The open letter in patients with anorectal diseases

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Patient friend: hello!First of all thank you for choosing the Xin'an County Chinese medicine hospital anorectal consultation or treatment of


Patient friend: hello!

First of all thank you for choosing the Xin'an County Chinese medicine hospital anorectal consultation or treatment of anorectal disease, we will provide high quality medical services with advanced technology, low cost, intimate care for you, fully meet your medical needs, so you get rid of anorectal disease problems.

Anorectal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Xin'an County advocated combining the concept of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, hemorrhoids, hematochezia, anal fissure, chronic constipation, perianal abscess, complex anal fistula and other anorectal diseases make full use of Chinese herbal medicine promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, Qufushengji etc. the unique role of syndrome differentiation, simple method, good curative effect, less pain, a the cure for a lifetime. In particular, we have a complete set of treatment for relapse.

In the medical charge, we strictly enforced the policy, according to the clinical pathway, the single disease price paid, the maximum may reduce the medical costs of the patients, deductible reimbursement ratio (low, high deductible 100 yuan lower than other hospitals). We will persevere, always for the sake of patients, so that patients get the greatest benefits.

In the medical quality in our hospital, with unique characteristics and advantages, after 20 years of painstaking research, finally to create a "family" of anorectal Hospital of Xin'an County this a gilded signboard. Over the past 20 years, a total of tens of thousands of patients with anorectal disease relieved pain, no postoperative infection or complications, there has not been a case of medical accident and medical disputes, and few cases of recurrence. To understand the rehabilitation of patients, we often come home to visit the patient, every year there are about 1 / 4 - 1 / 3 of the patients were in the surgical treatment of other medical institutions after the failure or poor effect to anorectal therapy in our hospital. We feel happy, but also for patients with extra pain and economic burden and deeply regret. 20 years ago, we had a total of more than 10 new primary anorectal diseases in the referral of patients for free treatment, we honor the "cure, lifelong benefit, occasional recurrence, ID card free" commitment (see "Xin'an County Medical Handbook" page fourth). In addition, for years in Yima, Mianchi, Yiyang, Mengjin, Yichuan, Luoyang, Sanmenxia, valley water Hongshan, Shanxi and other surrounding with our trust and support, we solemnly promise: more than patients in our department in the region to enjoy the same preferential treatment, such as recurrence free treatment, patients with a friend (please they tell each other).

So we hope to have hemorrhoids who don't want to miss the Xin'an County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine anorectal treatment opportunity, no matter where you choose to treat, and we recommend that you communicate more feelings about your treatment, and we work with more valuable advice, we will wholeheartedly provide you with counseling and guidance treatment. This will also greatly enhance our diagnosis and treatment and service level, for which we are grateful! Your recovery is our greatest wish! I come to the anorectal Hospital, the effect that all!

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