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The Spring Festival holiday ending, "holiday sequela" also timely angry, Ningbo Ninth Hospital Department of anus & intestine surgery after


The Spring Festival holiday ending, "holiday sequela" also timely angry, Ningbo Ninth Hospital Department of anus & intestine surgery after the clinic patients increased significantly. According to the deputy director of the hospital department of anus & intestine surgery Peng Lianming introduction, many people participate in the gathering of friends during the holiday dinner, the game turns down, or at home and stay up all night, night. The strong contrast of daily life, resulting in a lot of people hematochezia, anal pain, itching symptoms, tumor prolapse, long-term latent anorectal disease finally took the opportunity to attack, the hospital had received emergency surgery. He warned that because of the holiday diet and living habits, people need to be aware of anorectal disease "festival afterwards".

The 28 year old Mr. Liu because of severe pain, anus and unable to sit and came to the emergency departemnt of outpatient department of anus & intestine surgery, the doctors found that patients with perianal abscess is very serious, by asking that the patient during the holiday party frequently, especially to drink more, life is not the law, leading to decreased immunity, local infection, causing perianal abscess. Acute, surgical treatment must be carried out. There is a 21 year old male patients, due to the long stay in the Internet during the holiday period, sedentary, resulting in mixed hemorrhoid incarceration, local severe infection, was received ward surgery.

Deputy director Peng Lianming said, the recent anorectal disease multiple people's living habits and holidays may suddenly change, most people in the holiday meat diet will increase obviously, vegetable eating less, many people will be constipation, which leads to the occurrence or aggravation of a series of other anorectal diseases; two is the spicy food intake increased. Moderate drinking during the holidays but many people would no ground for blame, excessive drinking, and many people love to eat, Hot pot etc.. Third, the holidays many people to rest, lack of exercise, affect the digestion, prone to cause constipation; in addition, the festival life without rules, easy to make the body's biological clock is disrupted, causing the body prone to various diseases. Especially love playing cards and Internet, sedentary is an important cause of anorectal disease.

Deputy director Peng Lianming said that during the holiday season, people should pay special attention to daily life, one is to control the spicy food and alcohol intake to induce or aggravate anorectal disease; two to avoid a long time in a position, obsessed with the network and computer games not long time, playing mahjong or poker; the three is to pay attention to regular diet the rationality and the daily life, do not disrupt their life rule, proper sports. Experts pointed out that during the festival if people find anal pain, tenesmus, hematochezia, anal bleeding and other symptoms, must be timely to the hospital for treatment, not to be let down.

Department of anus & intestine surgery, the Ninth Hospital of Ningbo, Peng Lianming

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