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1, outpatient time and place:Outpatient timeOutpatient locationEvery Monday, three, and five a.m.Clinic Building 5 floor F504 room (consulti


1, outpatient time and place:

Outpatient time

Outpatient location

Every Monday, three, and five a.m.

Clinic Building 5 floor F504 room (consulting room door display has my name and profile)

Every Tuesday, four, and six p.m.

Clinic Building 5 floor F504 room

2, registration mode:

(1) to the hall on the first floor to the five floor after floor outpatient registered male male F504 room (consulting room door screen name (Note: I) treatment in our hospital were registered as semicolon, registration must be named hang himself.).

(2) the website registered patients to the clinic floor F504 room five please find me to receive treatment plus directly, can also go to the clinic floor hall is registered to the consulting room for treatment (Note: registration must be named hang himself.).

(3) make an appointment in advance of the hospital's official website, take the number to take the number of patients on the floor.

3, holiday clinic time will be temporary adjustment, before the holidays, please pay attention to browse the doctor web page, check out the outpatient adjustment notice, or in the website consultation appointment.

4, in order to fully understand the condition, the development of a detailed program of diagnosis and treatment, to ensure the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment, I try to ensure that each patient treatment time of not less than 15 minutes, so the doctor time is slower, please wait patiently. I have always been the purpose: only quality, not quantity, efficacy. Please rest assured that as long as I will be careful to check out each patient.

5, the doctor is a complex mental stress, need a quiet environment, also need to respect the privacy of patients (especially male disease), therefore, please visit the registration into the queue and wait for the patient in consulting room, consulting room, consulting room to hear this.

6, when you see a doctor, you need to do semen analysis, Chlamydia trachomatis, blood tests and other routine inspectors, please inform in advance, you can check in advance before treatment.

Jiang Ping, general practitioner, attending physician, Anhui Province, the first batch of traditional Chinese medicine experience inheritors. He was employed in the Department of Urology of the ninety-first Central Hospital of PLA, and is now working at the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of traditional Chinese medicine. Long term commitment to genitourinary system diseases. Good at comprehensive therapy in the treatment of intractable prostatitis, infertility (recurrent spontaneous abortion), acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment of sexual dysfunction (diabetic ED), Western Medicine - behavioral intervention - ladder therapy for premature ejaculation (spermatorrhea), TCM therapy in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (genital herpes, condyloma acuminatum, genital surgery (minimally invasive) prepuce long penis bending).



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