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Department of anorectal Hospital Affiliated to Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese medicine was founded in the initial stage, after 20


Department of anorectal Hospital Affiliated to Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese medicine was founded in the initial stage, after 20 years of construction, and gradually grow, become the key characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital specialist, national key specialty. 1994, approved by the Shanxi provincial health department established anorectal disease prevention and control center, the provincial health department in 2007 was identified as the provincial key department, 2008 by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine as the "11th Five-Year" key specialty construction units. With the continuous development and expansion of the hospital, improve the hospital environment, anorectal inpatients number increased significantly, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

In recent years, a department of anorectal medical level has been considerable development, in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, has been acclaimed both inside and outside the province. To grasp and use the new technology, Department of anorectal has sent members of the Department in Beijing Guanganmen hospital, Beijing Dongzhimen hospital, Nanjing national TCM anorectal disease center, Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for further study, attending the above personnel training is more than half a year, mastered a number of domestic advanced technology for treating anorectal diseases, to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the department.

Medical ethics is a branch of anorectal often grasp important work unremitting, has repeatedly been rated as the Provincial Health Bureau of medical ethics in the national advanced department, Miyoshi yimanyi activities were rated as advanced collective.

Department of anorectal has completed the provincial scientific research item, reached the international advanced level, is now responsible for the provincial science and technology department and the health department of scientific research project by an editor, a treatise, compiling 10 treatises, written and published dozens of papers.

Anorectal department always adhere to highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, the curative effect of the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine to collect and summarize and perfect, has developed and developed a series of specialist drugs, such as "Huayu Xiaozhi lotion" and "Kuijiekang enema" and "Zhikang Decoction" and "compound Hemorrhoids Suppository", achieved remarkable effect on the application of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of anorectal diseases.

The clinical use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, research and develop many new technologies, such as "PPH", "TST", "small incision for the treatment of mixed hemorrhoids Milligan Morgan, fenestration in the treatment of complex anal fistula, injection and ligation in the treatment of rectocele, internal sphincter incision surgery in the treatment of anal fissure stealth" and "comprehensive therapy in the treatment of rectal prolapse, clinical curative effect. In particular since the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine "11th Five-Year" key specialty construction units, departments continue to optimize treatment program, application of clinical pathway management, make disease diagnosis more standardized, better play the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Department of anorectal a set of medical, teaching and scientific research in one. At present, an important part of the teaching work is my department work, the main part of anorectal professional to undertake the task of teaching, over the years have successfully completed the task of teaching. At the same time undertake junior hospital staff training, training for primary hospital anorectal professional staff of more than 100 people, make a positive contribution to the development of Shanxi anorectal cause.

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