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Whether the child constipation, mainly to see the quality and quantity of stool, as well as adverse effects on health, rather than to determ


Whether the child constipation, mainly to see the quality and quantity of stool, as well as adverse effects on health, rather than to determine the number of stool. Normal children's daily defecation frequency varies greatly.

The total number of infants with full breast milk daily stool can be more; with milk and other milk replacer, stool frequency less, once a day or 2 to 3 days. If the number of stool less, but its nature and quantity are normal, children and no other discomfort, it can not be considered sick. If the stool dry, less and difficult to discharge, although one day can be 2 to 3 times, but the total amount of less than the usual amount of time, it can be regarded as constipation. At the same time, especially with decreased appetite, abdominal distention, meaning again and again, it is the performance of constipation. If the child is usually more regular bowel habits, and suddenly two days or more do not understand the stool, especially accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating or vomiting, it is necessary to pay attention to find the cause of constipation.

Common causes of constipation in children at different ages. When the children's food is not enough, you can also appear constipation, if the weight does not increase at the same time, in addition to food, the stool can be normal. And children because of too little water, especially in the summer, sweating, intestinal absorption of water, resulting in dry stool can also be constipation. With the gradual increase in the age of the child, if the usual training without defecation and the establishment of regular defecation habits, constipation can also become an important factor. If because usually irregular bowel habits, although there is a feeling of defecation, but because of too much fun or because of other things, and consciously inhibit defecation, a long time, can make the reflection of intestinal defecation sensitivity decreased, fecal accumulation in the intestine, so that more water is absorbed, stool becomes more dry. The stool is not easy to discharge. Children's food is too fine, the lack of cellulose, the stimulation of the intestinal wall is not enough, you can also form constipation.

In addition, the pathological causes of constipation can also be seen in intestinal stenosis, intestinal obstruction, rectal or anal stenosis, pyloric spasm, congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, congenital megacolon and other intestinal diseases. Malnutrition, anemia, vitamin B1 deficiency, the amount of exercise, the abdominal muscle weakness, intestinal muscle tension decreased, can make children constipation. Brain and spinal cord lesions can also cause constipation in children.

The arrangement of the child's life to be more regular, let the children eat more vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water and eat more fatty foods, but also to develop the habit of regular bowel movements, so you can improve the situation of children's constipation. Some children too little activity or suffering from rickets, malnutrition, can cause intestinal dysfunction caused by constipation. For a small amount of activity, the child may be appropriate to increase the amount of activity, children with the disease should be treated, with the improvement of the disease, constipation will gradually reduce. With the method of abdominal massage can relieve constipation symptoms, specific methods: adults with the palm of the hand clockwise direction massage the child's abdomen, 1 to 2 times a day, each massage for 3 minutes. Can also be in the morning to drink a cup of salt water for children, increase intestinal peristalsis, to improve constipation.

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