China male debts 100 years 20 years ago for ED let bedtime drink

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October 28, 2011 10:06Source: people - "health times" Author: Dai Zhiyue, Xie WanwanEditor's note: this title may lead to controversy. Howev


October 28, 2011 10:06

Source: people - "health times" Author: Dai Zhiyue, Xie Wanwan

Editor's note: this title may lead to controversy. However, when we are more impression on the male is a large number of ads, such as male and female hospital, it will agree with the views of experts - Chinese male is indeed a relatively backward. In fact, whether it is 100 years behind, or for the past 10 years, in October 28th, when the advent of men's health day, we hope that this topic can cause more people's attention to male health. With the male doctor's words, male and gynecological, should be equally important position.

Reading summary

Idea: there is a doctor told a story about a few years ago, a male patient said, my sexual function is not good, can you help me to see, the female doctor was anxious, you and I play rascal.

Doctor: deceived patients in the crowd, 80% of the first diagnosis is to go to public hospitals, did not get a satisfactory solution to the other hospitals. China's real sense of Andrology doctors, less than 100 people.

Treatment: in 1987, China's doctor of ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment is very simple, for example, let the patient drink a little wine before going to bed to help congestion.

Interviewed experts

Guo Yinglu, health times consultant, Chinese Academy of engineering.

Jiang Hui, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association andrology post, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, director of andrology center.

Zhang Zhichao, deputy director of Department of Andrology of Peking Hospital.

The two brothers, a collection of thousands of pet in one, and another full glory, splendour, wealth and rank, but also admitted in the struggle.

This is the relationship between urology and andrology.

The relationship between male and female, and the relationship between men and women are not exactly the same. "In the pursuit of equality between men and women today, with a strong claim of men, in health concern, but far less than women."

The Chinese Medical Association branch chairman designate, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University andrology andrology center director Jiang Hui said, gynecological tube of female reproductive system, has been 100 years, gynecologist tens of thousands of people, and of the male reproductive system of male is just starting in the Department of urology. Male division is not only sex, menopause (androgen deficiency), infertility, prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and other issues, men have, but can see male doctors have a few people?

"Compared with gynecology, male debts for 100 years." Jiang Hui said.

The concept of debt -

Male disease or life, also born with ambiguous

Urology stands for genitourinary surgery, including the urinary system and male genital system two, however, in the Department of Urology is developed into third major surgical departments, diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive system disease is just starting, there was even a variety of dangerous "misdirect the hospital".

Why is it so serious? Several experts have given the same answer: reproductive system disease, or life.

Male diseases include sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, hypogonadism, abnormal puberty, infertility and so on. These diseases or life, but also inherently ambiguous, it is difficult to speak.

Deputy director of the North andrology center Zhang Zhichao told a story, "a few years ago, an endocrine doctor told me a story, there is a patient that my sexual function is not good, can you help me look at the female doctor was anxious that you and I play rascal."

So the doctor, the patient? Jiang Hui said: "go to the male division, he embarrassed. He may be high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease caused by sexual dysfunction, may also be environmental factors, the pressure caused by semen is less, is a doctor, what are you embarrassed?"

The digestive system and urinary system such as a problem everyone can face, why not go to the reproductive system has open and aboveboard treatment of the problem?" Zhang Zhichao said.

Jiang Hui and Zhang Zhichao pointed out that the male disease is not a minor illness, it is related to the overall health of men, including physical and psychological, marital relationship, family relation, family stability and social harmony.

The number of patients with male disease, Zhang Zhichao gave reporters a small account, "China is now in patients with Type 90 million diabetes, half male, and half of them with ED, about 20 million." It is only in patients with diabetes need to see the male population, ED is a precursor of coronary heart disease, hypertension patients with 30%~40% complicated by ED......

These are just the tip of the iceberg of male patients, sexual dysfunction, gonadal dysfunction, prostate disease, infertility - patients with large groups of people so you simply can not calculate." Zhang Zhichao said, but the treatment rate is not high just, such as ED's rate of visits, the United States 10%, and China, I estimated that about 1%."

The doctor's bills:

China's real male doctors, less than 100

Even if the incidence rate of male patients come up, our doctors are also difficult to cope with. Because of China's real sense of Andrology doctors, less than 100 people." Zhang Zhichao said.

Our male doctor, in Zhang Zhichao's view, there are four kinds of people do, first is the real male doctor, is excellent urologists, study also determined to male disease; the second category is fancier, is itself a urologist, but 90% of the time in the Department of Urology, both see male; third in the Department of Urology, do not go on, go to class fourth, dry male; quackery.

Zhang Zhichao said that these four kinds of people, only the first one is the real male doctors, the number of the country.

Jiang Hui on the scope of the definition of male doctors to give a larger, but in his view, the real male doctors but also more than a thousand people. He pinched his finger number number of male full-time doctors: the andrology center No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, 6 people, 6 people, 2 people of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 5 people, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiyuan Hospital, Guanganmen 3 hospital, Chinese Academy of sciences......

Statistics had a male doctor in China, about 8000 people, but most of them are urologists. From the view of the previous male branch, including the current chairman, chairman of Beijing people's Hospital Department of Urology director Wang Xiaofeng, is a famous urologist, can only do some guidance in the discipline construction of andrology, but most of the energy is used for urology. At this point, that first chairman Guo Yinglu, Wang Xiaofeng also admitted that the current. Jiang Hui began to do full-time sexual dysfunction and infertility from 1999, he as male branch chairman designate, male branch is the true to the male doctor's hands.

A survey found that in the male patients cheated in the crowd, Zhang Zhichao said: "I personally made a small investigation, attending the first 80% people to public hospitals, but is either a doctor of disease or blind patients asked the doctor to go elsewhere to treat patients at a loss."

Even in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, the real diagnosis and treatment of male hospitals is also very rare. "Why is it outside, because the national army is not enough?." Jiang Hui pointed.

A student at a medical university who has a prejudice against male. For example, graduated from Peking University Department of Urology, Ph.D., divided into male, I feel ashamed in the students." Zhang Zhichao said.

"A lot of Department of Urology doctors don't want to male. Doctors promotion, title evaluation, how many knives open, how many of these hard targets in the men are not completed." Jiang Hui said.

Abroad, although there is no independent male, but each disease has a professional team, only waiting for the patient to wake up. The male is the most Chinese debts without professional male doctors." Zhang Zhichao said.

Subject: debts

Some hospitals do not let hang "male" number

Although the developed countries have become independent male subjects, but their doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of male diseases professional is very advanced, ED doctors can see only the ED, see see only the sterile sterile, fragmentation disease was very clear, professional, depth is also very strong.

"Male association 16 years, in foreign countries, andrology can set up clinics, health centers, etc.. But our country does not have this subject, only can be in the urology department, some hospitals do not even have to hang 'male division'. Department of urology surgery, as well as male sexual dysfunction, can do surgery, Anne prosthesis; vas deferens caused by unreasonable sterility, can do surgery microscope." Jiang Hui said.

In fact, as early as in 1984, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, Department of urology experts Wu Jieping put forward the concept of sexual medicine, when the male has a slight development, but then stalled. Academician of the Academy of Sciences in 1991 China Guo Yinglu led the establishment of the Chinese Medical Association andrology branch in Chinese first raised the banner of the development of male male, but the real development, a few outstanding urologists or from Guo in 2005 to lead the interested in the field of Andrology founded the Department of Andrology of Peking Hospital, the professional road began to focus on male disease. In recent years, under the leadership of academician Guo Yinglu Peking University to do the general health man project, is committed to the development of Chinese male doctors.

Exploration in the male subjects on the Chinese doctors have achieved good results, Guo Yinglu pointed out that from the front, the male doctors and the international gap between us has not had the authority of the professional international journal of research papers Chinese male doctor.

The development of Chinese male is imperative, just a matter of time." Guo Yinglu said. At present, Department of Andrology of Peking Hospital has been exploring the diagnosis and treatment of Andrology system, our outpatient 1/3 is sexual dysfunction, 1/3 is a prostate disease, as well as 1/3 infertility." And there are men of the surgical system, to achieve dozens of categories, our slogan is not done in the Department of Urology, we do, and they can not be developed into Department of urology. When the Department of Urology is still using the endoscope surgery, we have been using a male microscope surgery, such as male infertility surgery, with a microscope to 25 times magnification, surgery for 40 times." Zhang Zhichao said.

Similarly, in the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University andrology clinic, the reporter saw a crowd of people every day to see a male doctor, anxiously waiting for the doctor to andrological plus "urgent expression", see a long row of teams waiting to do the tests of semen examination in patients with the helpless". "No way, the doctor is too little, our andrology outpatient volume up to more than and 180 people, last year reached more than 260 people, in October this year has reached 321 people, there are many patients who don't hang on, the cure to flicker to the other non formal clinic, spent a lot of money." Jiang Hui said regretfully.

Twenty years ago, the Department of Urology is similar to the male. In 80s, China's most common surgical department of Urology attachment, many urologists are concurrently general surgery. Then the Department of cerebral surgery was independent, the Department of orthopedics was independent and the Department of urology was independent. "I just graduate, Department of Urology independent, 19 beds for medical college years and chest share a nursing unit, has been very good, our director is very excited." Zhang Zhichao recalled the scene when he first went to college, but just over 20 years, the Department of Urology has become the third major surgery, from here, we can see the future development of andrology." Zhang Zhichao is very confident.

"If a male quantitative progress, we have from the male 'underground' to 'ground', but only on the first floor of the location, away from the tall buildings there is still much room for improvement." Jiang Hui said with a smile.

The drug bill:

20 years ago, ED, let go to bed before drinking wine

It should be said that with the acceleration of exchanges, China's drugs and foreign countries more and more synchronized, many new drugs listed in the country soon after the Chinese patients can buy. However, male drug Chinese, or the existence of debts.

Decline in sexual function is the kidney, which is a lot of people feel that the lower body of the potential logic. Director of Nephrology Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, national TCM specialist director Professor Wang Xiaoqin said in an interview, so she dumbfounding patients often encounter clinic: "some of this should go to male patients, run kidney."

In some health care products of kidney yang, a large number of illegal use of Western medicine. For example, a few years ago was a fire Yang health care products, eat is very effective, but the investigation found, there is a western medicine composition, equal to 4 patients a day to eat viagra." Zhang Zhichao said.

"In 1987, the treatment of ED is very simple, for example, let the patient drink wine before going to bed to help congestion." Jiang Hui said that the invention of Viagra, the male is indeed a milestone in the development of drugs, while other male medicine is still not optimistic. "Bayer Levitra in Chinese can not stay, Da Pasi Martin Yang Sen's drug cure premature ejaculation has been listed in the US and Europe, but not China." Zhang Zhichao also cited an example, a multinational company had a long-acting testosterone injection preparation, last year was prepared in China for the three phase of clinical, but after investigation, was suspended indefinitely.

Zhang Zhichao said, again for the treatment of male hypogonadism disease testosterone supplements, although the market emergence of a new transdermal testosterone supplements, but compared with foreign patients, patients can choose our drug is too little.

Jiang Hui said that the testosterone supplement, has swallowed foreign tongue dextrin, a rub on the skin gel and cream, oral, a sustained-release injection, and microsphere capsule injection implant etc..

After sixty or seventy years of age, the old man also attaches great importance to the quality of sexual life of husband and wife. Foreign supplies stores are large, as well as pictures, video, video, etc., and now in China can not have such a scene." Jiang Hui said.

Today, the development of andrology in China is facing a huge space for development, reproductive system diseases will be more and more attention.

"2%~5% of adult men need to treat premature ejaculation, 22% of patients with ED, a man of life to get a prostatitis, 10%~15% infertility patients, half of the men in the. In this way, male patients to reach 30% of men, male Kobe cardiovascular strong." Zhang Zhichao said.

"There is no organ on the man who looks at the Department of gynaecology. But now there is no men; women's Federation, the Planning Commission has all women of childbearing age, nobody man fertility; all hospitals have had very few hospital gynecology, male. The reproductive function of women have problems can frankly to the gynecology clinic, most men have reproductive function can not face the problem. Therefore, attention to the health of men, men need to change the concept, which is important to the family and society." Jiang Hui said.

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