To observe the clinical curative effect of Qi Tongfu Decoction to treat bradykinesia constipation in 96 cases

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Since 2004, 1996— application of Jiangqi Tongfu Decoction to treat bradykinesia constipation patients in 96 cases, satisfactory curati


Since 2004, 1996— application of Jiangqi Tongfu Decoction to treat bradykinesia constipation patients in 96 cases, satisfactory curative effect, report as follows now.

1 materials and methods

1.1 general information all the information from 1996— 2004 in our hospital outpatient and inpatient patients underwent colonic transit test, barium enema, anorectal manometry and defecography, specialized examination, conforms to the diagnosis standard bradykinesia constipation ⋯ and, except for the tumor, and other causes of outlet obstruction constipation patients in 96 cases, male 24 cases, female 72 cases, the maximum age 6_4 years old, the minimum L2 years, an average of 44 years, the longest course was 43 years, the shortest is 8 years, average 26.5 years.

1.2 diagnostic criteria in the case without the use of laxatives, 1 weeks of spontaneous defecation is not more than 2 times, frequent hard stool less, difficult defecation, defecation, defecation, and accompanied by decreased, abdominal distension, loss of appetite and other symptoms, defecography, and electromyography examination to exclude the anus, rectum and colon organic the lesions and the presence of outlet obstructive constipation. Colonic transit test.

1.3 methods of treatment with self-made Tongfu Decoction Jiangqi dialectical addition and subtraction, drug composition Jiangqi Tongfu Decoction: Astragalus lOg, Cimicifuga lOg, angelica 12g, lOg, 15g, Cyperus Shouwu Fructus 12g, peach lOg, mirabilite (single red) 8g, 15g, 12g, figwort Ophiopogon, Cistanche 12g 20, radish seed 15g, Zaoci 6g. Spleen deficiency anorexia plus jiaosanxian, Gallus gallus; kidney yin deficiency blood deficiency caused by insomnia, dreaminess and radix rehmanniae, Ligustrum, Eclipta, medlar, jujube, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Polygonati, keel, oysters; add Codonopsis, Atractylodes qi asthenia; abdominal pain, angelica, Hu C Zaoci; Qi stagnation caused bloating plus Bupleurum root, white peony root, tangerine peel; the medicinal decoction 30rain, concentrated juice 140mL, sodium man in the liquid, 2 times a day sooner or later. L5 days for 1 courses.

2 Results

2.1 efficacy criteria: cure stool 1— once 2 days, will not matter, forming, discharge effortless, endless defecation and straining feeling disappeared; improvement: stool 2 to 3 days, will matter to discharge the basic effortless defecation imcompletely and improved without straining feeling; effect: stool frequency, will matter, discharge, endless defecation and straining feeling no improvement.

2.2 curative effect of taking the course of the treatment of the 1 cases, accounting for; 2— treatment of the course of the treatment of 54 cases, accounting for about 56.25%; the average effective rate of 100% ().

2.3 adverse reactions of all patients taking Jiangqi Tongfu Decoction without adverse reaction.

3 discussion

The slow movement constipation due to colon motion decreases, defecate long time intestinal excessive water absorption and stay cause intestinal moisture reduction, stool dry stool in a group, more bowel movements more slowly, absorb water more, further aggravating the dry stool, two reciprocal causation, forming a vicious spiral. So the downward movement increases colonic strength to shorten the residence time of the stool in the intestine, reduce excessive moisture absorption, increase water content in the intestines to soften the stool, improve the lubrication of the gut, to block the vicious spiral, improve the defecation status, is the basic principle in the treatment of constipation. Jiangqi Tongfu decoction is the guiding principle for down selection

Medication. Fang Astragalus Spleen Qi, Fructus aurantii, semen Raphani, Qi Qi, and Astragalus increased the downward movement of the colon; Cyperus Shugan Qi, regulating the liver qi, up, triple burner smooth stool self regulating Platycodon root, Cimicifuga; declared open lung, the main lifting, make clear up, clear up is the foul air since the fall to &ldquo, ” Uroschesis; effect; Angelica, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, peach seed, figwort, rehmannia, Radix Ophiopogonis, blood nourishing yin and moistening intestine, increase intestinal moisture, reduce the absorption, softening the stool, increase intestinal lubrication; Cistanche, Achyranthes, radix rehmanniae, Yi kidney tonifying and blood, blood, kidney deficiency is not enough E. self lubrication for the main component of mirabilite; sodium sulfate, salt is produced after oral laxatives, hydrolysis of sulfate ion mass, can not easily be intestinal absorption, retention in the intestine, intestinal cavity In hypertonic conditions, improve the permeability of intestinal cavity pressure, block intestinal absorption of water, and even the body of water into the intestinal lumen, resulting in intestinal contents of volume expansion, mechanical stimulation of the intestinal wall, reflex caused by intestinal peristalsis and play a laxative effect. At the same time, sodium sulfate itself also stimulates the intestinal mucosa, so that it increases peristalsis. The medicine is used to soften the stool, lubricate the intestines and increase the downward movement of the colon.


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