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Recently, many patients with friends or call or to outpatient consultation about near the anus long "boils", from time to time will be pain,


Recently, many patients with friends or call or to outpatient consultation about near the anus long "boils", from time to time will be pain, pus, and more and more severe, I do not know what disease got. Some patients have medical treatment, diagnosis of anal fistula, but because of the fear of pain, and delay treatment, the disease is becoming more and more serious, affect the normal work and life, has brought great suffering to the body and mind. According to the description of patients with anal fistula can be considered possible, but need to do anal examination before being diagnosed.

What is the name of the fistula?

Anal fistula, also called anal fistual, is referred to as anorectal fistula. Anal fistual is named after the onset of form named. This is because the main symptom is from the skin around the anus on the repeatedly dripping constantly outward pus or purulent blood, or even out of feces, the ancients believed that as the broken roof of the house when the rain, so called leakage. The pipeline fistula in the body and in vitro should have one or several up each other, by the body to discharge pus, secretion in vitro. Folk said leakage is according to the symptoms, the outflow from the anus surrounding the skin on the pus or fecal water disease, figuratively hiding a mouse hole to steal dung sores, which is commonly referred to as "stealing the mouse dung". Once the formation of anal fistula, self-healing little chance, if not timely treatment, repeated attacks, prone to cause fistula complicated, bring a lot of trouble and certain harm. Pus spills, pollution underwear; local skin often can cause irritation, eczema, itching, pain, not only affect the work, study and life; repeated attacks, can cause weak thin, Jingshenbuzhen, drop resistance, which also attacks more frequently, forming a vicious spiral. Due to repeated attacks, pus can puncture tube wall along the gap and the formation of sphincter spread branch, the complexity of the development not only for the treatment of anal fistula, more difficult, but also affect the normal function of anus. Recurrent anal fistula formation, rectovaginal fistula, rectal urethral fistula and rectovesical fistula, endanger the surrounding organs. And there is a malignant tendency of anal fistula. Therefore, in case of anal fistula, which should be to the regular hospital anorectal treatment, so as not to delay the disease, causing adverse consequences.

How to treat?

First of all, it is necessary to make a clear diagnosis, identify the location of the mouth, the mouth and the pipe, and then use Chinese medicine for treatment. In the diagnosis of anal fistula, to explore the use of science and technology and other advanced ultrasound and magnetic resonance, provide an objective basis for the implementation of treatment. A lot of methods of treatment of anal fistula, today we focus on the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the treatment of anal fistula. Xuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Coloproctology was founded in 1956, Jiangsu province has become the key clinical specialist, national key discipline coordination unit, Xuzhou city (Zhilou) anorectal disease treatment center, hospital in-patients in more than 4 thousand people. After more than half a century of anorectal doctor's unremitting efforts, the internal treatment of TCM Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, fumigation, powder, ointment, suppository and topical incision and threaddrawing therapy combined with TCM, highlighting the special envoy, make the patient to cure the fistula in painless ease. Especially for complex anal fistula surgery, the original small dose saddle painless surgery, surgery using advanced minimally invasive and the actual hanging line method, after the operation is combined with traditional Chinese medicine fumigating and washing with traditional Chinese medicine powder, dressing time. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model can not only cure the disease without pain, but also effectively protect the anal function, shorten the course of treatment, and reduce the economic burden of the patient. Chinese medicine is our national treasure, as we make our Chubing course of physical and mental health, happy life.

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