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He is 12 years old this year, primary school grade 6. He usually class back always sit straight, motionless, carefully listen to the teacher


He is 12 years old this year, primary school grade 6. He usually class back always sit straight, motionless, carefully listen to the teacher lectures, therefore, academic performance has been among the highest in the class. But somehow, always on pins and needles, constantly creeping down, that attracted a lot of her eyes. Therefore, the teacher concerned to call their parents, tell Daniel recently mental concentration, poor academic performance, ask Daniel at home recently in the performance of &hellip …. The teacher asked the parents, Xiaowei suddenly remembered, recently have restless feeling of Daniel, and often complained of anal itching, especially at night, often found Xiaowei grasping hand scratching the anus can't help. I love Xiaowei parents look at some medical books, suddenly thought of what seemed to be a parasite, love the parasites in the human body the anus, anus to nocturnal, outside spawning. To this end, Xiaowei parents decided to stay asleep Xiaowei the &ldquo down; &rdquo field; a reconnaissance. That night Xiaowei after falling asleep, the parents gently opened the Daniel anus, ah ah, I found a few white worms in the anus, twisting, bending straight, the scene is quite scary.

The next morning, the parents look nervous with Xiaowei Xiaowei came to my consulting room, ask what disease diagnosis and treatment of their Xiaowei? How to treat and prevent? … ….

I heard details of Daniel “ &rdquo anal itch; history. Whispered to Xiaowei Xiaowei said, please check the sleep in the bed, I'll check it for you. He is very obedient, happy to sleep in the examination bed, I carefully gently opens his anus, anus found the surface of some minor surface scratches, but there is no special blood disease. Finally, I use a named anus endoscope specialist equipment, apply grease, check gently inserted into the anus in Daniel 3 ~ 4, finally approximately 1 1.5cm such as the size of the thread gray white bug was found in the distance about 2cm above the anal verge Xiaowei place, it a drill to the anus tube organization, a head at the top, half self kept writhing, watching the worm thinks proud look, really disgusting.

After the examination, the parents asked the concern, director Chen: “ my son suffering from what ah! I said: ”, the medical term for this insect called pinworm, pinworm disease is a parasitic disease. In a small body, the body length of 2 ~ 5mm, the female body length of 8 ~ 13mm, like a white thread, therefore, also called the white worm. Pinworm in the human body, the head end drill into the digestive tract mucosa, in order to absorb nutrition and blood and life, also eat nutrients in the gut, resulting in poor appetite, emaciation of human body. The eggs from the mouth and nose into the body, hatch in the stomach and duodenum, hatched larva migrans in the intestine and develop into adult worms in large intestine. Female love to climb to the anus in the night, spawning the skin around the anus, anal and perineal skin cause itching, sometimes cause anal infection, formation of perianal abscess and anal fistula. Patients with hand scratching, egg attachment in the hand, if you do not wash their hands to eat, eggs can be swallowed into the stomach, re infection, so the repeated circulation, can suffer from enterobiasis. Therefore, the key is to prevent enterobiasis, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before meals and after, if children with anal itching special to check in time to the hospital, to exclude relevant lesions.

That how to treat my son oxyuriasis? He asked me parents anxiously, I said that the treatment of the disease is not difficult. I opened a prescription of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of pinworm and several agents promote digestion, a treatment drug prescribed every night for 2 nights in. Third days later, Daniel anus does not itch, appetite is also much better than before treatment. And Daniel grades soon picked up again.

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