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A, out of time and place1, Monday afternoon location: the Ministry of experts, limited number 60.2, Wednesday morning location: the Ministry


A, out of time and place

1, Monday afternoon location: the Ministry of experts, limited number 60.

2, Wednesday morning location: the Ministry of experts, limited number 50.

On Wednesday afternoon, 3 location: Beijing, St. Mark's Hospital, special, limited number 10.

4, Thursday morning location: Sino Japanese Hospital West, expert number, no limit.

Two, registration method

1, the scene: in the self-help registration registration hall the self-help registration machine hanging within 7 working days (West yet opened).

2, site registration: the same day at 7 o'clock in the registration hall registration window hung on the date of the day or hang within 7 working days of the reservation number, including the west.

3, telephone appointment: Call Advisory telephone 4008-900-120, direct appointment of the above outpatient visits and hospital beds, do not have to wait in line.

Three, address

1, the Department of Beijing City: Chaoyang District Sakura Street No. 2, building three layer on the hospital outpatient anorectal consulting room, telephone 010-84205566, zip code 100029.

2, West: Chinese Beijing city of Fort Shuangquan Chaoyang District No. 2, two floor, Tel: 010-53236512. The west is located in the beautiful Olympic Games on the west side of Forest Park, four, five, high-speed Beijing Tibet Loucq Hui qiaodongbeijiao. Beautiful environment, fresh air, especially suitable for rehabilitation. Navigation and positioning reference location: China-Japan Friendship Hospital"

3, Beijing: St. Mark's Hospital Linda Sea Fisheries square No. 53 Beijing Chaoyang District East Ring Road No. 5 building, Tel: 010-50967777.

Four, the introduction of China Japan Hospital

In order to meet the more patient and hospital anorectal disease needs, improve hospital conditions, anorectal Hospital completed in June 27, 2015 on the expansion and upgrade work is related to the situation as follows:

1, primary anorectal outpatient department (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) visits the same time and increase the clinic in the west, time is every Thursday morning.

2, the overall relocation of the hospital to the west 4 floors, doubling the size of beds increased to more than 60, hospitalization, dressing, examination and surgical conditions improved.

3, the Ministry and the west can apply for admission procedures, discharge procedures in the west. We can take the bus to the west end of the hospital after the hospitalization.

4, the west is not a new hospital, just a ward of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the medical insurance policy unchanged, all kinds of bills are Chinese and Japanese hospitals.

The eight floor of the main building, 13000 square meters, from the 1 to the 3 floor of the clinic, the 4 ~ 7 layers for inpatient ward, the operation room and ICU is the second floor. Western key subjects: anorectal (4), eye (5).

Five, Sino Japanese Hospital West traffic routes

1, from the Department by bus.

Location: 4 days in the hospital, the north side of the staff canteen, the west side of the downstairs.

Departure time:

Chinese and Western morning: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00. PM: 13:00, 14:30, 16:00.

West China Morning: 8:45, 10:15, 11:45. PM: 13:45, 15:15, 16:45.

2, arrived at the bus route: first by 305, 307, 315, 328, 379, 407, 510, 518, 607, 618, 625, 670, 909, 109 express arrived at Fort Shuangquan, then eastward along the river walk 200 meters to the.

3, arrived at the subway route: take the subway line 15, North Beach Station exit B2, a bus trip to the north of Fort Shuangquan, a station that is.

4, self driving route: Beijing direction, away from the Beijing Tibet highway, techmatrix Road, north to Branch Road eastbound, with traffic lights, led to return.

Six, West China Hospital photo

Opening ceremony, hospital leaders and nurses posed for pictures

Anorectal in the new ward family portrait

President Wang Chen Dean of the Institute of the ship to ward guidance.

Lining, deputy director of the Secretary, vice president of the ward to guide the work of the.

New ward environment.

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