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Children nosebleed is a very common phenomenon. In the summer hot and winter at room temperature in the dry season, the nose is bleeding mor


Children nosebleed is a very common phenomenon. In the summer hot and winter at room temperature in the dry season, the nose is bleeding more, especially some children often flow nosebleed at night, parents don't worry about it.

There are many causes of pediatric epistaxis, generally speaking, 2 years ago, the children rarely have nasal bleeding, because the children of this age of the capillary network development is not perfect. The location of nasal bleeding in children is mostly in the anterior nasal septum of the capillary network area, also known as Li area. The vascular network is very superficial, distributed in the nasal septum mucosa, when the nasal mucosa dry, telangiectasia, inflammation of the nasal cavity or irritation prone to nasal bleeding. Such as rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal tuberculosis, syphilis, nasal nasal trauma, deviation of nasal septum, nasal foreign body, nasal tumor; or poor weather conditions, such as air drying, hot, cold, low pressure, high temperature can cause nasal bleeding, and some systemic diseases such as fever, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and leukemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, aplastic anemia, can cause nasal bleeding; in addition the bad habits of some children hand to pull the nose, nasal mucosa dry is easy to pull the nose bleeding; in the diet, picky eaters, the partial eclipse, do not eat vegetables, can result in a lack of vitamin by nasal bleeding.

The performance of nasal bleeding is more than the outflow of blood from the nose, or through the posterior nostril flow to the throat, the amount of bleeding in two cases can occur simultaneously. Sometimes the nosebleed flow to the pharynx, can be expressed as "blood". When the nasal bleeding, more blood is ingested, the stomach stimulation can cause abdominal pain, pale, sweating and vomiting of coffee like, this is because the acid reacts with the blood and brown. Some children can also appear black stool. When the amount of bleeding is too large, can cause hemorrhagic shock, life-threatening. Long term bleeding can also cause anemia, should pay attention to.

Nose bleeding is an emergency, once the occurrence of timely hemostasis. A simple method is bleeding nose plug sterile cotton ball or with the thumb and forefinger bilateral alar, also can use the index finger compression of alar 5 - 10 minutes hemostasis. At this time as far as possible to make the child quiet, avoid crying. It is best to let the children take seat, head slightly forward, as blood spit, so as to know the amount of hemorrhage can also avoid the nose pharynx into the stomach, causing abdominal pain and vomiting gastric stimulation. If a large amount of bleeding, hemorrhagic shock precursors, such as pale, sweating, heart rate, poor spirit should be used semi supine, and sent to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

To the hospital after the doctor will be based on the location of epistaxis and bleeding amount of the corresponding treatment. The nose is bleeding occurred in the anterior septum 1/3 Li area. If repeated bleeding here can be frozen, laser, microwave and chemical local treatment. A small amount of bleeding from the nose is also available with 1% ephedrine nasal drops, to achieve hemostasis through vascular contraction. Should the emphasis is on the treatment of nasal bleeding from the etiological factors, if it is to treat rhinitis rhinitis caused by nasal hemorrhage; treatment to remove the foreign body trauma, trauma or nasal foreign body caused by nasal bleeding; if nasal bleeding scarlet fever, upper respiratory tract infection and blood lead to leukemia, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia purpura against these diseases are caused by systemic disease treatment.

How to prevent nose bleeding? When the children suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis treatment in a timely manner; to have a fever, cough, cough and cooling; have to pull the nose of the bad habits of the children to get rid of as soon as possible; at the same time to teach children not partial, eat more fruits and vegetables, in the summer hot weather season, pay attention to the water, not in the sun exposure under outdoor activities; winter indoor air drying can use a humidifier, ventilation windows, do not let the room temperature is too high; often for nasal bleeding in the nasal cavity coated with paraffin oil, etc. thus, chlortetracycline Cod Liver Oil moist nasal mucosa; some children often at night before sleep can nose bleeding, with a cotton swab dipped in aureomycin ointment in the nasal cavity coated with a thin layer of so, can treat the nasal mucosa dry, effectively reduce the nasal hemorrhage; when nasal bleeding more is not easy to stop the blood, should be promptly sent to hospital, Handle。 Parents have to learn the simple treatment of epistaxis, in order to avoid the fear of bleeding nose.



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