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Diet and sexual functionWhat is the relationship between diet and sexual function? Mainly for the following aspects:First of all: meat food


Diet and sexual function

What is the relationship between diet and sexual function? Mainly for the following aspects:

First of all: meat food is conducive to the strengthening and rehabilitation of sexual function. Mainly in the often into the fish people tend to be more than the frequency of sexual life of vegetarians, but also generally manifested as a strong sexual desire.

Secondly, often drink soup, such as fish head soup, turtle soup, seafood soup, soup, chicken soup, oxtail soup, Soybean Milk, generally showed better ability of.

Once again, life is not rich or vegetarian, often sexual function is not good enough, but also a corresponding reduction in the frequency of sexual life, sexual function decline in the age of relatively early.

Therefore, regular consumption of some fish food is conducive to sexual health, but also conducive to the improvement of sexual function.

So the more meat you eat, the better? The answer is obviously negative. Appropriate often eating fish is beneficial for the body, but too much food, not only will cause many diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, obesity, the disease itself can cause impotence, drugs and treatment of these diseases and can cause impotence, therefore, in order to health at the same time, the preventive function of premature senility, please meat collocation diet. If so, it is not only conducive to health, will also contribute to the ability of enduring.

What foods can enhance sexual function?

Meat: chicken, sheep testis, testis, penis, dog and pig, cattle whip kidney, kidney, kidney, blood, blood etc..

Fish and shellfish: loach, eel, carp, mandarin fish, seashells, fish, turtle, turtle, saury, cuttlefish, carp, the fish without scales best effect.

Insects: Eating ants, larvae, pupae and. The food rich in ant for trace element zinc, it is an important component in the synthesis of sex hormones, sperm development, prostatic fluid, so to improve the function of good human nature.

Reptiles: food Snake, gecko, frog and so on. The gecko medicinal, warm kidney function is very good.

Other: pine nut, walnut, chestnut, strawberry, medlar, jujube, longan pulp, peanut etc..

What food can affect sexual function?

Bitter gourd, celery, coffee, Sprite, wine, etc..

What are the health care of premature ejaculation?

In addition to the spirit of caring patients with premature ejaculation, should also pay attention to diet nursing. In other words, a large number of patients with premature ejaculation can be restored through dietary health care. Therefore, it is very useful to master some knowledge in this field. Food and health care including meals, porridge, tea, soup, wine, tea and so on. The general principle is contained should be light, rich in protein, eat less fat glycerol greasy goods, the county can not be excessive drinking, tea, coffee etc..

A reasonable diet can not only prevent premature ejaculation, can control hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke prevention. Here is an introduction about the content:

1, Astragalus: Astragalus, Lycium stewed pigeon wolfberry 30 grams (Chinese traditional medicine can go to the drugstore to buy a pigeon). The first pigeon slaughter to hair and viscera, nail after the wash, and astragalus, Lycium barbarum with put the pot, add appropriate amount of water for cooked food. Generally 3 days stew once, 3~5 times as a course of treatment. To Qi and spleen, nourishing yin and kidney, spleen and kidney deficiency type two for premature ejaculation. (two patients with spleen and kidney deficiency, can see less lazy, sluggish, not eating food, stool shapeless, backache, etc.)

2, Longma Spring Chicken: shrimp 50 grams, 25 grams of hippocampus (available in pharmacies, but more expensive), son of a rooster. The first to hair and viscera sub Rooster slaughtered, wash after wash with warm water after in shrimp, add chicken belly, add scallion, ginger, monosodium glutamate, salt amount. By steaming on the cage, pick scallion ginger, the other with the juice poured edible starch Euryale in chicken. The effect of spleen and kidney, suitable for spleen kidney yang deficiency caused by premature ejaculation. (yang deficiency of spleen and kidney, with aversion to cold and warm evil cold, white face, Yaoxisuanruan, sexual dysfunction.)

3, root: root, Eucommia ulmoides pigtail with 15 grams of cloth (which can be purchased from two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine store), pigtail 2~3 to the hair wash, drain water, 3 pieces of ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce amount Sheng fire boil, simmer rotten, add some salt. Eat pig soup, once served, 1~2 times a week, for 1 months. Ordinary patients with premature ejaculation can be served, the effect is better.

4 fried shrimp, leeks: leek 150 grams, 50 grams of fresh shrimp. Leek cut into inch sections, shelled fresh shrimps from jen. The first in a large pan fried shrimp in, then add leek fry, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate little under the. 1 weeks to eat 2~3 times, even weeks of eating.

5, Fried Sparrow: sparrow 4, to hair and viscera, dry cleaning, peanut oil till the six mature, the next golden sparrow burst out, pour the oil, then the original pan fried, add some salt into. 2 times a day, each time 2, continuous use, just have originallyfilling kidneyzhuang yangeffect.

6 sparrows, dodder Cistanche wine: Sparrow 3, dodder, Cistanche 25 grams (the two traditional Chinese medicine can be purchased from a Chinese medicine store), 1 kg of liquor. The sparrow to hair and viscera, and traditional Chinese medicine two flavor soak wine, drink after 7 days. The utility model has the functions of tonifying kidney, strengthening essence and warming Yang, and can be used for premature ejaculation caused by kidney yang deficiency. (kidney yang deficiency mainly manifested as cold chills, waist and knees, hyposexuality.)

7, five solid fine wine: dodder, Rosa, raspberry 15 grams, 12 grams of Epimedium (the four traditional Chinese medicine can be purchased from a Chinese medicine store). The drugs were chopped, containing double gauze, with 1 liters of leaching liquor, 3 days after the opening of the seal. 3 times a day, drink 1~2 cup each time. With the effect of kidney essence, for kidney essence of premature ejaculation. I don't know why it's called five, but there are only four

8, lotus Gorgon porridge: Lotus meat, Gorgon fruit, Poria 20 grams (the three herbs can be purchased from a Chinese medicine store), 100 grams of rice. The above water washed into the pot, simmer porridge. Often take, have the effect of Tonifying Qi and spleen take the essence, suitable for spleen kidney two virtual premature ejaculation.

9, yam stewed fish meat: yam 15~20 grams (which can be purchased from a Chinese medicine store), 15~20 grams of longan meat, fish only 1 (about 500 grams). First scalded with boiling water and then wash the fish, cut, gut, and fish, yam, longan together into Dunzhong, add water, water boiled, soup meat each week.

10, walnut chestnut sugar soup: walnut meat 30~50 grams, chestnut 30~50 grams. First, stir fry chestnuts peeled, and walnut meat mash with mud, add sugar and mix well can be eaten. Kidney tonifying essence.

Semen liquefaction should pay attention to what diet

Semen liquefaction is one of the most common causes of male infertility. Its reasons are due to the lack of some enzymes in semen, and the factors affecting the activity of these enzymes are in many aspects. As far as diet is concerned, the traditional theory holds that spicy food and greasy food can affect the activity of enzymes. Therefore, the semen should not be liquefied anti spicy greasy products, while quitting smoking, alcohol. In order to increase the probability of semen liquefaction, you can take some food such as sugar, maltose, maltose etc..

Impotence spermatorrhea, diet nursed back to health


1, a secret soup: 15 grams of walnut fine clothes, a tea cup of water, fry until half a cup of tea, clothing before going under. Suitable for tension of spermatorrhea.

2, white fungus soup: 30 grams of edible fungus (i.e. Tremella), lujiaojiao 7. 5 grams, 15 grams of crystal sugar. Tremella first with warm water foam, remove impurities, washed into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, simmered until cooked after suffering, tremella, antler glue and add sugar, which is also disclosed, and evenly, cook is. Applicable to kidney deficiency impotence.

3 taste soup: Haihu, bird's nest, pale fire, eel meat each equal parts. Grind fine, add water to boil. Apply to malnutrition impotence, semen thin. The price is rather expensive

4, walnut stew pupa soup: walnut meat 150 grams, 60 grams of silkworm. The pupa slightly fry, then with walnut put together in a large bowl, water stew cooked. Applicable to kidney deficiency caused by impotence.


1, mutton porridge: mutton 100 grams, 150 grams of rice. Wash the lamb, cut into Suimo, the rice Tao washed into the pot and add water to boil, boiled, add minced mutton, stir, cooked food. Applies to physical weakness caused by nocturnal emission, impotence and premature ejaculation.

2, powder of Gorgon porridge: Gorgon powder 60 grams, 90 grams of rice. The Gorgon cooked, peeled, powder. Porridge with rice, boiled, pour the Gorgon fruit powder, cooked together, and even, you can eat. Suitable for fine customs is not solid, spermatorrhoea dreams.

3, chicken porridge: chicken meat 60 grams, 50 grams of rice. The chicken to hair and viscera, washed rice water Tao clean, add boiled porridge. Suitable for kidney deficiency impotence.

A snack:

1, Glutinous Rice Balls: yam yam, sugar 150 grams, 250 grams of glutinous rice flour. Will wash Steamed Yam, peeled, in a bowl, add sugar, pepper, crushed into a paste. With glutinous rice flour and knead with fabric, and yams stuffing packets into Glutinous Rice Balls, cooked. Take. Commonly used in the treatment of nocturnal emission.

2, Chinese yam, Poria Poria buns: yam powder powder 100 grams, 200 grams of flour, 300 grams of sugar, lard, black hair, a little red silk. The Chinese yam, tuckahoe powder into the bowl, soaked with water into paste, flour, sugar, lard, with black hair and red silk into depression, soft surface to take fermentation alkali adjustment after the stuffing into steamed buns, steamed. The essence is not solid, cloudy urine, frequency and dream.

3, chicken wonton soup: 150 grams of chicken, the chicken into minced meat, add soy sauce, sauce, onion, pepper amount made of chicken meat stuffing. With flour and water, made wontons, stuffed into.

4, chestnut paste: raw chestnut 500 grams, sugar, 250 grams. Cook chestnuts, add water, peel, and then steam for half an hour, add sugar, into mud. Cover with a beer, put the mashed chestnut into a cake. For kidney deficiency caused by spermatorrhea.


1, Dongpo mutton: mutton 240 grams, potatoes, carrots 45 grams, 60 grams of soy sauce, cooking wine 6 grams, sugar 4.5 grams, 9 grams of green onions, ginger 3 grams, 1 grams of aniseed, pepper 1 grams, 120 grams of vegetable oil. Will be cut into small pieces of meat, potatoes, carrots up to skin, cut into the water like block. The frying pan on fire, pour vegetable oil, oil burning to see the smoke, the meat into pieces, fried about 5 minutes, you can remove the meat into golden yellow, then cut the potatoes and carrots in the pot on the fire, pour the fried mutton pieces, add water, and then put the pepper soy sauce, onion, garlic, sugar, aniseed, simmer together into, has been to rotten meat (about 2 hours), to serve in soup. Applicable to kidney yang deficiency caused impotence, and cold pain.

2, cinnamon stewed pigeon: Cinnamon 3 grams, fat pigeons only 1. The pigeon after slaughter to hair and viscera, washed with cinnamon, add appropriate amount of water, put stew lidded, water stew cooked. Drink the soup and eat pigeons, once every two days. For the decline of vital gate fire low libido, rare semen.

Pure Diet

As the name suggests is pure, containing red blood cells in semen. Common causes for seminal vesicle inflammation, of course, genital tumors, prostatitis will occur. You can have the following diet therapy, of course, must be based on hospital treatment.

1, barley porridge: coix seed 2~3, rice 1. The Coix seed boiled in rice congee. Take. Have qingrelishi power. For damp heat hemospermia.

2, the car to drink: Plantago 15 grams, fried tea instead of drinking. Heat and dampness, damp heat type for blood.

3, carp soup: 1 carp soup, pepper, fennel, onions, ginger appropriate, take stew. Clearing damp heat, damp heat type for blood.

4, rehmanniae porridge: rehmannia juice 150 ml, Chencang m amount, porridge, and Radix Rehmanniae stir, to take. Yin, for yinxuhuowang hemospermia.

5, xianou porridge: 30~50 grams of rice, fresh lotus root 50 grams, boiled into porridge, plus amount of sugar free food. Heat and cooling, for thermal forcing blood spilled the blood.

6, Gorgon porridge: Gorgon powder powder, walnut meat, red dates with the amount of meat, cooked porridge, take. Qi Shibuya fine just fine, for Qi deficiency and blood.

7, yam porridge: 500 grams of meat, yam 500 grams, 250 grams of rice. The first cooked lamb cut into minced meat, yam medicine research into the mud, broth in rice congee, add mashed yam mutton. Don't take one essence, nourishing qi, deficiency of Qi and blood for blood.

8, a pair of pig kidneys cooked black beans: black beans 500 grams, pig kidney, black beans and black beans cooked boiled, dried out after the fire, stir fry. Pig food, black beans chewed every 30~60 grams. The kidney essence, for kidney deficiency and blood deficiency of heat disturbance.

9. Shenqi radish soup: ginseng, Astragalus each equal part of research into ximo. Fresh radish 1 slices, honey, radish slice with Shenqi powder, take. Or radish soup, plus Shenqi blunt end. The spleen qi and kidney, spleen and kidney qi deficiency of blood for.

What psychological factors and impotent?

According to the clinical accuracy of the survey found that nearly 50% of the patients with impotence caused by psychological causes, the other is most of the psychological factors associated with the 50%.

1, the lack of correct knowledge: the family from his parents are very strict with nature; or both parents or parents in their children's feelings; puberty, not only without proper sex education, but the children asked questions always shy to answer, resulting in them have a wrong understanding of and think that it is a kind of immoral things, so that they have a heavy psychological pressure; or because of the harm of the secular masturbation behavior was too exaggerated, let those who belong to the release of the normal behavior as the first corruption so that they, on the back of the psychological burden; or received bad information stimulation for example, yellow books, video and DVD and other promotional morbid behavior, misleading people to give undue importance to ability, when their inferior, will cause psychological pressure and so on. These conditions are likely to cause impotence.

2, the relationship between husband and wife is not a party or other sexual partners. As the wedding for the first time sexual intercourse fails, the wife of her husband dissatisfaction, so that couples not coordination, husband with a pleasant mood to sexual intercourse; or because the woman is third, her husband was hostile to his wife; or the man having an affair, lack of interest in his wife, the woman did not cause her husband's sexual excitement and so on. Are in favor of impotence psychological factors.

3, lack of self-confidence. As for their own "small penis" worry too much about, so that there is no fear of others, can not meet the requirements of the wife or the husband to his wife; too much emphasis on sexual gratification responsibility, think that if you have a can not meet his wrong; or at the psychological quality is poor, when in the course of life a little by his wife blame, just waiting for the next brood on, sex life cannot get rid of the rational pressure etc.. For those who are more "sturdy" wife's husband, this kind of situation is relatively more.

4, from the doctor's error explanation. In order to increase the income of some doctors or medical level is too poor, the patients with "kidney deficiency" or "difficult to treat", the patients all day worried about his kidney, seemed really there was no cure. This can lead to erectile dysfunction.

5, there are also some patients, due to suffering from other diseases, or had sexually transmitted diseases, after the cure is also worried that there is a hangover, and the performance of the lack of sexual life, etc..

Relaxation training method: in patients with impotence, a considerable degree of sexual anxiety, and relaxation training for the elimination of anxiety, coordination of physical and mental function of the balance has a significant effect. This method is under the guidance of a psychiatrist, rely on patients to control and experience a treatment.

1, progressive relaxation training: let the patient in a comfortable position, half closed eyes, and then deep slow breathing. In a deep breath after breath for several seconds, then slowly exhale and relax. Repeat 3~5 times so that you can be completely quiet. After the patient's own quiet, shaking hands training. Slowly clenched his right hand, silent number 1 to 5, pause for a moment, and then slowly relax. And then clenched, and then relax, repeat 3 times. Pay attention to the feeling of tension and relaxation. According to this method, and then hold the left hand, wrinkled forehead muscles, relax jaw muscles, tighten shoulders relax ~ ~ relaxation, contraction, contraction of the abdominal muscles to relax, leg muscle contraction of leg muscles to relax ~, ~ ~ to order the arm muscles of perineal muscles tighten and relax training. Each exercise is repeated 3 times, each time to relax after parts of the warmth of club practice.

After repeated training, the patient can relax the feeling of relaxation by simple muscle groups and relax the tension. At this point, the relaxation training can stop. Since then, the patient can be reflected in anxiety tension self relaxation.

2, the image of relaxation training for patients with eyes closed resting, 2~3 minutes later, and pay attention to your breath and breathing feeling, and the indoor temperature contact object feeling etc.. Let the patient in the past life memories a most enjoyable thing for each scene, details one by one memories, and make the patients to stay on the good memories, while Lenovo induction, let patients stay in a pleasant situation and make it more happy. If the patient has the time to carry on this kind of happy recollection and the association practice. Do 5~10 minutes, slowly open your eyes and return to reality. Through this kind of psychology training, causes the patient's thought and the mood coordination, has the certain curative effect regarding the impotent patient restores the normal sexual function. In particular, the utility model is suitable for the mental impotence, and the combination of the medicine treatment, the cure rate can be greatly improved.

Two, suggestive therapy: direct suggestion therapy refers to the use of psychological doctor comments or expression skills, to induce the patient. For example, in the treatment of patients with impotence, in addition to the patient's ability to identify the language, the expression must have a positive performance. At this time the patient will relax anxiety, irritable or depressed mood completely the doctor's "concluded". In the process of suggestion, that is, in the process of logical thinking of the patient, the patient is fully affirmed that his sexual function is normal. Thus。 The patient's confidence is enhanced by means of suggestion, and the purpose of improvement is achieved.

Indirect suggestion is to carry out inspection, injection of drugs for patients with suggestive treatment. In the indirect suggestion, it is also necessary to add a direct hint of language skills, can make the treatment effect is more obvious.

For impotence patients suggests that treatment, should be the first to understand the etiology of patients, suggestion therapy for those high suggestibility impotence patients, suggestive of people on low implies poor response.

Three, behavioral therapy: the need for professional psychological doctor to help.

Four, systematic desensitization therapy: the need for professional psychological doctor to help.

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