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The concept of fragmentation caused by sperm DNA damage is defined as the fragmentation of DNA integrity caused by various causes during spe


The concept of fragmentation caused by sperm DNA damage is defined as the fragmentation of DNA integrity caused by various causes during spermatogenesis and maturation.

In: rare in fertile men, but more common in normal male infertility that semen analysis!

It is suitable for clinical use: male infertility patients with normal semen analysis!

The mechanisms leading to the fragmentation of sperm DNA damage and spermatogenesis in chromatin assembly, abnormal noxious stimulus factor induced excessive oxidative stress, abnormal apoptosis and other mechanisms involved in coordinating action, led to the end of sperm DNA damage.

Reasons: with genital tract infection, elevated testicular temperature, varicocele, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, smoking, hormones and environmental pollution, including weather haze and other factors. Heavy metal pollution and heavy metals and harmful substances in the haze will lead to increased DNA strand breaks and methylation. Because of smoking cigarette contains nicotine, harmful substances can be Dunedin, benzopyrene, carbon monoxide, cadmium not only affect Leydig cell testosterone synthesis and secretion, can directly cause sperm DNA strand breaks lead to sperm damage.

Clinical significance: conventional semen analysis (Semen analysis) only the index of sperm concentration, motility and morphology of sperm quality of the most basic, the fluctuation range of each parameter is larger, from the analysis of morphology and quantity, and provide limited information on sperm function and fertilization ability. Therefore, the routine semen analysis can not fully reflect the normal fertilization ability of sperm, and can not predict the success rate of fertilization. The results showed that the damage caused by sperm DNA damage was lower than that of conventional semen analysis.

Limitations: there is no uniform laboratory basis, and the need for flow cytometry or PCR detector.

Lead to fragmentation that significance of sperm DNA damage, if the ordinary laboratory repeated analysis found semen normal and sterile with conventional semen analyzer, all the tests were normal, male and reproductive system infection, smoking, varicocele and so on cause of abnormal oxidative stress strengthening, should strengthen the antioxidant treatment of patients.



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