Etiology, clinical manifestations and treatment of perianal abscess

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Perianal abscess is around the anus and rectum clearance in acute and chronic suppurative disease, the majority will be transformed into ana


Perianal abscess is around the anus and rectum clearance in acute and chronic suppurative disease, the majority will be transformed into anal fistula, it is also known as the precancerous lesion of anal fistula. There are a lot of pathogenic bacteria causing perianal abscess, pathogenic Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, with anaerobic bacteria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, is often a variety of bacteria mixed infection by anal gland infection by external sphincter skin is outward or directly to the external diffusion and. So after the formation of perianal abscess, if not timely treatment, not only increased the invisible pain, but also on the human body is also very serious harm. Pathogeny:

1, anal gland infection: anal gland openings in the anorectal junction of anal sinus, anal sinus and funnel-shaped opening upward, vulnerable to damage and bacterial invasion and infection. Once the anal sinus infection, will cause anal gland infection fester, inflammation spread to the perianal space. Because of the poor ability to resist infection, the infection is easy to spread in these spaces.

2, systemic resistance decline: such as diabetes, old and infirm, fatigue and resistance to tuberculosis patients decline, prone to perianal abscess.

3, local stimulation and anal injuries such as often eat chili, drink and other irritating food may cause anorectal local congestion, reduce local resistance and prone to infection. In addition, dry feces bruising anal skin and mucosa, loose stool diarrhea patients fell on the anal sinus cause anal gland duct obstruction, and anorectal trauma or by swallowing the food with chicken, duck, fish stab anorectal, anorectal infection can cause peripheral form of perianal abscess. Clinical manifestation:

Perianal abscess is the main symptom of pain, the pain will be very intense, and will gradually increase, many patients said they would not eat, can not sleep. Only after the abscess is broken, the pain will be temporarily relieved.

Low anal abscess can develop severe anal pain, and the pain continues unabated. The abscess around the rectum (high) is not necessarily pain. Because around the rectum belongs to the pelvic cavity, the distribution of the plant nerve is not sensitive to the general stimulation, the main performance is the local bulge and will sense.

Another symptom of perianal abscess is fever, with a maximum of 40 degrees. Generally speaking, the more deep abscess cavity, the probability of high fever. Some patients also have the toilet is not smooth, anorexia, insomnia.


The treatment of this disease is not much choice, the only way to cure the operation, and the sooner the better. Drug therapy can be selected in the absence of conditions or conditions that do not allow surgery.

1 drug therapy

(1) anti inflammation: superficial abscess can choose oral antibiotics, generally with broad-spectrum antibiotics. The need for a combination of a larger range of abscesses.

(2) external application of lotus paste.

2 surgical treatment

(1) decompression.

The method can temporarily relieve the tension of the cavity and relieve pain, and is suitable for temporary emergency treatment, but can not replace operation. If the disease develops fast, it can not be used, so as not to delay the disease.

(2) incision and drainage

A temporary emergency treatment, or the first operation of two surgical procedures. Can discharge pus, quickly relieve symptoms, but can not replace radical mastectomy, normally about 3 months or so, to be clear in the mouth, fistula formation, and radical resection.

(3) radical resection of low abscess direct incision. The horseshoe abscess - incision and exclusion. High abscess seton.

One time radical operation can avoid the pain of the two operation, the curative effect is exact, but also according to the condition, high, deep abscess sometimes difficult to perform a radical operation.

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