morning after breakfast, because after breakfast, the food enters the stomach can cause stomach, colon reflex, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, large peristalsis, easy defecation reflex, if you think the morning time is not suitable for you, also can choose after in the morning, and dinner, as well as people choose before going to sleep at night, this time can be It differs from man to man.. When you start to squat down, you may not have any idea, and there is no fecal discharge, but it is a chance to re adjust the colon. Moreover, the defecation itself is a reflex activity, is the establishment of conditioned reflex. As long as the timing of defecation for a period of time, you can gradually establish a conditioned reflex defecation, the formation of habits will be able to smooth out the stool after a time.

2, no matter how nervous the work can not be ignored. Avoid by all means. Otherwise, often ignore the meaning or tolerate the inconvenience, waste should be discharged and shall not be discharged in the gut retention is too long, dry and cause constipation, at the same time in the course of time will make the fecal rectal sensation function drops, cause proctogenous constipation.

3, to develop the habit of defecation energy concentration, to overcome the stool when reading newspapers, novels or listen to the radio and other bad habits, as far as possible to shorten the defecation time, but also to ensure that there is enough time to drain the stool.

4, to develop an empty stomach every morning to drink a cup of cold water habits. If the spleen and stomach can not drink cold drink warm boiling water, boiling water also can stimulate peristalsis, promote defecation, and can increase the intestinal moisture, prevent dry stool.

5, the food is not too fine, but not a partial eclipse. Form can eat grain, vegetables, fruit habit. Because of coarse grains, vegetables contain a lot of cellulose. Cellulose on the formation of feces, water absorption (retention of feces a certain amount of water), to prevent dry stool, as well as stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, etc. have an important role. If the food is too fine is easy to cause constipation. If the partial eclipse, especially in eating hot hot of the goods, such as eating chili, can make the stomach heat accumulation, water damage caused by intestinal fluid in constipation.

6, pay attention to physical exercise, adhere to sports activities, to overcome both do not participate in labor, and do not participate in physical exercise, "less safe move" bad habits. Choose jogging, gymnastics, walk or sit up bed activities according to their own situation. Often at his desk seat, insist on doing exercises or desk exercises, in order to maintain the diaphragm, abdominal and gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension. Otherwise, if the long-term movement, the spleen and stomach function weakened, eating less fatigue, but also prone to habitual constipation.

7, change the bad habits of laxative dependence. Don't abuse laxatives constipation. Because of the abuse of laxatives will interfere with or disrupt the normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract and absorption function, it is easy to form a laxative abuse often intractable constipation, or cause diarrhea, fecal incontinence etc..

Li Shenglong Yin Tingbao, from the "secret" editor hemorrhoids October 2005 Guangdong Economic Publishing House

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