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We should be surprised at the world straight Hongyan, GodSource: "Nantong daily" Author: Wang Hongtao Jiao YiWith the accelerating pace of l


We should be surprised at the world straight Hongyan, God

Source: "Nantong daily" Author: Wang Hongtao Jiao Yi

With the accelerating pace of life, including disease and ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Kroll disease, constipation and colorectal cancer showed a high incidence trend, seriously affecting the quality of life.

Because of the special physical and mental patients to bring pain to these diseases, Nantong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine director of Coloproctology Lu Jie, with its superb skills and courteous and thoughtful service, as many patients in the eyes of "timely rain". At the age of 40 Lu Jie, a beautiful, a close smile hanging white face. Although young, but he has many years of clinical experience and technical attainments can be called a senior expert in the Department of anus & intestine surgery.

In the Department of anus & intestine surgery in one thousand is nineteen years, which is 91 years from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Department of Chinese graduate Lu Jie, have never thought of. Then, a green hand boy, assigned to the Nantong hospital after a big fight to eager for a fight. Dean of the national traditional Chinese medicine Shao Rongshi, appreciate the rigorous personality without losing Lu Jie intelligence, advised him to the Department of anus & intestine surgery to display their fists. So, the young Lu Jie decided to anorectal off the door". At that time, the patient was less, but Lu Jie did not sit". On the contrary, he believed that the prospects for the development of the Department, often use their spare time for leisure time, delving into the valuable experience for thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine have accumulated in the treatment of anorectal diseases. In 1999, has become a physician Lu Jie was appointed to the National Center for anorectal Hospital, with the anorectal Association Ding Yijiang professor. In the study period, LU Hong sponge sponge like knowledge of the strong desire to Professor Ding impressed, in imparting skills, he favored the increase. The teacher's words and deeds, so that Lu Jie benefited from. Back to the hospital, Lu Jie duck, in Coloproctology this vast arena, he has written a playbook, a brilliant chapter.

Alone in the school of medicine, Huaian Ji Xiao Li, who has an unknown heart disease. Over the years, because of abscess around the rectum, repeated intermittent swelling and purulent. In order to cure this problem, he was a total of six surgeries, but little attention, abscess recurred. When he passed through the introduction of others, into the anorectal Hospital of the door, did not hold too much hope. But the operation results made him overjoyed, according to the characteristics of the high recurrent high abscess, incision method took Lu Jie hang line, have a good prognosis. In the hospital after surgery for nearly two years, Li has not endured this misery. Graduated from the pass before, he deliberately rushed to the hospital, and Lu Jie farewell.

The old man over 60 high, suffering from hemorrhoids with prolapse of rectal mucosa for 5 years. Every time he saw the onset of extremely painful appearance, children are advised him to early surgery. But the high old man lest the operation can cause dysfunction and adverse consequences, not surgery. By the end of 2006, he became more and more serious, even a few cough will cause rectal mucosal prolapse. See has not carried on the high old man finally decided to take the wrong cure cause infinite harm to people. To understand the old concerns, Lu Jie patiently enlighten him, advised him to relax the mind, and the implementation of the segmented Milligan Morgan + suspension for the rectal mucosa. The operation is very smooth, second day old man can walk, two days after the return to normal defecation. High old man delighted to hold Lu Jie's hand and said: "if I know you so God, I've been looking for you to surgery!"

Once the anorectal to male patients with a fever. After careful examination, Lu Jie found the perineum, buttocks have severe swelling, and persistent high fever is due to not timely treatment of perianal infection caused by. The diagnosis made by Lu Jie is "perineal necrotizing fasciitis". Clinically, this is one of the few fatal accidents in the Department of anus & intestine surgery, which is easy to be confused with abscess. During the operation, Lu Jie decisively in patients in the perineum, buttocks opened six or seven incision, patiently necrosis of the fascia all clean, after the surgery with anti infection and supportive treatment in patients with better day by day, Lu Jie is worried about too much will make fistula incision. Therefore, after the patient recovered and discharged, Lu Jie will be a phone call every other time. Three months, four months...... Six months later, the patient is in normal condition, Lu Jie's surgery was a satisfactory result.

Now, through Lu Jie's scalpel, more than five hundred patients recover every year. His fame grew louder and louder, but more than and 10 years ago, Lu Jie still maintained a calm state of mind, in front of fame, not "sit", trying to explore how to based on the western medicine treatment, the Chinese medicine treatment methods into truly reflect the Chinese medicine Western medicine is also very good, class characteristic. Over the years, Lu Jie and his colleagues developed the anti-inflammatory analgesic cream, Shengjisan after surgery, to promote the growth of granulation tissue has obvious effect; fumigation No. 1 and No. 2 of these two kinds of lotion can obviously relieve pain, itching and inflammation in clinic has been completely replace the original use of PP powder, the effect of wide the patient received. Practice has proved that the treatment of anorectal disease with combination of TCM and Western medicine, is not only feasible, cure rate and complication of the control in the long term, has its advantage. Now, anorectal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine work to over 40% per year in the province to become well-known anorectal.

Lu Jie superb medical skill for patients who talked about, but even more people admire is his humble man and to keep warm and sincere heart patients. As he said, although the scalpel is cold, but through the sincere care of the doctor, but it can have a warm heart. Over the years, Lu Jie every day at 7:30 rounds, regardless of the weather. After personally for patient rounds, dressing, afraid dirty bupalei. Nervous busy close to 9:30, took office surgery. Because many surgery patients, drag class has become a homely food. He never complained about it. He put themselves for the sake of patients, some need staging surgery, sicker patients, he is always trying to solve a surgery, as a good. He focused on communication with patients, and strive to do the patient's bosom friend. It is precisely because of this friend effect, more and more patients looking for his surgery. Chinese medicine hospital six ward became one of the most prosperous in the hospital bed, also can not meet the needs of patients. 13 bed Zhao Meiqin Tongzhou, my friend said director Lu skill, so come here. 15 bed wearing a large hospital in Nanjing to give up surgery, but also because Lu Jie's good reputation. Director Lu mentioned patients, are full of praise, "the director is responsible for the land, and the right attitude!" "Yeah, yeah, he's never been patient, very peaceful." And the last time my husband wanted to send a red envelope mean, he said nothing to accept it."......

"Seagull Hongyan should be surprised, in one fell swoop rises to heaven." As the Department of anus & intestine surgery Lu Jie constantly encouraged themselves, the bright younger generation, the development of science and technology of the world without end, only to learn to do in order to make a difference to the old. We sincerely wish the medical doctor in Lu Jie Road, into a canoe forward, ride the wind and waves, and then move forward.

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