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"Three points of poison". The role of "poison" can directly or indirectly affect the erectile function of penis. There are several types of


"Three points of poison". The role of "poison" can directly or indirectly affect the erectile function of penis. There are several types of drugs:

1 the spirit of the drug with sedative drugs such as barbiturates, thiazide, can inhibit sexual desire, sexual arousal and erectile function. Antidepressants (such as tricyclic, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, lithium) may interfere with the conduction of erectile and ejaculatory autonomic impulses.

2 antihypertensive drugs are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, almost all antihypertensive drugs can concurrent ED. Sympatholytic effect on the central, through inhibition of the central nervous system, increase prolactin levels, reduced libido; sympathetic inhibitor is often associated with ED and ejaculatory dysfunction, methyldopa and clonidine and rescinnamine inhibitory effect on the central equality, impulse, the erection mechanism disorder; effect on peripheral sympathetic guanethidine can at the same time, cause ejaculation disorder and ED. Beta blockers are commonly used in the treatment of hypertension, studies have shown that beta blockers can reduce the level of serum testosterone induced by propranolol, especially the strongest effect; other thiazide diuretics can significantly affect erectile function. In theory, diuretics and vasodilators will not cause erectile dysfunction, but severe atherosclerosis in patients with high blood pressure, need to have sufficient blood flow to the penis, vasodilators expand blood vessel, the diuretic hypovolemia, hypotension and decreased with hypokalemia, leading to erectile dysfunction.

3 anti androgenic drugs such as cimetidine, acetate, spironolactone and cyclic ketone can lead to sexual dysfunction and erectile, digoxin can reduce blood levels of testosterone and estrogen levels. Beta blockers also have the ability to resist the action of acupuncture. In addition, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) in patients with long-term use of estrogen can also antagonize the effect of androgens.

4 causes of hyperprolactinemia, phenothiazine drugs such as opiates, endorphins, reserpine, cimetidine can influence the erection by central role.

5 other drugs with anticholinergic drug receptor, atropine probanthine, antihistamines diphenhydramine and chlorpheniramine may affect erectile. Alcohol, marijuana, opium, heroin when a small dose can cause sexual excitement, but if large doses or long-term use, it will inhibit the libido, erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol polyneuropathy, caused by chronic alcoholism (including penile nerve), and can cause liver damage, reduce estrogen inactivation, and the testosterone level reduce.

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