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1 powder treatment of constipation: take Atractylodes amount, crushed into fine powder, each taking 10 grams of powder, 3 times a day. This


1 powder treatment of constipation: take Atractylodes amount, crushed into fine powder, each taking 10 grams of powder, 3 times a day. This method has good curative effect on deficiency constipation, general medicine 3 to 5 days, the stool can be restored to normal, normal stool immediately after withdrawal, after a week after 2 ~ 3 days, can maintain normal stool.

2 Shaogan decoction treating constipation: TGP 30 grams, 20 grams of licorice, citrus aurantium 15 grams, add 2 bowls of fried into a large bowl, 1 day, 2 times a day. The treatment of 95 cases of constipation caused by various reasons. This method is particularly suitable for the elderly and infirm adult chronic constipation patients, but pregnant women with caution.

3 Forsythia treatment of constipation: take Forsythia 15 ~ 30 grams, fried boiling when the tea, daily 1 agent. Children may be against the white sugar or sugar (not against the sugar better) taking. Continue to take 1 to 2 weeks, you can stop taking. This method is especially suitable for postoperative constipation, women (pregnancy, menstruation, postpartum constipation), trauma (paraplegia, traumatic brain injury of lumbar fracture, constipation, hypertension) constipation, habitual constipation, senile weakness constipation, cerebrovascular disease and cancer, constipation and constipation.

4 Plantago treatment of constipation: take Plantago 30 grams per day, boiling water 150 ml, 3 times daily before meals, 1 weeks for 1 courses. General treatment of 1 to 4 courses can be cured. Stop taking other drugs during medication. This side can not only treat constipation, but also the role of lowering blood pressure, especially for patients with hypertension and constipation. In addition, in the treatment of diabetes mellitus patients with constipation, have obvious short-term and long-term efficacy.

5: the treatment of constipation: kelp 60 grams, warm water for a few minutes, the water boiled, remove the kelp to be suitable for temperature, mix a little ginger, green onion, salt, vinegar, soy sauce amount, finished 1, 1 times a day.

6 raw licorice treatment of constipation: take raw licorice 2 grams, with a dose of 15 ~ 20 ml of boiling water. 1 daily dose. This method for infantile constipation, effect satisfaction, general medicine 7 to 15 days to prevent recurrence.

Treatment of constipation: take 7 pangdahai pangdahai 5, on the cup or bowl, with about 150 ml boiling water for 15 minutes, until their big hair, a small amount of time frequency is drink, and swollen sterculia lychnophora are slowly eating, sterculia lychnophora nucleoli do not eat, drink 1 days the stool can generally pass chang.

Treatment of constipation: Take 8 Dandelion Dandelion dried or fresh 60 ~ 90 grams, water decoction to 100 ~ 200 milliliters, fresh and cook for 20 minutes, dry for 30 minutes, daily 1 agent drink, age small medication, can be divided doses, can increase the amount of sugar or honey to taste.

9 mulberry mulberry for the treatment of constipation: take 50 grams, 500 ml of water, boil into 250 ml, plus amount of crystal sugar, more than 1 days, 1 1 times a day, 5 days for 1 courses.

10 depending on the treatment of constipation: Cassia 20 grams, placed inside the cup, with white boiling water immersion, such as tea, 20 minutes later, the water gradually became pale yellow, fragrant, you can drink, drinking liquor, plus 1 in boiling water drinking.

11 rhubarb 5~10 grams, grind for powder, vinegar into a thin paste, the "Shangshizhitong Plaster" center, with double foot heart Yongquan, 10~15 hours after taking the medication, as an effect. It can clear away heat and eliminate stagnation, leading to stagnation and defecation.

12 shengbaisu 40 grams, 20 grams of Cistanche, Rehmannia 20 grams, 10 grams of fried fructus. Water decoction, sooner or later, a daily dose. 5 agents for a course of treatment, stool normal after taking a course of 1 to consolidate the efficacy. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and moistening dryness, liquid fluid.

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