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Immediately to the holidays, Christmas, new year's day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival... The golden age. Hanbugufu... Chowhound coming ~


Immediately to the holidays, Christmas, new year's day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival... The golden age. Hanbugufu... Chowhound coming ~ ~ ~ festival full, delicacy is full, but heard a buddy to eat something wrong? Oh GOD??!!

Did you eat the wrong thing? Please immediately Foshan medicine physician Liang Zhicheng Chan for us to answer because the food and cause disease of the new theory and treatment programs, it (at / ^ ^)

Mention of food allergy, the first time you might think of the redness, itching, breathing difficulties, these painful experiences will allow you to remember, but whether you are aware of these diseases may also be caused by food?

Bloating after meals

Chronic diarrhea or constipation symptoms

A chronic skin disease Jiuzhibuyu

Nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms

Frequent migraine

Recurrent chronic rhinitis

Sleep quality is not high

If any of these symptoms are present, it is likely that you are likely to have an allergic disease caused by food (medical term: food intolerance). Foods that appear to be very nutritious may be dangerous to you.

Well, the first point to dry cargo, look at the science of food intolerance is what? Refers to the body's immune system into the human body in a certain or a variety of food as a harmful substance, which in response to these substances produce excessive protective immune response, produce food specific IgG antibody.

This is just the beginning ah, dizzy yet? Simple to say

Food intolerance is a disease.

The difference between food intolerance and allergy 1, the traditional allergy IgE: over reaction, rapid onset, usually within a few minutes to 2 hours of onset, there may be life-threatening. (also contains the pollen is not caused by food, but also an immediate allergic oh), 2 food specific IgG (food intolerance): generally in 2~24 hours after the reaction, not life-threatening, but can cause chronic diseases. The two are easy to confuse, to be identified by different means of detection, treatment is also different. Allergic traditional general we would not discuss here, discuss chowhound to focus on:

My chronic disease in the end is not to eat out?

This is a great question

1 take a look at the characteristics of food intolerance after eating 24 hours to several days.

Often associated with chronic symptoms such as asthma, eczema, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, fatigue, etc..

May be caused by a variety of food interactions.

The traditional method is difficult to find food intolerance.

2 what is the disease caused by food intolerance

Skin disease

Eczema, urticaria, skin amyloidosis, acne

Nervous system diseases

Dizziness, headache, migraine, tension headache, anxiety, depression, irritability, inattention, on tenterhooks

Respiratory system

Asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic cough, ear infection


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), joint pain

IgG mediated gastrointestinal disease

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, bad breath, mouth ulcers, nausea, flatulence

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Chron 's disease

Ulcerative colitis

The detection rate of food specific IgG was 10 times higher than that of normal control

(1984, Madonad et al.)

Food intolerance is one of the causes of gastrointestinal syndrome (IBS)

Other diseases

Including cardiovascular hypertension, arrhythmia, etc.; urinary frequency, urgency, etc.; high blood sugar, obesity, molar and so on.

3 what kind of people are prone to food intolerance?

According to statistics, up to 50 percent people have different degrees of adverse reactions to certain foods in the crowd

The incidence of infants and children is higher than that of adults

The majority of patients with food intolerance are gastrointestinal symptoms and skin reactions, but not limited to this

OMG, flustered, I seem to have chronic rhinitis ~ ~ ~ ~ yeah

I want to check with ~ ~ ~ ~,??

ELISA detection 4ELISA detection

Principle: the antigen or antibody on the surface of the solid support is labeled with the enzyme labeled antigen or antibody on the solid carrier

It is mumbo-jumbo, okay, if you found the discomfort caused by the food, do not blindly diet or diet, food IgG antibody detection technology can provide Foshan Zen medicine professional, accurate and comprehensive to solve the problem for you. You just need to know Central Hospital of Foshan Chancheng District Department of ENT can detect treatment on it.

Food intolerance test equipment

Serological allergen equipment

ELISA detection equipment

5 positive test results! (means there is one or more food intolerance) I want to continue to be a great chowhound, can not give up treatment

According to the results of the test to develop a personalized diet adjustment program, in strict accordance with the diet plan to adjust, after 3 weeks you will obviously feel the body gradually improved.

❂ step 1 to eliminate the cause, so that the body away from the food intolerance of malignant stimulation;

2 to prevent the disease continues to develop;

3 to promote the body self adjustment, restore the original balance state.

❂ IgG; according to the degree of severe diet, diet adjustment: avoid eating.

Moderate: restricted food, a small amount of food.

Mild: rotation, after a period of time to eat.

For example: allergic to milk, so can not eat food (ice cream, yogurt and milk powder), alternative food (Soybean Milk, egg, shrimp etc.)

6 scientific evidence and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) clinical study (published in Gut 2004) from patients with IBS, adjusting the diet according to the detection result of IgG antibody of food, diet adjustment treatment effect evaluation. The results of this clinical trial, designed by the South Manchester School of medicine, are as follows: it is of clinical significance for the treatment of IBS by detecting the level of food specific IgG antibody, formulating a dietary regimen, and excluding positive foods.

Adult migraine (published in Headache Care 2005) may be effective in relieving symptoms in adults with migraine. After adjusting for 2 months, the symptoms were significantly reduced. More than 60% of the subjects developed symptoms after eating again.

The detection of food specific IgG antibody based on diet adjustment (published in International Nutrition and Food Science 2007) Britain's largest food research institute Allergy UK IgG antibody with chronic symptoms of 5200 patients (70% patients with more than 3 years) for detecting food intolerance.

Treatment results showed:

76% of the patients were adjusted according to the results, and the symptoms were improved obviously.

68% of the patients were relieved after the diet adjustment for 3 months.

92% of the patients had symptoms of relapse when they ate again.

British YORK Laboratory for 4069 people to adjust dietary recommendations, return data:

630 (15.5%) felt improved within 4 days.

956 (23.5%) felt symptoms improved between days 5 and 8.

1264 (31.1%) felt symptoms improved between days 9 and 20.

1002 (24.6%) felt symptoms improved between days 21 and 60.

132 (3.2%) felt improved over a period of 60 days.

85 (2.1%) showed no improvement in sensory symptoms.

Food intolerance in patients with dietary adjustment, the treatment effect is as follows:

79% of the patients improved their diet and improved their physical condition within 60 days.

73% of patients improved significantly over the course of 20 days.

Symptoms of gastrointestinal disease to improve faster.

It did not give up the treatment, and chowhound is the best life!

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