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Impotence also known as erectile dysfunction, refers to a sexual desire, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, or although have erectile


Impotence also known as erectile dysfunction, refers to a sexual desire, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, or although have erectile and a certain degree of hardness, but not enough time to maintain sexual intercourse, thus preventing sexual intercourse or cannot finish sexual intercourse. Impotence is divided into two kinds of congenital and pathological, the former is rare, not easy to cure; the latter is more common, and the cure rate is high. The United States has been investigated in the general population, the incidence of a disease in 8% adult male; China had an estimated 10% impotence patients should find their own cause active treatment. Impotent expression is male in the case that has sexual desire, the penis cannot erect or erect but not hard, cannot undertake sexual intercourse activity and sexual intercourse difficulty,

The penis cannot erect completely the person is called complete sex impotent, although the penis can erect but do not have sexual intercourse to need the person with enough hardness is incomplete impotent. (normal): normal sexual desire, erectile response quickly, erection duration may disappear or interruption of sexual intercourse and ejaculation, erection hardness can be freely inserted into the vagina, sexual pleasure is good, no obvious change of sexual intercourse frequency, masturbation normal erectile response. The main symptoms of impotence are: 1 the penis can not be completely erection or erection is not strong, so that it can not be a normal sexual life. 2 young people due to lack of emotional communication with sexual partners or sexual behavior is not uniform, and the emergence of anxiety and impatience with impotence. 3 occasionally occur in impotence, sexual life is completely normal, may be caused by a nervous or overworked, do not fall sick. 4 although impotence occurs frequently, but in the early morning or masturbation penis can erect and can maintain a period of time, mostly caused by psychological factors. 5 impotence continues to exist and continue to progress, mostly caused by organic lesions. The cause of 1 due to excessive labor room, or juvenile frequent masturbation, or premature marriage, so that qi deficiency and decline of vital gate fire, causing Yang room for. 2 thought is melancholy, damage the heart, disease and Yangming veins, and stomach qi and blood deficiency of water instruction, so that two Qi and blood, and impotence. 3 fear of injury to the kidney, fear of injury to the kidney, fear is gas, gradually to impotence, not just, and lead to impotence. "Jing Yue Quan, said:" suddenly "impotence with panic, then Yang Dao Li flaccidity, also very testing." 4 liver reinforcement for the penis, Yin Hui, if emotional upset, anxiety and rage, the liver of the penis is poly incompetent, such as "miscellaneous origin of rhino Candle - before Yin Yin origin" said: "the people who have lost, depressed liver injury, liver wood not dredging up also, causing impotence can not afford. 5 damp, flaccid foot, can lead to impotence, the so-called strong fire fresh air is also. On the clinical see, in the first case is more common, and the hot and humid bet is rare, so the "king of the book," said: "ten of the people who live in the fire, the fire, who only ear." 6 cause of frequent sexual intercourse. More research of traditional Chinese medicine treatment in recent years, the domestic wine for wine treatment of kidney deficiency caused by impotence and premature ejaculation and other symptoms, the curative effect of treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation of most wine is in the affirmative. With the rise of ` Yang wine (ginseng, gecko, hippocampus, Lubian, Cordyceps sinensis, 2500ml liquor soaked, every night before going to bed drink 35ml, 2 months for 1 treatment), treatment of 197 cases of impotence, 176 cases of obvious effect, efficiency of 94%. The Chinese Journal of traditional Chinese medicine, conditioning the magazine in 1991 6 (1): diet therapy and traditional Chinese medicine Cordyceps stewed chicken: Cordyceps sinensis from 4 to 5, Zhushan stone ear 5 grams, medlar 2 grams, 300 grams of chicken, stew, cooked meat soup. (2): stewed pigeon wolfberry medlar 30 grams, dove 1 (only to hair and viscera), put Dunzhong add water, stewed pigeon wolfberry water stew cooked meat soup. (3) wind thorn hemp: wind thorn hemp 5-8g, decoct soup to take orally, fresh goods double, daily 1 times; 24-30 day. (4) chickens: Chinese wolfberry medlar 30 grams, 500 grams of weight following child cock 1, remove the hair and viscera after the wash. 50 degrees above the liquor 50 ~ 100 ml, the salt with the stew, meat Yin tang. (5) longan longan meat stew meat: dangshen 15 grams, 30 grams of Radix Codonopsis, 150 to 250 grams of meat. Dangshen, cat meat, longan meat in the pot, the water boiled food. Meat soup, 1 times a day. Invigorating spleen and benefiting heart. After Tixu disease, also suitable for neurasthenia. Organic cause vascular causes: including any may lead to reduced cavernosal artery disease, such as atherosclerosis, arterial injury, artery stenosis, pudendal artery shunt and sexual dysfunction, or impede venous closure mechanism of albuginea penis cavernous smooth muscle, drew due to the reduction of penile venous leakage. Neurogenic: Central, peripheral nerve disease or injury can lead to impotence. Surgery and trauma: vascular surgery, radical prostatectomy, abdominal perineal resection of rectal cancer surgery and pelvic fracture, vertebral compression fractures or straddle injury, can cause penile vascular and nerve injury related, cause impotence. Endocrine disorders, chronic diseases and long-term use of certain drugs can also cause impotence. The penis itself disease: such as Peyronie (Peyronie's disease), penile deformity, severe phimosis and prepuce balanitis. Urogenital malformation: congenital penis bends, double penis, small penis, penis and scrotum, bladder, urethra after displacement fracture, congenital absence of testis or hypoplasia of penis, fibrous scar formation, varicocele by bending, cavernous malformation, dysfunction and erection. Urogenital diseases: urogenital chronic inflammation secondary impotence is common, such as orchitis, epididymitis, urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, impotence among the most common. Genitourinary system operation and some damage, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate resection and urethral rupture, penis, testicular damage can cause impotence. Patients with chronic renal failure due to testicular atrophy and decreased testosterone, often impotence. Endocrine diseases: impotence due to endocrine diseases caused by many, mainly in diabetes, hypothalamic pituitary abnormalities and primary gonadal dysfunction. According to foreign reports about 23%~60% of male diabetic patients with varying degrees of impotence. The mechanism and main penis on autonomic nerve fibers lesions, penile vascular stenosis, endocrine abnormalities, and the spirit of the relevant factors. Other factors, such as radiation, heavy metal poisoning, etc.. Mixed etiology refers to the psychological and psychological factors caused by the common cause of impotence. In addition, due to the organic ED did not get timely treatment of patients with psychological stress, fear of failure of sexual intercourse, so that ED treatment is more complex. A group of 628 patients with ED in the etiology classification of the study showed that: psychological accounted for 39%. The organic matter was 15.8%, and the mixture was accounted for 45.2%. Dual scanning ultrasonic double scan can be used to detect blood flow, venous leakage, prostaglandins, arteriosclerosis and erectile tissue injury or lime. The prostate hormone (hormone produced in vivo), injected into the body, so that the erection of the penis, and then use ultrasound to measure vascular expansion and penile blood pressure, these data compared with the data after the penis is weak. Men sleep in night penile erection will usually have five to six times of erection, especially in rem. If there is no indication of neurological disease or blood supply problems. There are two ways to measure the hardness and diameter of the penis. In addition to normal men of nocturnal erection erectile and reflex erection, and a nocturnal erections, man's total sleep alternated in REM sleep and REM sleep during the slow period, also experiencing erectile weak -- weak erections, physiological process again, this is called nocturnal erections in medicine. Is a normal physiological process in healthy men. In general, the man will have 4 to 6 times a night, every time for 20 to 40 minutes of erection, a total erection of up to 2.5 hours. This is because the brain is always inhibitory responses in the daytime, otherwise the man inevitably from time to time to meet the embarrassing situation, but after the sleep, the brain function of this inhibition disappeared, the penis will spontaneously appear erectile responses, this is completely normal, do not worry. The time, frequency, and hardness of the nocturnal erection decrease with age, and the maximum is around 20 years of age. Whether it is psychological or reflex erection, after the removal of external stimuli, the penis will soon return to normal. Nocturnal erection is no exception. Penile erection after a period of time will be automatically weakened, because for a long time to let the blood retention in the sponge body, the blood will accumulate a lot of hypoxia and metabolic waste, which is unfavorable to the organization, will be a serious necrosis. There is a kind of priapism disease is that patients showed 4 ~ 6 hours for penile swelling and hard pain, this is the color schungite, Department of Urology, emergency, emergency treatment to the hospital as soon as possible. So the penis is not all night erections, and must be flexible. Early morning erection is a clinically significant physiological phenomenon. Some doctors have studied this phenomenon, found that during the period of illness, the erection of the early morning will weaken or disappear; and after physical rehabilitation, early morning erection will also be restored. Therefore, early morning erection can be used as a reference index for male health. In the early morning erection, can also be used as a reference index to judge the status of male sexual function.

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