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At present, the treatment of moderate and severe varicocele surgery is still the main, some people try to use non surgical ligation and veno


At present, the treatment of moderate and severe varicocele surgery is still the main, some people try to use non surgical ligation and venous embolization therapy, but because of the high failure rate and can not be replaced by surgery. Operation from the beginning with a magnifying glass, and later under operative microscope, until modern laparoscopic surgery is currently the medical profession recognized the most effective way of operation, but with good tools, does not mean that we must have good results, how to control the complications of surgery has been an important topic medical research.

Male experts tell us, scrotal edema and hydrocele is one of the most common complications after surgery, the incidence of 3%40% in between. Severe edema may cause hydrocele of testis can also cause edema (essence). In the published medical literature, clinical data according to the literatures, most of that minimally invasive surgery and open surgery edema incidence differences, minimally invasive surgery can significantly reduce the incidence of edema. Some of the literature also pointed out that the improved minimally invasive surgery can reduce the incidence of edema to zero.

But the cost of minimally invasive surgery is high. The feeling of using a cannon to fight mosquitoes. A small surgery down the million. Ordinary people can not afford. Waste of medical resources.

Varicocele is the biggest harm caused by infertility. However, the recovery of reproductive function after varicocele surgery is mainly related to the degree of reversibility of testicular damage, but not necessarily parallel with the degree of varicose veins. The implementation of internal spermatic vein ligation in the treatment of some people, good effect, semen quality was improved in different degrees, no improvement in semen quality of a vein and incomplete surgical ligation and ligation of the artery, most other people have no effect, or the original spermatogenic function has been irreversible damage.

Therefore, the prevention of varicocele should be based. In the treatment of early detection and early treatment. First of all, to take traditional Chinese medicine treatment, reduce the adverse factors. Do not take surgery, local sclerosis and other destructive treatment.

Our hospital has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience in the treatment of varicocele. Flexible use of drugs, oral medicine and topical drugs. Treatment varied, acupuncture combined with red light irradiation. Prominent effect. Rapid resolution of patient suffering. Reduce surgical risk.

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