How to prevent anorectal diseases in life?

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Author: Ayue anorectal angle Therapy CenterTraditional Chinese medicine leads to bad habits for anorectal diseases are described, such as "s


Author: Ayue anorectal angle Therapy Center

Traditional Chinese medicine leads to bad habits for anorectal diseases are described, such as "surgical authentic" said: "not because sedentary and meridians...... As well as the burden of light weight, hard to run, the vertical and horizontal blood, meridian staggered...... Can cause hemorrhoids. Emotion disorder, Qi and blood are not born hemorrhoids cause." "Surgery" into "the woman said or dystocia, children or Yeti and so on, causing the blood and meridian, staggered, and carry on: hemorrhoids anal streamer: or rage...... Cause the blood to be vertical and horizontal." "Tai Sheng Hui Fang" said: "the long bear defecate, the imbalance of yin and Yang, choking off the grid, wind heat of the gas down the anus."

The prevention of anorectal diseases in life, requires:

(1) to avoid excessive fatigue, correct bad posture, laoyijiege. Avoid weight-bearing long line, long-distance running, to prevent excessive fatigue, to avoid sedentary, long standing, long squat, as a result of professional needs, but also constantly changing posture.

(2) to strengthen the whole God and local function exercise, improve disease resistance.

(3) to correct bad bowel habits and prevent constipation.

(4) change the sanitary habit and keep the anus clean. After each stool cleaning anus, especially diarrhea. The weather is too hot, sweating too much or after a long time should be cleaned anus. With warm water wash, if the sense of anal discomfort, such as pain, itching, etc. Application of matrine, Phellodendron Chinese medicine decoction wash. Some of the alum qingrezaoshi Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine bath. Underwear should be changed.

(5) to adjust their emotions, maintain peace of mind, to avoid excessive excitement, excessive grief and stress.

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