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Patients with questions: disease: Depression Anxiety + prostatitis Condition Description: the disease is mainly caused by excessive masturba


Patients with questions: disease: Depression Anxiety + prostatitis Condition Description: the disease is mainly caused by excessive masturbation! The main symptoms are: depression, emotional instability, emotional excitement, mood swings (especially in the mouth, it is difficult to control the expression of salt is very bitter, slobber usually drink plenty of water to maintain the chewing gum), dizzy pain, empty brain does not seem like something is not something the left ear, right ear into the water over a duck's back, blurred (world upside down), the brain brain is confused, want to have a lot of problems, always make blind and disorderly conjectures brain turns very slowly, unconsciousness, thought disorder (Chi Dun), language disorder (lack of), the reaction is very Chi Dun, a very poor memory (no difference with what. Courage is very small) and did not dare to communicate with girls (not talking to girls) so now a female friend, not even friends are few! Brothers and friends are very little contact, each go their own way! Always thinking of a lonely single person hiding in a corner! Usually do not like to go out, do not want to go anywhere, my friend told me to go out to eat something I always find excuses to find reason to refuse him! Psychology is very depressed (sexual psychology is depressed very serious) psychology is very immature, mature, feudal thought! Psychological stress! Sexual desire is very strong, very low voice, as if did not eat rice! (dare not face reality escape Society) do not dare have little ability, a little achievement, people talk to people very nervous, always someone watching my face more difficult to control (nervous rush to have people always feel at a loss) at the back and looked at me, watching me. Care about other people's every move! No matter where you see the girls did not dare to look at her (like cockfighting eyes) very thin skinned, shy and afraid to answer the phone in a public place, did not dare to speak. Work efficiency is very low, a lot of things do not dare to try not to face, for example, I am looking for those who do not have the development of space, low wages, no technical content! I'm always afraid of not being able to do it! Do not act decisively! Dependence is very strong! Called to the high water flows downwards and I'm not! General weakness, especially the hands and feet, walking feel tired, take a few pounds are tired! Have lost interest in work life, lost faith! It doesn't make much sense to live! Often there are several times to suicide, there is no human nature (who are not persuaded to who I would not listen to what things are the pursuit of perfection)! Every day at work, I feel very tired (with no sleep no difference) all day nap (one day more than 20 - 30 less 10) and often trembling, trembling violently, ill tempered, sad, never laugh, never happy! Very stuffy! Respiratory rate (sometimes cast not for air tightness, sometimes feel the ants) in the neck climbing, incontinence (sometimes a long time sometimes very short time, sometimes a large amount of small amount sometimes irregular) backache (super powerful) work can be close to sleep (dream of impotence living things will produce) my family has helped me body checked, that I did not have the disease, why always so much I do not support the symptoms, always see me! I am afraid to take medicine to eat bad body refused to give me money to see a doctor! Once treatment and effect: often eaten medicine: Olanzapine Tablets (including imports), Yi, North, Pa Rossi Dean, Lu Xiao Xi with Wuling capsule, there are a lot of male Chinese think the effect is not ideal! The effect of a little but not stabilized repeatedly! Hope to provide help: I want to how to treat this disease, is the first treatment of male disease first, or depression anxiety first, my next step should be how to do, really confused!

Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Ceng Qingqi replied: first of all, don't be afraid. Secondly, male and depression can adjust at the same time: Third, you often see in the andrology clinic, treatment of patients and doctors need to participate in the cooperation, cannot clap with one hand. We are a "sincere, diligent and inspirational" team, a collection of Chinese and Western medicine masters and Ph.D., postdoctoral high-level experts and scholars. Will do our best to help you, but to the consultation, recommended comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (medicine, western medicine, medicine, psychological adjustment)

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