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Please refer to the article: http://lifancheng.haodf.com/lanmu/145504178.htm[attention to life, I am afraid to answer: how long can I treat


Please refer to the article: http://lifancheng.haodf.com/lanmu/145504178.htm[attention to life, I am afraid to answer: how long can I treat this disease?

Many friends are very concerned about the common chronic otorhinolaryngology disease, if the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, generally need to have a good effect?

These common diseases are mainly:

Chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis sicca and atrophic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic laryngitis, adenoidal hypertrophy and chronic non suppurative otitis media, chronic suppurative otitis media (are oozing pus) etc..

Generally speaking:

A prescription (5 - 7), should be able to see some effect;

Three prescription should be seen in any case;

Most people have more significant effect: 1-3 months, the symptoms disappeared, also can temporarily no treatment; if future recurrence, further treatment.

A few people: 3-6 months of treatment compared with the consolidation effect.

Very few people: the need for more than six months of the treatment effect of consolidation.

In my experience, there are a lot of children who have been treated for more than a year, and there is no need to worry about whether the drug affects the development of the problem (just for my own use, not for the use of other doctors).

The following factors, the effect is generally better:

1, the doctor's prescription is correct, there is a need for sexual therapy

2, patients in accordance with the requirements of the doctor with treatment

3, the condition is not complicated

4, patients with good physique

5, patients rarely take traditional Chinese medicine, but also rarely treated with Western Medicine

6, the Chinese medicine drugs, drug quality good or authentic

The following circumstances, the effect may not be good:

1, doctors do not have a correct understanding of the disease, prescription, treatment is not reasonable

2, the patient did not cooperate with the doctor's request

3, the condition is more complex, the need to address the key diseases, there are other diseases or interference

4, patients with physical deviation, so the drug response is not sensitive

5, the patient is a medicine jar, regular drug treatment, so the drug response is not sensitive

6, the quality of drugs is not authentic, poor quality (cheap no good loans more)

7, the treatment period of treatment interruption

Why is the beginning of medication when the effect is very good, further treatment, the effect does not seem to have a good effect in the front (not invalid)?

This is because first symptoms are often more typical, more significant, so easy to feel the effect is very good; further treatment, because the symptoms are not typical, or less, to disappear, not only need to spend a longer time, but also in the psychological expectations too slow.

Answer the questions after consulting friends:

For secretory otitis media, treatment for three months, the effect is not good, still sound impedance B, how to do? The answer is as follows:

1, if in the course of treatment without the occurrence of influenza (not repeated exacerbations), after three months of poor effect (impedance type B), suggest that surgical resection of tonsillitis and adenoid hypertrophy. (most of these patients are adenoidal hypertrophy and hypertrophy of tonsils, or sinusitis).

2, if in the course of treatment, repeated colds, have three months of treatment B (acoustic impedance still keep silent after a cold resistance check, otherwise there is B), can be considered to conservative treatment or to six months or so.

3, if the main cause of sinusitis, should continue to conservative treatment, and to strengthen the treatment of sinusitis; if sinusitis, adenoid hypertrophy, the treatment process is not cold, still the acoustic impedance of B type, can be considered for resection of adenoid hypertrophy, the reason is - 1, nasal sinusitis caused by adenoid hypertrophy but the adenoid hypertrophy can also affect the treatment of sinusitis, if resection of adenoid hypertrophy, which is conducive to the treatment of sinusitis; 2, resection of adenoid hypertrophy, can relieve adenoid hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tube pharyngeal orifice of oppression, which is conducive to the treatment of secretory otitis media.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents should not be too afraid of surgery; but there are risks of any operation, some risks unpredictable (after all, very few, very few cases). In any case, I have to wait for the child, such as sun, if it is my patients, will be responsible for him, I think how to better treatment, I will explain, and according to the specific circumstances, that benefits and harm, by the parents decide. Due to a variety of situations, it is difficult to explain the strategy.

4, surgical treatment is mainly surgery of adenoid hypertrophy, with tonsil hypertrophy with tonsillectomy, and open the tympanic membrane, placing drainage tube retention 6-12 months. Prevention of infection after surgery, in particular, can not make water into the external auditory canal, or the formation of suppurative otitis media.

Surgical treatment of tonsil or adenoid hypertrophy may be harmful, may refer to: [05 children's throat disease, how to treat adenoid hypertrophy

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