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Winter is the high season a lot of rhinitis, rhinitis patients with nasal itching, sneezing at a loss, drug conditioning may not cause rhini


Winter is the high season a lot of rhinitis, rhinitis patients with nasal itching, sneezing at a loss, drug conditioning may not cause rhinitis tricks, lingering.

Rhinitis is not small

Cold weather, coupled with air pollution, wind and sand, population density, etc., the weak resistance of the people will become easy to catch a cold, and the cold will easily lead to high incidence of rhinitis. Acute rhinitis and cold symptoms are too similar, are stuffy nose, headache, sneezing, runny nose, some people will be wrong when the cold rhinitis. Eat cold medicine, but no improvement, repeated attacks, until turn into chronic rhinitis.

Although there are people know they have rhinitis, but that do not delay to eat not to delay the drink ", is a minor illness. In fact, the clinical symptoms of rhinitis vary, in addition to nasal itching, sneezing, a long time will lead to headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and even emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, asthma and other serious diseases. Sinusitis has not been treated for a long period of time, the inflammation will spread to adjacent organs, tissues. At the same time will increase the likelihood of suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer. Therefore, patients with chronic rhinitis, should be vigilant, once the disease can not be treated as soon as possible to let down.

Three "protect" against chronic rhinitis

The majority of patients with chronic rhinitis rhinitis, nasal obstruction. If you can from the way of life from the predisposing factors, can greatly reduce the incidence of chronic rhinitis.

Keep warm。 When you go out should pay attention to climate change, timely add cold warm clothing, pants, scarves, gloves and shoes, especially the need to wear a mask. Can maintain the humidity of the nasal cavity, while preventing colds and other diseases. In addition, perfume, cosmetics, etc. will stimulate the nasal mucosa, should try to avoid contact.

Moisture. Maintain indoor air temperature and humidity. Excessive use of heating or air conditioning can lead to reduced nasal dryness and mucosal epithelial resistance. If the combined use of air humidifier will have a good effect. The air conditioning room should pay attention to the daily ventilation window, add to the indoor fresh air, put the humidifier, keep indoor air humidity above 30%.

Keep clean. In order to enhance the nasal mucosa of cold resistance, cold water wash can be used every morning. Learn the correct way to blow your nose and key nasal cleanliness. Can use first finger down the side of the nose, gently blowing, the nostril nose can blow out. Side blowing end, and then blow the other side, do not overexert.

Allergic rhinitis eat fruit

Allergic rhinitis is the nasal mucosa on the inhalation of some of the ingredients in the air is highly sensitive, mainly for the love of sneezing, runny nose. May occur throughout the year, the winter air circulation is not smooth, more allergens will lead to recurrent rhinitis. In this regard, particular attention should be paid to the following.

Stay away from allergens. Patients with allergic rhinitis in the bedroom is best not to carpet, do not feather bedding, also do not store a pungent smell of goods. The curtains and bedding to the regular laundry, to prevent mite induced allergic rhinitis and its secretion in winter, if a long time not out of the sun, the best soaking with warm water above 60 DEG C for 20 minutes after washing. The room should be cleaned frequently, preferably with a vacuum cleaner, or with a damp cloth. Sensitive to the fur of animals who are not allowed to keep pets, allergic to pollen, it is best not to plant flowers indoors.

Irrigation of nasal cavity. Keep the nasal cavity clean at any time, it is best to wash the nasal cavity 1~2 times every day with warm saline. To develop this habit can not only remove the nasal secretions from the nasal cavity, nasal congestion, but also to clear the pollen into the nasal cavity, dust, etc., will stimulate the nasal allergens and bacteria, and let the nasal cavity is no longer dry. The utility model can be used for selecting a medical syringe, a nasal spray bottle or an electric nose washing device.

Bask in the sun. Because of the desensitization of ultraviolet radiation, therefore, allergic rhinitis in the winter sun often help alleviate the disease. The best time to choose the sun at 8~10 am and 4~5 pm.

In addition, allergic rhinitis patients should eat more fruits in winter. Vitamin B and vitamin C and carotene rich fruits and vegetables, grains, foods rich in vitamin E, such as nuts, wheat germ, can effectively reduce the allergic phenomenon, and can prevent the immune function decline. In addition to eat good food, fish, shrimp, crab Shensi food, too greasy, salty, too sour or spicy food should also try to avoid eating.

Teach you three tips

One of the secrets: a healthy diet. Patients with allergic rhinitis best light diet, eat spicy food, such as pepper, mustard and fried food. "Try to avoid contact with dust mites, pollen, pet and other allergens in daily life; allergic rhinitis patients after allergen test, such as eggs, milk, confirmed allergic to shrimp and other food, should avoid such food intake.

The two cheats: to ensure one hour of exercise every day. Clinically, the constitution is better, the incidence of allergic rhinitis is also low." "Allergic rhinitis patients every day to ensure that one hour of exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc.. After exercise, the body blood circulation, nasal nasal mucosa edema due to the obvious improvement will be allergic."

"As for the baby suffering from allergic rhinitis, the conditions of the family, can let the baby from the start of the summer swimming, swim to the weather turn cold; can also start from the summer heat, give the baby a cold bath, has been washed into the cold so far. So the baby's nose can gradually adapt to cold stimulation. At the same time, also can improve the baby immunity.

The three Cheats: saline nasal spray. That is, the use of physiological saline nasal allergens, bacteria, inflammatory secretions and other dirty things to remove, reduce nasal mucosal edema, recovery of the nasal cavity of their own detoxification function, thus eliminating the symptoms of rhinitis. This method has a good effect on allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis. If there is no physiological saline, you can also put a small amount of salt in warm water (slightly salty taste) can be made of normal saline, into the empty nose drops in the nose can be."



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