Why do babies suffer from perianal abscess?

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Anal canal, rectum in the soft tissue around or around the gap in the incidence of acute suppurative infection and abscess formation, called


Anal canal, rectum in the soft tissue around or around the gap in the incidence of acute suppurative infection and abscess formation, called anal and rectal abscess.

Its characteristic is to burst, or open drainage after surgery in anal fistula formation. Is a common anorectal disease, acute disease, anal proctitis is the pathological process of chronic anal fistula is. The pathogenic bacteria are Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, with anaerobic bacteria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is often a variety of bacteria mixed infection, it is also found near line and anal injury. Perianal subcutaneous abscess is the most common, mostly by the anal gland infection through the external sphincter of the lower part of the skin directly or outward diffusion.

Anal sinus injury infection is a major cause of anorectal abscess, anal gland openings in the anal sinus, the anal sinus openings to the funnel shape of the anal gland tube directly to perianorectal gap, so the stool, foreign body, inflammatory secretions and bacteria easily enters into the anal sinus caused by anus and anal sinusitis the gland inflammation, cause infection around the anus and rectum abscess formation. As for the problem of neonatal perianal abscess, the main reasons are as follows:

1, this is one of the most common anal sinusitis, disease of the newborn, the main reason is the formation of anal fistula in neonates. Inflammation of anal sinus because of anal sphincter contraction, secretion of inflammatory effects (including pus) excretion, the inflammation can diffuse to rectum, anus, and perianal abscess, because the skin around the anus distance and adjacent organs (such as the female vulva and vagina mucosa) very close, so once the abscess formation, is equal to fistula formation, fistula in the mouth is located in the rectum, mucosa at the outer port located in the skin or other organs, abscess formed in pus outflow after connecting pipe inside and outside the mouth.

2, low immunity, the children than healthy newborns (weak immunity, immature) are poor resistance, easy occurrence of sepsis and local infection.

3, the whole body or near the anus purulent infection, can be complicated with perianal infection. Some people believe that some of the newborn male hormone secretion is too much to stimulate the sebaceous glands of the anus, so that the secretion of strong secondary infection.

4, occasionally due to trauma including anorectal surgery after secondary perianal infection, and finally the formation of anal fistula.

5, other, including tumor rupture, sexually transmitted diseases, etc..

In 6, congenital anal fistula, doctors have considered the fetal stage of rectovaginal septum development caused by the abnormal, especially girls rectovestibular fistula and rectovaginal fistula in children is likely to have been born with the presence and symptoms after birth.

In addition, infants and young children prone to other causes of perianal abscess:

1, stool: pediatric sacral compression bending has not yet formed, rectum and anus are vertical, fecal direct compression of the dentate line of anal sinus, easy to cause the damage of anal sinus infection. And the girl rectum before the uterus oppression rectum, rectum song and adult similar, anal sinus relative to the fecal compression injury less chance, so the incidence is lower than boys.

2, children around the anus diaper dermatitis, resulting in hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands infection, resulting in subcutaneous abscess. In addition, the infant immune function is low, the resistance is poor, sebaceous gland secretion is relatively strong, but also easily lead to perianal subcutaneous infection, the formation of abscess. In view of this, the anus and perianal abscess in infants and young children, in addition to the anal sinus infection, perianal skin is also a major factor.

Zhang doctor tips: because of poor resistance to children, once found problems should be timely to the hospital for treatment!



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