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In a word, for having heard it many times, "toothache is not a disease, pain, toothache can be up to life, work in just ways to speak out.An


In a word, for having heard it many times, "toothache is not a disease, pain, toothache can be up to life, work in just ways to speak out.

Anal pain, unusual experience, people have quietly pain, this place, to be put in good taste.

A tear, anal pain, split, a fall of pain, burning pain, pain, spasm of ache. Defecation pain, persistent pain, intermittent pain, experienced people only smile personal sorrow and joy, not language.

The muscles around the perianal skin and anal canal with pudendal nerve plexus and nerve plexus and tail body, feeling very sensitive response. The pain comes from two aspects, one is the injury, inflammation or trauma, injury and inflammation caused by two is reflective of levator ani muscle and anal sphincter spasm, plus psychological fear and tension, anal sphincter contraction, not pain.

The most common cause of the pain of anal fissure.

Only in the defecation pain of acute anal fissure. Anal fissure typical periodic pain, defecation pain, after remission, half an hour after the start of pain and ache, lasting more than 6 hours. Be accompanied by anal fissure hemorrhage, bright red, constipation and other symptoms.

Followed by hemorrhoids caused by anal pain.

Incarcerated Hemorrhoids, with pain, burning, good hair at 3, 4 usually prolapsed internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids prolapse outside, mucosal damage, hemorrhage and necrosis.

Thrombotic external hemorrhoids, pain or tingling, mild symptoms of foreign body sensation, because hard stool, anal vein damage, blood clotting and thrombosis in subcutaneous, anus is purple round lumps.

Inflammatory external hemorrhoids edema, swelling, pain, anal edge itations, hard texture, tenderness. Because of fatigue, or surgical stimulation caused by anal fissure.

Perianal infection, perianal abscess and anal fistula, anal pain caused by.

Anus recess after infection, inflammation to spread around, early pain, itching and pain, purulent falling pain, pain like the chicken pecking. The incidence of perianal abscess, the size of abscess, pathogenic bacteria and the body's resistance and other factors are different, there are different symptoms and signs. Perianal subcutaneous abscess, ischiorectal abscess is low abscess, the lump body, swelling and heat pain; pelvirectal abscess, rectal abscess after the gap is high for rectal abscess, bulge, defecation imcompletely, systemic symptoms, high fever.

The majority will form anal abscess, anal fistula with mouth throat inflammation, or re infection of perianal abscess.

The anal sinusitis caused by anal pain.

Inflammation of the anus anal sinus caused by micro pain, burning pain, tenesmus, such as sphincter stimulation will contracture, pain, and coccyx root, to the hips and thighs of radiation. I was accompanied by a small amount of purulent or mucus secretions overflow anus, can cause perianal damp, itching and other discomfort. The anal sinusitis relapse occurred, psychological changes, effects of rehabilitation.

Anal neurosis.

Mental trauma or misleading or local pain stimulation, leading to dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, autonomic dysfunction, local neurological dysfunction, anorectal abnormalities. Anal symptoms tell bizarre, wind feeling, insects climb feeling, sensation and so on. No abnormal positive signs. Symptoms change and increase with mood swings.

Functional anorectal pain.

Chronic functional anorectal pain is usually fuzzy dull pain, shock like, or rectal pressure increased, long time sitting and lying is aggravating, last a few hours to several days. Chronic or recurrent pain. There is also a spastic anorectal pain, sudden severe pain in the anal region, lasting for several seconds or minutes, and then disappearing completely. What happens in the middle of the night, the onset time is uncertain, can occur within a few days, a few years can also occur within a year.

Anal foreign body injury pain.

This persistent pain, foreign body trauma, or improper diet, the bones, bone plates, stone inserted in the anorectal cause, to remove the foreign bodies, we can ease the pain. If the residence time is too long, can cause local infection.

The pain after anorectal surgery is usually about 10 days after the wound healing process.

Inflammatory bowel disease can also cause anal discomfort, anal bulge, accompanied by increased stool frequency, with mucus, blood in the stool.

Rectal cancer is swollen, early without pain, after the enlargement of the tumor rupture, can appear anal bulge, pain, there will be a change in bowel habits, pus and blood stool, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, weight loss and other symptoms.

Effect of anal pain is larger, because of fear of pain or pain stimulation leads to defecation disorders, such as the occurrence of persistent pain, spastic ache, also dysuria and urinary retention, pelvic floor dysfunction, affecting the quality of life. Not because of privacy and other reasons, not to go to a doctor or consult a doctor and delaying the disease. Severe long-term pain can lead to psychological problems.

Anal pain, first of all to determine their own, relax, and then actively seek medical treatment, the doctor's diagnosis, treatment and recovery recommendations.



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