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Self testing of rectal cancer:1, daily high protein, high fat, low fiber diet.2, suffering from rectal polyps.3, chronic inflammation of col


Self testing of rectal cancer:

1, daily high protein, high fat, low fiber diet.

2, suffering from rectal polyps.

3, chronic inflammation of colorectal.

4, the family was suffering from familial polyposis coli".

5, blood and stool mixed, rather than simply stool surface with blood.

6, change in bowel habits, such as a stool every day, change several times a day; often constipation, constipation without improvement; habit forming solution stool, stool stool is not forming without solution; shape change; often want to shit, but to the toilet but no stool stool sticky liquid solution.

7, left lower abdominal pain, intermittent pain, and advanced persistent pain, or paroxysmal aggravation.

8, anal persistent pain.

If you have the above symptoms of patients with friends, it is recommended to the hospital for treatment, exclusion of rectal cancer.

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