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Clinical manifestations and etiology of constipationWhat is constipation?In the ordinary people, some people say difficult defecation is con


Clinical manifestations and etiology of constipation

What is constipation?

In the ordinary people, some people say difficult defecation is constipation, some people say that just dry stool constipation, also said that the 3-4 days or even longer time interval of defecation is constipation. Indeed, these are some of the symptoms of constipation, but if any one of them is defined as constipation but are not comprehensive. Medicine: constipation is a group of symptoms can be caused by various diseases, generally refers to it less discharge difficulties or some combination of the two, and accompanied by discomfort such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, pain, anal pain, endless defecation, hematochezia, irritable mood etc..

[two] clinical manifestations of constipation

From the definition of constipation, we can realize that constipation is not an independent disease, but a group of symptoms that can be manifested by a variety of diseases in the digestive tract. Its clinical manifestations can be understood from the following three aspects:

First, the leading cause of constipation of the corresponding performance of the disease

Such as colorectal cancer can have mucous bloody stool, anal fissure with masses; dysporia, fresh blood; hypothyroidism may have chills, mucous edema.

Two, the performance of defecation disorders

1 natural then less, less than three times a week, less stool, natural defecation interval extension, and can gradually increase.

2 difficult to discharge

Can be divided into two cases. A dry hard stool, such as chestnut, difficult to discharge. Another situation is that the stool is not dry, it is difficult to discharge. Some patients have a sense of obstruction above the anus, the greater the defecation, the stronger the sense of obstruction, forcing patients to force, and even loud groan, very painful. Part of the female patients with fecal rush, consciously fecal to anal direction decreased, but the direction to the vagina Chong; have experience with a finger into the vagina, the back wall pressure, can make the fecal discharge easily. Some patients feel rectal fullness, coccyx pain, defecation, anal insertion fingers, paper, soap can make defecation easier. Of these patients, most of them will be, and will be frequent, each defecation time, up to 2 hours, the patient is extremely painful.

3 accompanied by symptoms

Besides the features of the primary disease, for the routine inspection found no obvious abnormalities in patients with common symptoms of abdominal distention, abdominal pain, nausea, thirst, perineal pain. Most of the patients had feelings of irritability, mouth pain, some patients have the headache, rash. A small number of patients with neurotic, individual or even suicidal.

[three] the cause of constipation

Clinically, many patients will ask such a question: how to form constipation? It is not difficult to see from the definition of constipation, there are a lot of causes of constipation, specifically including the intestinal tract itself lesions, intestinal lesions and bad habits three categories.

Intestinal lesions: including anal, rectal, colon organic or functional disorders.

1 colonic obstruction: common diseases such as cancer, colon torsion, inflammation, endometriosis, anastomotic stenosis and intussusception.

2 anorectal outlet obstruction: common diseases such as anal stenosis, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, rectal intussusception, rectocele, spastic pelvic floor syndrome, descending perineum syndrome etc..

3 visceral nerve and muscle pathological changes: common diseases such as Hirschsprung's disease, colon weakness, acute and chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome, etc..

Two, intestinal lesions

1 nerve: central nervous system lesions (brain tumors, Parkinson's disease), sacral nerve or spinal cord injury, neurological defects, spinal cord tumors.

2 Spirit: such as depression, psychosis, anorexia nervosa.

3 endocrine and metabolic: hypothyroidism, pregnancy, diabetes, dehydration, uremia, lead poisoning, hypopituitarism, etc..

4 iatrogenic: drug, braking, diarrhea, colon, etc..

Three, diet and bad habits

Crude fiber in food, drinking less, lack of exercise, environmental changes (such as tourism), ignoring the meaning can lead to the occurrence of constipation.

In the above causes, it is worth noting that:

A daily life: emotional discomfort, grief sorrow; not subject to changing moods, defecate time, living habits; eat rice flour and spicy barbecue hot dry diet, or eating too little, and lack of long-term labor or love leisure and hate labour bedridden, are a common cause of constipation, when you try to avoid.

Two, due to fear of disease suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissure: the patients with defecation have pain, bleeding, pain and other symptoms of prolapse of the anus, often fear to the extension of defecation, defecation interval, stool stop storage for too long in the rectum, the water is fully absorbed, the formation of stercoral obstruction of the intestine cause constipation.

Harm three, laxative constipation patients, often for the sake of defecation fast, often self serving rhubarb, senna, pharbitic like laxatives. Some doctors for constipation, also often ask the patient to take sanhuangpian, bezoar detoxification pills, such as intestinal tea. In the course of time, will not be able to accept a more and more caused by defecation, Peru, a laxative dependent constipation.

Thus, if there is constipation, patients must not be blind to treatment, should be promptly to the regular hospital anorectal systematic examination, a clear cause for targeted therapy, symptomatic treatment, can effectively treat constipation.

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