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The standard examination and diagnosis manual for infertile couples, published by the WHO, defines male infertility as "having a history of


The standard examination and diagnosis manual for infertile couples, published by the WHO, defines male infertility as "having a history of sexual life without contraception for 12 months without being pregnant."". Recent epidemiological studies have shown that male infertility accounts for about 40% of infertile couples. According to the authority of the United States statistics, in recent years due to the impact of environmental factors and the role of chemicals, has reduced the adult male sperm than in the past up to 50%~70%. Male infertility is the third major threat to human health following cardiovascular disease and cancer in twenty-first Century, according to WHO.

The etiology of male infertility is very complex, including congenital genital abnormalities (such as testicular hypoplasia, penile deformity etc.) and genetic diseases (such as chromosomal abnormality), endocrine disorders (pituitary, thyroid disease, diabetes), varicocele, sexual dysfunction, physical and chemical factors (environmental pollution and the thermal environment on the testis injury, drugs) and aspects of psychological factors etc.. From individual patients, there are many factors influencing fertility, so specific to each specific patient, carefully check, according to different circumstances, individualized treatment, including treatment and symptomatic treatment due to two aspects.

In daily clinical work, almost all of the patients in the treatment of male infertility, will ask the diet taboo, the diet of male infertility is to do a narrative. Men in the male reproductive period can selectively eat foods that are good for improving sperm quality.

Protein: protein is the main raw material to produce sperm. Arginine is a major component of spermatogenesis, arginine yams, eel, squid, walnuts, peanuts, seaweed and other contain more.

Vitamins: vitamin to provide sperm and semen materials, promote the synthesis of sperm generation, increasing the ability of anti infection, maintain sperm metabolism process have an important role in the accessory gland, especially vitamin E, vitamin A can regulate testicular function, increase sperm motility. Animal liver, vegetable oil, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, lentils, jujube contains rich vitamin.

Trace elements: trace elements are closely related to male reproductive function, can affect the formation and vitality of sperm. When the trace elements in the body of the lack or lack of content, it will affect the formation and vitality of sperm, zinc in the synthesis and delivery of testosterone and sperm activity and fertilization. In vivo zinc deficiency can lead to male hypogonadism, testes size, sperm production decreased or stagnant. If in Mn deficiency can make man sperm maturation disorder, leading to oligospermia or azoospermia. Selenium deficiency can reduce the energy source of sperm motility and decrease the motility of sperm. We should eat more fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, kelp, eggs and edible fungus, walnuts, honey, brown sugar, soybeans, more food containing trace elements.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, essence is the material basis of human growth, development, sexual ability and reproduction, the essence of the essence, the essence of the day after tomorrow must be nurtured in order to be enriched and expanded. Acquired essence must have innate essence can produce steaming. Dietary nutrition is the material basis of acquired essence, so, through the diet, you can achieve the role of kidney essence.

According to the theory of kidney, kidney essence to intake of food, such as yam in Sibu, Ginkgo biloba, eel, sea cucumber, frozen tofu, tofu skin, peanuts, walnuts, sesame etc.. Some foods can increase libido, increase in fertility, such as: whip jujube, honey, grape, lotus seeds, edible fungus, dog meat, mutton and animal. Nutrition tonic Chinese medicine and Western medicine is the unanimous, agree without prior without previous consultation.

In accordance with the following classification of semen, introduces the corresponding diet.

Too much: normal male semen volume of each row is about 2~6 ml precision. If semen volume of more than 6 ml, and semen texture is thin, few sperm count, known as semen too much. This paper introduces a diet of porridge and a wine for your selective application. 1, lotus seeds can be used (to heart) 15 grams, medlar, rice, each of the 30 grams, porridge, cooked with sugar consumption. Suitable for kidney disease of semen is not solid. (kidney qi in clinical can appear: semen volume and thin, backache, energy is not following, Hua Jing, premature ejaculation, urine and urine clear long, endless and discomfort.) 2, pilose antler, monkshood 9 grams, 10 grams of Huang Goushen 1 in hippocampus. Yellow dog kidney with wine soaked sliced, liquor 1000 ml for 7 days after taking 15~30 ml each time, 2 times a day, is suitable for the decline of vital gate fire type semen syndrome. (decline of vital gate fire card can appear in clinical semen volume, limbs cold, chills, Yaoxisuanruan, pale complexion, dizziness, tinnitus, urine and other symptoms long.)

Semen volume is too small: each row precision is less than 1.5 ml, or only a few drops out, have sexual intercourse frequency, spermatorrhea and spermatorrhoea frequency, which belongs to the small amount of semen. The following four medicated diet choices: 1, 1 pigeons, to hair and viscera, medlar 24 grams, 50 grams of polygonatum, stew or steamed food, suitable for kidney deficiency patients. (kidney deficiency can appear less semen, forgetfulness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, fatigue and other symptoms.) 2, ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, radix rehmanniae, Radix Angelicae sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, licorice 5 grams, 50 grams of tremella, sea cucumber 50 grams of salt a little. With warm water foaming sea cucumber, remove impurities, wash, slice, medicine with gauze bag, into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, put salt, gently. The tremella, sea cucumber ripe, the traditional Chinese medicine bag yarn removed, can be eaten. Take 1 times a week. Suitable for blood deficiency (Qi and blood deficiency syndrome, the patients showed less semen, lassitude, emaciation, palpitation, shortness of breath, pale complexion and discomfort.) 3, rock sugar soup: fresh mulberry mulberry 50~75 grams, cooked with water, adding the right amount of sugar, drinking soup. 2 times a day, can make tea. For yin deficiency patients. (yin deficiency can occur in patients with less semen, dysphoria fever and sweating, dry mouth and throat, insomnia and other symptoms.)

Semen is not liquefied: Semen excreted in about 30 minutes that is liquefied, if more than 60 minutes still can not be liquefied, then known as semen liquefaction. Now that the liquefaction of semen is determined by the enzyme in the semen, and these enzymes are derived from the prostate, so the semen liquefaction of patients with varying degrees of chronic prostatitis. It is generally believed that spicy and pungent foods and fatty foods may affect the activity of enzymes. Therefore, for patients with semen liquefaction should avoid spicy greasy food, while quitting smoking, alcohol. In order to increase the probability of semen liquefaction, can eat some food such as sugar, maltose, maltose etc..

Semen is not solidified: under normal circumstances, semen excreted in contact with the air that gel state. If the semen is not discharged after the gel state, and the direct liquefaction, or even thin, such as water, said the semen is not frozen. The disease is associated with abnormal sperm count, motility and motility. The following provides two diet. 1, mutton soup mutton, angelica, angelica, prepared aconite, ginger. After the 3 drugs combined slow mutton soup, mutton soup to be cooked, take medicine, meat soup. The kidney yang, decline of vital gate fire type are suitable for the solidification of semen. (kidney yang, decline of vital gate fire clinical manifestations of semen thin, vulva and chills, cold limbs, pale complexion, dizziness, backache leg soft. Clear urine, frequent urination discomfort). 2, Qi Jian Jing soup: 15 grams of ginseng, astragalus, yam 20 grams, the brain 5, hen 1, 15 grams of water, letinous edodes, spices amount. The hen and the sparrow brain in the pot to boil, etc. seven mature, add Astragalus, yam, letinous edodes and spices, simmer until the meat is rotten. Ginseng with boiling water soak, steam for half an hour, soup meat and chewing ginseng. Where kidney essence deficiency and deficiency of Qi and blood, edible this soup. (kidney essence deficiency, blood deficiency can occur in semen coagulation, forgetfulness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, lassitude, dizziness, palpitation, insomnia and other symptoms.)

Oligospermatism: clinical sperm density is lower than 15 * 106/ml called oligospermatism, which is one of the main causes of male infertility, clinical incidence. The following two diet is beneficial to the recovery of disease. 1, leek, shrimp 150 grams, egg 1. Fried shrimps with egg, leek, once a day, 10 days for 1 courses. Suitable for kidney yang deficiency caused by less than infertility. (kidney yang deficiency visible reduction in the number of sperm, chills, pale complexion, dizziness, backache leg soft. Impotence premature ejaculation and other symptoms 2, sea cucumber, glutinous rice, 100 grams. The first section of the sea cucumber soaked, washed, sliced boiled, add glutinous rice, boiled gruel, seasoning taking. Applicable to kidney essence deficiency infertility. (kidney deficiency can reduce sperm count, forgetfulness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, lassitude.)

Asthenospermia and sperm motility, sperm refers to a less than 25%, or less than 50% a+b; the fifth edition of the WHO guidelines will forward less than 32% sperm called asthenospermia. This is also one of the main causes of male infertility. Diet: 1 shrimp fry chives, shrimp 250 grams, 100 grams of leek, cut. In the vegetable oil to fry shrimp, add spices add chives stir fried, cooked food. Can eat, the deficiency of kidney yang, decline of vital gate fire by the role of adjuvant therapy. (kidney yang, decline of vital gate fire clinical manifestations of low sperm motility, sperm, chills, vulva and cold limbs, pale complexion, dizziness, backache leg soft. Clear urine, frequent urination discomfort). 2 sheep, the sheep spine ridge porridge: 1, washed, chopped, Cistanche, dodder 30 grams each with gauze bandage, add water, boil Simmer for 4 hours, take the amount of rice porridge soup, porridge cooked with spices can be eaten. Suitable for kidney essence deficiency and weak sperm. (kidney deficiency can appear poor sperm motility, forgetfulness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, lassitude and other clinical manifestations.) 3, Coix porridge: each coix seed 30~60 grams, with 100 grams of rice porridge, sooner or later the food 1 times, with clearing heat power, suitable for low sperm motility caused by damp heat. (damp heat the clinical manifestations of low sperm activity, sperm thick yellow, or red eyes, liquefaction, testicular pain, yellow urine, dry stool and other symptoms.)

A former view of the abnormal number of sperm in semen that is more than 20%. Is one of the important causes of male infertility. However, in recent years, this definition is controversial, WHO is defined as the normal form of less than 4% of the disease. In a word, whatever the definition, are abnormal sperm count abnormal increase. In the diet: 1, Sauteed Shelled Shrimp, taking the river shrimp 500 grams, egg 2, dry starch and other spices. First wash the shrimp meat, mix with salt, then add egg white, stir, add dry starch, and uniform. The other oil added to the pot, heat oil to 40%, stir the shrimp meat, add spices cooked, pan can be eaten. Work with Wenshen impotence. (applicable to sperm deformity rate, chills, cold limbs, pale complexion, dizziness, backache leg soft. Clear urine long, frequent urination of patients). 2, Chinese wolfberry porridge: medlar 60 grams, 120 grams of rice. Medlar wash and rice congee together can be eaten. Nourishing liver and kidney blood.

The majority of patients with infertility in the light of the above diet nursed back to health at the same time, also need to pay attention to the following taboo:

Smoking: smoking can reduce the level of testosterone in the blood and the penile artery atherosclerosis. Tobacco contains harmful substances that damage sperm, causing damage to sperm. Through electron microscope observation, a large number of smokers in a long period of time, the performance of the sperm membrane erosion, reduce sperm motility and survival rate. Men who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day have a birth rate of up to 2.1%. The number of males who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day, the number of sperm was significantly reduced, and the sperm movement posture and morphology were also obstacles. At the same time, male smoking can increase the abortion rate of pregnant couples to 60%.

Drink: the production of wine to bring joy to the human body, to the health of the human body. But a lot of things, often drinking or drinking and add a lot of trouble with the disease to live. Alcohol can cause testicular atrophy and reduce testosterone levels in the body, thereby affecting the formation of sperm, leading to infertility. At the same time, alcohol has a toxic effect on the normal development of germ cells. Modern studies have shown that 70% of the sperm in men with large amounts of alcohol are not well developed or have a strong vitality. Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, and so on in the history of China are all very clever, but because of the life with wine as the companion, the offspring of extreme intelligence is low. The appearance of "Saturday" in the western countries further illustrates the harmful effects of alcohol drinking on future generations.

Effect of sperm food: 1, Coca Cola, Sprite, strong coffee drinking often have different effects on sperm, worthy of attention; 2, unfavorable edible cottonseed oil, because of its containing gossypol on spermatogenesis has great destructiveness, long time consumption, can make the spermatogenic function disappear; 3, celery and pig bile and other foods will affect sperm quality.

In addition, due to environmental pollution, some heavy metals, such as lead, Mercury will be contaminated to food (seafood is often found on the mercury exceeded). There are long-term consumption of food contaminated by chemical agents, but also an important factor in reducing fertility in men.

Male infertility causes complex, the treatment cycle is longer, need male patients with doctor patient adherence to treatment, to develop good habits, pay attention to personal hygiene, especially genital health. Avoid adverse factors, such as radiation, high temperature, wear tight jeans. Adjust mood, don't worry, increase confidence. A good diet helps to restore his health, but also helps to restore fertility.

The above content hope to be able to help the majority of male infertility patients.

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