Summer is the high incidence of perianal abscess

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Due to the high temperature in summer, people's appetite is relatively good, and the work time is long, the body is easy to fatigue, reduced


Due to the high temperature in summer, people's appetite is relatively good, and the work time is long, the body is easy to fatigue, reduced resistance, plus some people did not pay attention to food hygiene and so on, reasons in many aspects, experts warned that the summer is the season of high incidence of perianal abscess.

90% patients after anal fistula

Overeating, excessive drinking, long squat sedentary, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and other modern bad lifestyle, so that in recent years, more and more patients with perianal abscess. Although perianal abscess has become a common disease, but many people do not understand it, there are many people who have perianal abscess does not care, and even that is a minor problem. Then the perianal abscess is a minor illness, and how to treat with perianal abscess.

Perianal abscess after more than 90% and the standard treatment of anal fistula, no relationship. Once the perianal abscess, in accordance with the traditional treatment methods, after the incision to put the pus, or natural rupture to let the pus out. And finally, the consequences of these practices, more than 90% of patients after anal fistula.

Because the general abscess has a source of infection, is divided into three kinds: first, the location of the rectum under the tooth line infection caused by abscess, that is, anal abscess. This situation is the most, accounting for 90%. The second infection is systemic, and other organs are caused by blood circulation. Then the local trauma, local infection caused by unclean. The blood of the infection and local infection and abscess formation, often without formation of anal fistula, incision of the pus discharged can be cured. But if it is the source of anal abscess, anal rectum infection because it is in the inside below, the source of infection if not resolved, then in accordance with the traditional disposal finished, it is easy to form a large cavity after the cavity slowly form a tube, plus anal local recurrent infections and easily wound through the pipeline caused by abscess repeated infection, multiple infection after develop anal fistula. Therefore, to remind patients with perianal abscess, more attention to local cleaning to cure, if there is a slight pain to pay close attention to the treatment, to avoid formation of infection, and even the formation of anal fistula.

Arbitrary treatment of serious consequences

Clinical, often encounter a lot of perianal abscess patients to irregular small clinic, small hospital for treatment, after treatment, but there will be incontinence, bleeding, anal stenosis and other serious consequences. The main reason is that in the course of treatment, if the complexity of the abscesses were cut or the levator muscles are cut off when the rectal ring formation of anal fistula, then there will be the phenomenon of incontinence. Because the rectal ring, levator ani muscle is the tube anal tightness, and can not be cut off, resulting in incontinence. Therefore, patients with perianal abscess must to normal anorectal treatment, anal muscle was cut off again once the repair is very difficult.

Whether surgery varies from person to person

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