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Now the boys will often chat with the "egg pain" two words, whether it is true egg pain or psychological egg pain, today to talk about the c


Now the boys will often chat with the "egg pain" two words, whether it is true egg pain or psychological egg pain, today to talk about the common causes of egg pain caused by puberty. Adolescent boys often appear if the testicle bilges unwell, perineal pain, or scrotum wet, especially in the long standing sedentary is obvious, without trauma in the egg, beware of varicocele.

Adolescent varicocele is a common male disease. The incidence of children under 10 years of age is not common, but to the adolescent stage, the incidence gradually increased from 8% to 16%, to the age of 15 to 19 years, the incidence rate reached close to the adult by 15%.

The current outpatient adult male incidence of varicocele is also more and more high, especially after the birth two-child policy release, many adult men in the process of child eugenics screening, found that fertility decreased significantly, further examination found that this disease causes.

The spermatic vein belongs to testicular vein, which can lead to some changes of the testis after varicose environment, generally some metabolic waste is not conducive to testicular discharge, mainly including testicular temperature, pH value and influence factor of blood flow changes, the impact on the Gao Wansheng fine environment, the quality of spermatogenic decline, affect fertility. Will also be accompanied by some common clinical symptoms, such as: testicular swelling, perineal pain and other symptoms. Most of the causes of varicocele belong to the primary, that is, congenital anatomical abnormalities caused by. A small number of secondary, including tumors, hydrocephalus, obstruction and other factors, the need for clinical examination and exclusion.

For does not have significant surgical indications of the patients, such as mild varicocele / unilateral varicocele / symptoms is not obvious or not serious / there is no family / no evidence that sperm quality only originates from the disease cases, conservative treatment is preferred!!!

So for conservative treatment of patients should pay attention to what?

1 recommendations to go to the hospital for 6 months to review a testicular ultrasound, fertility requirements of the proposed re examination of semen.

2 can use traditional Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation and treatment, Qi and blood circulation, blood stasis pain, in order to improve local blood circulation. So as to achieve the purpose of improving microvascular circulation.

3 avoid heavy manual labor and exercise, avoid standing for long time, long time climbing, do work and rest.

4 scrotal swelling can be used to raise the scrotum to improve the discomfort of falling inflation, you can also use a number of physical cooling method, such as cold towel.

5 eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. These methods also have a good effect on prevention of varicocele.

Early surgical intervention can improve the fertility of some patients, but excessive medical treatment and other patients with unnecessary surgery, and waste of limited medical resources. Delay in surgery to the patient's adult assessment can sometimes avoid unnecessary surgery, but it is also possible to delay treatment, about 30% of adult patients in the postoperative semen quality has not improved. The damage to the varicocele may be irreversible and progress over time. Therefore, it is necessary for some patients to intervene in adolescence, but there is still a lack of reliable index to predict the infertility. According to the Chinese Medical Association andrology branch organizations prepared "varicocele diagnosis and treatment of China expert consensus" that adolescent varicocele surgical indications include: first, second or third degree varicocele; testis volume is lower than the contralateral 20%; the testicular spermatogenic function decreased; the cause the symptom is serious by varicocele; the bilateral varicocele. Is not in line with the requirements of surgery, these are handed over to the doctor to assess. At present, the spermatic vein ligation under microscope has the highest success rate and the least complication, which is often carried out in some large hospitals because of the high professional and technical requirements.

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