The 5 year old Andy allergic rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, the conservative treatment of snoring, right?

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Good friends, choose this quiz, the purpose is to emphasize in children with allergic rhinitis and snoring treatment, standard treatment of


Good friends, choose this quiz, the purpose is to emphasize in children with allergic rhinitis and snoring treatment, standard treatment of importance, we are not saying that in the questions below some treatment methods is wrong, maybe, but I want to emphasize that for safety and standard treatment of children there must be a scientific statistical data support, rather than the treatment experience. This can avoid the influence of children's growth and development, reduce the side effects of treatment. The following is a dialogue with a patient, sensitive words have been hidden to me, please do not place the individuals and units!!

Patient: description of the disease (time of onset, the main symptoms, hospital etc.): my Andy patients with adenoid hypertrophy for 2 years, at a local hospital to open nasonex and ephedrine nasal drops, intermittent, repeated colds, sometimes cold treatment is not good for 5-7 days, 7 days, and then catch a cold. Until April of this year, Chinese medicine and Western medicine medication for nearly 1 months' after a cold, tonsillitis disease has not yet eliminated, common hospital doctor recommended to the hospital to give the child a thorough check-up. Search from the Internet to the first hospital in Qingdao to avoid surgical treatment of adenoid hypertrophy, so in 5.1 went to Qingdao for treatment. 5.1 in Qingdao No. * hospital is the result of: allergic rhinitis, adenoid plug 90%, hypertrophic pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis 1 degrees. The doctor to open the Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Tablets, Pidotimod Dispersible Tablets and Ledorf Wei Tian Jishu budesonide. Qingdao * hospital on the wall of a piece of paper, said Ledorf hydrochloride non suitable for 6 months or more children, but I've seen Zhejiang cyclones and Shandong Aetna manufactured by Ledorf or Bi Xin hydrochloric acid non, suitable for children over the age of 6, I heard that the side effects of this drug, what the specific side effects I don't know, I'm worried about my baby to take this medicine the consequences, I do not know the medicine can take a long time. If during the period of taking the Guichou budesonide inhibited children grow taller, I do not know the impact big. Hope to get your help?! See your earnest reply to each patient's consultation, the pros and cons analysis, know you are a doctor of medical ethics noble, I hope you can reply to my advice! Thanks!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy:

Hello, first of all should be said that the adenoids and tonsils hypertrophy is mechanical obstruction, any drug that can be treated without surgery is not credible.

Secondly, inhaled budesonide inhalant method for the treatment of asthma, due to the coarse particles than nasal spray inhalation, oral inhalation inhalation, most hormones are stuck in the nasal passages, the specific effect is also no statistical support, and budesonide nasal spray after clinical long-term experiment through, it must be used in the above 6 years old. So you do not advocate long-term use of children in this age, to prevent side effects. At the same time, it is worth noting that snoring children exist nasopharyngeal plane, plane, retrolingual obstruction of the oropharynx obstruction, simple treatment of adenoid nasopharynx this plane will not surgery, there were no data support. According to my understanding, the three third grade hospitals were not using this method.

Ledorf Sophie is the non hydrochloride tablets, antihistamines, the use of children over 6 years old.

Patient: Dr. Lin, hello! Qingdao City People's Hospital of Department of allergy in * * * * the doctor said: adenoid hypertrophy block 90%, with more than one year, 3 months reduction I asked: I would like to ask Ledorf or Bi Xin, introduction to read the relevant website, said the allergic rhinitis medication with Loratadine Tablets, cetirizine and imidazole sting, levocetirizine and desensitizer, did not see Ledorf or Bi xin. Asked the local top three hospitals, without this medicine, the doctor suggested that the drug does not take more than half a month, and some doctors say that the side effects of this drug is very large, I do not know the specific side effects of this drug is what? I'm worried。 The medication I age only in the hospital to see that * is the smallest of 6 months, other places, including Zhejiang and Shandong Wanma pharmaceutical Aetna's instructions are over 6 years old, so after taking drugs at the same time also very anxious, * * * doctor answer: "I understand you as the feelings of parents, can you why don't believe me? I'm a little sad. In 2006 FDA provisions of non terfenadine can be used for more than 6 months of children, children aged 2-10 dose is 30 mg, two times a day, the drug is the minimal side effects of drugs, anti allergic drugs in the United States is the biggest market sales, because the drug is safe, are approved for non prescription medication. Then you can go to the FDA English online look up or look at the Chinese website or". I have links to the above web site, looking at it is not very comfortable, not a formal site, I do not know how to do? My baby is now 5 years old 2 months, adenoid hyperplasia is not 6 years old, and then slowly shrinking, I would like to ask the Doctor Lin I don't want to do surgery for children, that I used budesonide and Ledorf for other drugs is not feasible. Andy is not able to adhere to the 6 year old can. From 5.1 to the present use of half a month, my Andy symptoms eased, yellow nose spray can occasionally be ejected from the nose to start, sometimes only jet, the last 5 days is very frequent, in addition to sleep during the day basically all the time in the air, I do not know what is the reason. I can sleep with my mouth closed at night, but the time is short. In addition, Andy took half a month of pidotimod, half a month did not catch a cold, this is a gratifying thing. Because of my late Andy is basically a cold immediately once, so I am very worried. I hope you can help me!!! Thanks very much!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy:

Hello, first answer to 6-8 years of adenoid hyperplasia to the maximum, does not mean that the child snoring disappeared, on the contrary, due to the decline of the process is very slow, the basic to continue until after puberty, so you think the coming 6 years is good is not correct.

Secondly, the non Sophie tablets is selective antihistamines, but I know the literature, the difference of curative effect and side effect of the medicine and our common antihistamines have no side effects and statistics, but not currently in Nanjing three hospitals were not the drug.

Again, FDA is the United States drug identification mechanism. Due to the lack of clinical data in Chinese body, and can not be said in the same age and Chinese Americans at the same dose are the same, so must be subject to manual, this is the drug safety regulation system of our country, every doctor should comply with the. As far as I know, the manufacturer's instructions for the use of children over the age of 6.

Personal point of view, because of the particularity of the children, in the use of hormone, or classic therapy is appropriate, it is recommended to use the nasal spray hormone, clarityne classic antihistamines and immunopotentiator, ineffective treatment 1-2 months, recommended surgery. Because if time is long and invalid, the complications are irreversible. The summer is to go, so the risk of upper respiratory tract infection of children is decreased, airway sensitivity decreased, snoring will reduce, this is the characteristic of children. Sometimes is not the treatment effect, relevant research on children's snoring seasonal changes, we have done, the conclusion is obvious. Related research articles.

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy:

And this treatment your child from my understanding has been more than a year, but larger hospitals are not used, of course, we can not say no such treatment is yet to see statistics data about science, effectiveness and safety of treatment of the lack of support.

I think so, if you have questions about the treatment to the local hospital more than three grade best, mainly is the treatment of safety protection. Another: personally think that antihistamines in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis in children is best not to use more than 1 months.

Patient: Thank you for your detailed reply. It's such a good doctor that you don't rest so late. Our local three grade hospital in Central Hospital of Shengli Oil Field, Central Hospital in October last year to X ray film, said adenoid hypertrophy, can be observed, it is not recommended surgery. I am very worried about the impact of general anesthesia surgery on the child, so has been dragging, until April this year, the baby repeatedly cold to see the seriousness of the problem. My Andy upper lip slightly upturned, adenoid face. You say you can use the nasal spray hormones to get inside. Antihistamines I now take 18 days Laiduofei, is to eat a month end or now clarityne, enhance immunity of drugs can only Tian Pi do Maude? It is necessary to add that the Qingdao hospital to use * Guichou Budesonide Aerosol, we are in use before moving up and down a few times, is injected into a container, the other end of the container at one nostril, the baby will force the inhaled gas within the nasal cavity, a breath for 10 seconds and then spit it out once a day. Once, each nostril on each of the two. This container seems to be called spacer. The doctor in the * * * website said: "especially by spacer adenoid local drug delivery to make accurate adenoids atrophy and avoid surgery, so many doctors have begun to accept the method of non operative treatment of adenoid hypertrophy, attracted many worried mother's eye. I'm in a doctor's website to see that anti allergic drugs can take sick, when asymptomatic disabled, then have to take, can not ah, not like the other doctors say taking, or need to disconnect after treatment, the disease may aggravate. Please take time to help me!!! Thanks!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy:

The spacer container is what treatment is not a new method, has been used in the early treatment of asthma, the container to make hormone can be inhaled atomized under nasal airway, but the structure is complex, the more coarse particles inhaled corticosteroids, are not suitable for inhalation, side effects are large, are not recommended in patients without asthma patients.

Surgery is the most effective, the most secure and the most classic method, which is the consensus of the vast majority of doctors, your local three hospitals, the correct, formal. The treatment alone is not against the new method, but there must be a reliable clinical data support, otherwise the security can not be guaranteed, the present situation, personally do not agree with the single drug can completely avoid the propaganda method of surgery, this does not conform to the reality.

The use of anti allergic drugs should be used continuously, the patient should not be less than 2 months of asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis is more suitable for 20 days -1 months.

Many of them have age limits, must be used according to the instructions on the use of methods, you can protect the children's health.

Patient: Dr. Lin, thank you! We found 5.1 allergens are 1 plus, allergic constitution is not very serious. My childhood asthma symptoms are not andy. I want to give the baby to take Ledorf for a month now, as of the end of the month. Take Pi do Maude for 3 months, until the end of July. Budesonide suction for 3 months, okay? Do you have any good suggestions? Except for surgery, of course. I want to exercise more, through the evening brushing teeth, gargle with salt water, drink honey water, morning and evening nasal massage and other ways to improve the child's resistance, for now? I would like to through my efforts to let the baby healthy, it is not the case, then surgery. I have seen a 3 years old baby mother wrote the adenoidectomy diary, she said: "the operation will give people a feeling of bereavement," I can't bear this torture, I am a mother, I hope you can reply not to mind taking the trouble to help me, thank you!!!

Patient: Doctor Lin, Ledorf can not be used if can be replaced with clarityne? Change now or a month later? Pi do Mo de should not change it? You need to change the dressing of budesonide? My Andy has been taking medicine for 18 days, we hope to receive your reply!!! Doctor Lin, I just saw you 11 minutes ago online, you like us to have touched me! Should pay attention to the body, early rest!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy: strictly speaking, should be replaced with clarityne, modified or supplemented by nasal spray Shu Liang nasonex, after all, is less than 6 years of age.

Patient: Doctor Lin, my daughter a few days before the cold, taking cefixime, while taking the original Ledorf, nasonex, Pi do Maude and budesonide. I am very worried, I want to stop for Ledorf tomorrow, also need to replace clarityne for another period of time? Is this two kinds of drugs are not taking a long time? Is it OK to take 3 months, Pi do Maude can also take for 3 months? Budesonide? I don't know what I need?? What should I do now? What needs attention? I consulted several local hospitals do not have polysomnography, also don't know my Andy do not have to do this check? Thanks!!!

Patient: Doctor Lin, I saw the child's throat and nose this evening, voice is too red, slightly inferior turbinate swelling, hold a nose with a nose expiratory gas flow, close to normal. Would like to ask how to do now? Thanks!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy: Ledorf can stop, nasonex and Pi do Maude do not exceed 3 months, if there is no history of asthma, budesonide should not be used, because over 6 years old to use, not because they do not want surgery on the use of inconsistent provisions in China Pharmacopoeia limits drug.

Patient: Thank you, Dr. Lin. Today, I asked my pediatrician to look at the child's tonsils. So I'm just gonna give her the Pi do Maude and her? Ledorf used clarityne instead, or suspension of such drugs, when have allergic symptoms and then taking clarityne? Thanks!!!

Nanjing Medical University affiliated Nanjing Children's Hospital otolaryngology Colin dy: antihistamines used for a month with Pi do Maude and Shu can be discontinued when continue to use

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