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What is hemorrhoids?Anorectal disease commonly known as hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, is a common disease of human beings. According to the censu


What is hemorrhoids?

Anorectal disease commonly known as hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, is a common disease of human beings. According to the census data show that the incidence of anorectal disease rate was 59.1%, accounting for all the hemorrhoids anorectal diseases in 87.25%, of which the internal hemorrhoids the most common, accounting for 52.19% of all anorectal diseases. Both men and women get sick, female incidence rate was 67%, the incidence of male to female was 53.9%, the incidence rate is high; can occur at any age, which is common in people aged 20-40, and with the increase of age and gradually increase, so the "ten nine hemorrhoids" said.

Two, hemorrhoids is how to form?

A lot of the pathogenesis, sedentary, long standing, tired to the body for a long time in a fixed position, thus affecting the blood circulation, blood flow to the pelvic and abdominal organs slow congestion, hemorrhoids caused by over filling veins, varicose vein wall tension, uplift, the decline caused by hemorrhoids is one of the most important cause of morbidity. If the lack of exercise, slow down peristalsis, stool slow down or because of habitual constipation, and oppression vein, so that local congestion and blood reflux disorder, cause hemorrhoid venous pressure and venous wall resistance, can also lead to increased incidence of hemorrhoids. According to the clinical observation and statistical analysis of the results of the census, there were significant differences in the prevalence of different occupational groups, the prevalence rate of clinical cadres, car drivers, salesmen, teachers was significantly higher.

Located inside the anus hemorrhoids mucosa called "hemorrhoids", is located near the anus inside called "external", the two are sometimes called "mixed hemorrhoids". The symptoms of hemorrhoids is sore and pain, hematochezia, severe hemorrhoids, block will protrude outside the anus (prolapse), defecation after retraction.

Three, hemorrhoids symptoms:

Internal hemorrhoids: mainly for bleeding and prolapse, may be associated with thrombosis, incarceration, difficult defecation.

External hemorrhoids, anal local soft tissue mass, anal discomfort, wet itching, foreign body sensation, pain.

Anal pain, anal fistula: pus, itching, repeated episodes of infection.

In pain, bleeding, anal fissure: Constipation three characteristics as the main performance.

Four, hemorrhoids easily cause harm to the human body?

1, repeated repeated bleeding stool, the body will lose a lot of iron, iron deficiency anemia.

2, hemorrhoids prolapse caused by necrosis, necrosis extended to the rectal wall, can cause severe sepsis.

3, anus local infection: if improper treatment, easily lead to the spread of the infection, caused by submucosal, perianal or perirectal abscess, portal vein bacteremia or sepsis, liver abscess can form.

Five, hemorrhoids treatment:

1, general treatment: adjust the diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and multi fiber food.

Regular defecation.

Warm water bath.

2, non-surgical therapy: including injection, anal expansion, ligation and drug treatment

3, surgical treatment including Milligan Morgan surgery and PPH (PPH)

Six, how to prevent hemorrhoids attack:

1, strengthen the exercise: often participate in a variety of sports activities such as broadcast gymnastics, Tai Chi, qigong, etc., can enhance the body's resistance to disease, reduce the possibility of disease, for hemorrhoids also have a certain preventive effect. This is because physical exercise is beneficial to blood circulation, can reconcile Qi and blood, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve pelvic congestion, prevent constipation, prevent hemorrhoids. On the other hand, it can be used to improve the local blood circulation of anus. There are two ways: one is self massage the coccygeal tip long strong point by hand before going to sleep, each about 5 minutes, can dredge the meridians, improve the blood circulation of the anus; another method is to use the ideas consciously anus to shrink, sooner or later each 1 times, each time 30 times, this is the method a massage, there is blood stasis, exercise of anal sphincter, raised in the role. Often used, can improve the venous drainage of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids prevention and self treatment have a certain role.

2, to prevent constipation: normal daily stool 1 times, stool time early, middle, after dinner, different habits. The normal discharge of the stool is the formation of soft stool, do not dry, do not feel difficult defecation defecation, then there is a relaxed and comfortable feeling, which indicates that good gastrointestinal function. If constipation is hard, not only because of difficult defecation, fecal accumulation intestinal cavity, increased the anorectal pressure vessels, blood reflux disorder and the hemorrhoid venous plexus varix form hemorrhoids. In order to prevent constipation, should pay attention to the following points:

Rational allocation of diet. Can increase appetite, correct constipation improve gastrointestinal function, can also develop the habit of regular defecation. The daily diet can be more vegetables, fruits, beans and other vitamins and cellulose containing more food, less spicy spicy food, such as pepper, mustard, ginger, etc..

Develop the habit of regular defecation. Healthy people in the rectum usually no stool, with the morning wake up by vertical reflection, reflection caused by the stomach, colon breakfast, colon can produce a strong "group, creeping" pushes waste toward the rectum, rectum feces accumulated to a certain amount, will produce meaning. So it is best to develop the habit of regular defecation every morning, which is to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, has a very important role. Some people think that morning to drink 1 cups of cold water can stimulate gastrointestinal movement, prevent constipation. In addition, the morning to participate in a variety of sports, such as running, exercise, Tai Chi can prevent constipation. When there is a sense of purpose, do not tolerate not to defecate, because long endure stool can cause habitual constipation. Squat toilet time is too long, or read newspapers, or too much force, these are bad bowel habits, should be corrected.

Choose the correct way to treat constipation. For the general patients with constipation, you can use a reasonable allocation of diet, the habit of regular defecation to correct. For constipation or because of certain diseases caused by constipation, should as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment, must not be long-term use of laxatives or long-term enema. Because of the long-term use of laxatives can not only make the rectum vascular congestion expansion, can also lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Long term enema, rectal mucosa will feel sluggish, slow defecation reflex, increase constipation, but is conducive to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Therefore, if suffering from intractable constipation must be under the guidance of an experienced specialist treatment.

3, pay attention to prenatal care: women after pregnancy can cause increased abdominal pressure, especially in the late pregnancy, the inferior vena cava by the growing pressure of the uterus, directly affect the return of hemorrhoids,

Likely to cause hemorrhoids, this situation is particularly evident in the malposition when. Therefore, during pregnancy should be regularly to the hospital, encounter malposition, should be promptly corrected, not only beneficial to health care during pregnancy, for the prevention of hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases, there are certain benefits. In addition, pregnant women generally reduce the relative amount of activity, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal function, fecal retention in the intestinal lumen, fecal water is reabsorbed, causing dry stool, induced hemorrhoids. Therefore, appropriate activities should be increased during pregnancy. To avoid long standing, sedentary, and pay attention to keep the stool smooth, after each stool with warm water to wash the anus local, improve the local blood circulation of the anus, for the prevention of hemorrhoids is very useful.

4, keep clean around the anus, anus, rectum and sigmoid colon is to store and excrete waste, manure contains many bacteria, the anus is vulnerable to pollution induced by these bacteria, sweat and sebaceous glands around the anus infection, which boils, abscesses. Female vagina and anus adjacent, vaginal secretions more, can stimulate the anus skin, induced hemorrhoids. Therefore, should always keep around the anus clean, daily warm water fumigation, frequently change underwear, can play a role in the prevention of hemorrhoids.

5, other: abdominal pressure increased, can make the hemorrhoid venous obstruction, cause hemorrhoids. Clinically, there are many diseases caused by abdominal pressure, such as abdominal cavity tumor oppression of abdominal vessels, can make the hemorrhoid venous obstruction, cause hemorrhoids. Portal hypertension caused by liver cirrhosis, can cause anorectal vasodilation caused by hemorrhoids, at the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Should not rush to the treatment of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids because of cirrhosis after remission of the symptoms can be improved.



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