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1, allergic rhinitis can not cure, don't believe exaggerated advertising and deceptive nonsense.2, allergic rhinitis is mainly to avoid cont


1, allergic rhinitis can not cure, don't believe exaggerated advertising and deceptive nonsense.

2, allergic rhinitis is mainly to avoid contact with allergens, the patient for the living environment is no longer an example of the outbreak of many. In daily life, we should avoid contact with these allergens, prevent seizures.

3, the deviation of nasal septum and inferior turbinate hypertrophy will affect the function of the nasal cavity, and not to talk about them on nasal hypoventilation on the body (especially the brain) adverse consequences caused by the hypoxia, just said it would be convex nasal mucosa of nasal septum deviation is thin, the threshold for allergic rhinitis, long-term stimulation makes airflow and dust the attack is reduced, then it is easy to attack of allergic rhinitis, and nasal septum can also cause the anterior ethmoid nerve syndrome, causing dizziness, head pain and other discomfort. Because of the above factors, if long-term nasal obstruction can also hamper the ostiomeatal complex poor drainage, secondary sinusitis, nasal secretion of inflammatory savings may cause upper respiratory tract infection, nasal polyps and so on, therefore, allergic rhinitis, nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy is also minor ailments, that is not a serious illness for. My view is that as long as the function of the nasal cavity is improved can greatly relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

4, the plasma treatment of allergic rhinitis mainly refers to the peripheral by blocking the anterior ethmoidal nerve, so that it can not produce complete reflex arc, so as to relieve allergy symptoms, but there is no guarantee that the reflex arc in what time will be re established, then the result is recurrence. The effect of plasma treatment of allergic rhinitis, but also according to the constitution of different patients, and no one can guarantee that it will not relapse, when recurrence. Some patients will relapse after plasma treatment about half a year, even if just finished after plasma treatment effect is not immediate, but there are also many patients after treatment effect is obvious, nasal itching, sneezing, t-ching symptoms were alleviated, and some patients even has not happen again.

5, the operation does not mean the end of the treatment of allergic rhinitis in the end, in addition to perioperative medication, for allergic rhinitis, we also need some medications, such as Flixonase, nasonex, Cu Ann Ned etc.. Acute exacerbation with glucocorticoid and antihistamine spray with Chinese medicine, such as: Budesonide Nasal Spray, loratadine, sinusitis capsule, nose thick can be supplemented with ambroxol hydrochloride, can add cephalosporins, traditional Chinese medicine decoction in Qingqiao, Yiqi Jianpi Gubiao, often seen with cangerzisan, Yuping Feng San, nasosinusitis a number of addition and subtraction with the disease, at present there are many hospitals choose Yingxiang acupoint injection, such as Xiyanping injection and Shenmai injection etc.. In addition, nasal therapy has certain effect.

6, traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is broad and profound, up on texture and cold and heat syndrome differentiation itself is very magical, also often create a miracle.

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