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Diet and hemorrhoids, the surface is not related, but in fact there is a close relationship. Because constipation is one of the causes of he


Diet and hemorrhoids, the surface is not related, but in fact there is a close relationship. Because constipation is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, from the point of view of prevention, prevent constipation, maintain defecate unobstructed, can effectively prevent hemorrhoids, so the diet should eat more green vegetables, fresh fruit and other foods rich in cellulose, in order to increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, moistening the intestines.

In addition, the function of prevention and treatment of food and red bean, black sesame, Huaihua, Cistanche, pig intestine, sheep colon, turtle meat, walnut meat, bamboo shoots, honey and so on hemorrhoids.

Red bean and Angelica Decoction, treatment of hemorrhoids blood in the stool, swelling and pain. Alone or with rice porridge with a good effect, is a good food for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

Huaihua: fresh flower can do dishes, dumplings, with Liangxue bleeding, hemorrhoid eliminating effect, but also on behalf of the tea.

Black Sesame: for hemorrhoids patients with constipation, long-term use, with a laxative, hemorrhoids bleeding, prolapse of the role.

Cistanche: can be used for the elderly, long disease virtual body and maternal constipation, hemorrhoids prolapse, bleeding, with kidney yang, laxative effect.

Pigs, sheep and other animal medicine that can complement Escherichia: intestinal intestinal, according to the modern scientific research, it has proved that good effect of hemostasis, pain and swelling.

Turtle meat: for hemorrhoids bleeding time, blood deficiency in two patients, blood tonic effect.

Walnuts: laxative, hemorrhoids prolapse, bleeding symptoms.

Bamboo shoots: contains rich cellulose, hemorrhoids patients has a laxative effect.

Honey: for patients with hemorrhoids can play a tonic and laxative effect.

Hemorrhoids patients eat more food can play a role in preventing recurrence of hemorrhoids, relieve symptoms. So, hemorrhoids patients diet should taboo? Hemorrhoids patients should not eat or eat less excitant food, such as liquor, Yellow Wine, chili pepper, ginger, anise and garlic, onions, because these diets can stimulate the anorectal mucosa skin, make obvious congestion, aggravate the symptoms of bleeding, prolapse of hemorrhoids. In addition, the diet should not be too much, too full, so as not to dry stool, difficult to discharge and increase hemorrhoids.

Published in the Quanzhou Health Daily (September 1997 138th)



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