Foreign body sensation in the throat, sputum tears, blood, how to eliminate cancer

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Whole network release: 2014-05-26 11:00 Publisher: Li Fancheng 40847 people have visitedWith tears in repeated blood or sputum with blood, o


Whole network release: 2014-05-26 11:00 Publisher: Li Fancheng 40847 people have visited

With tears in repeated blood or sputum with blood, or foreign body sensation in the throat, how can not determine the cancer, or cancer?

Where is the acute or chronic inflammation of upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, pharyngitis), are likely to cause phlegm and mucus with blood, especially in the dry season (winter and spring), and on the basis of chronic inflammation with new infections, more induced sputum tears with blood. So don't worry too much, the necessary treatment can quickly eliminate the symptoms of heart, especially for the better effect of traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

Clinically, for the nose with blood, blood or sputum, as otolaryngology doctor is concerned, the most important is to exclude the throat, patients of nasopharynx, nasal cavity and sinus and other parts of the malignant tumor, so for sputum tears with blood should be paid more attention. If you have relevant examination after nasal or nasopharyngeal (CT, CT, or parts of nasopharyngeal fiberscope, or throat fiber mirror. When the doctor thinks it is necessary to do CT and fiber mirror at the same time or successively check, found a suspicious situation, the doctor will suggest that you do pathological examination. Because the diagnosis of malignant tumors is based on the final pathological slices, without the diagnosis of pathological slices can not be treated as a result of this. A few people may need to be repeated biopsy to find cancer (especially in the examination of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, may need a weekly section, until the cancer is found so far, or several times after the check is not able to find the cancer so far.)

Throat cancer, its early symptoms may be the throat foreign body sensation. How to check for cancer or cancer?

First, a detailed examination of the throat. If indirect laryngoscopy is not clear, the use of advanced fiber optic laryngoscopy, more likely to find problems (in rare cases may still be missed).

Second, if suspected esophageal cancer, it is mainly in the process of eating swallow a sense of obstruction (not in the sense of obstruction when swallowing saliva). It is best to use barium swallow fluoroscopy can be initially identified.

Third, if you suspect nasopharyngeal cancer, you can do EB virus detection. EB virus detection positive, need a high degree of concern. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients have positive EB virus detection; EB virus positive, a small number of people will be transformed into nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC)

For nasopharyngeal carcinoma, esophageal cancer, or throat examination, if after the examination, the doctor or the patient has cancer is suspected, but failed to find the pathological section, you can or should check regularly (the first three months of the first, after six months at a time, and then once a year), through the observation of 1-2 years no cancer found that can prove that the current situation is not cancer. Because if it is cancer, in 1-2 years (including from the beginning of the disease, to the time of the last examination), the disease has been very significant and even transferred.

If the above examination, no obvious positive signs found, you can exclude a malignant tumor (so do not worry). So, the cause of bleeding is likely to be inflammatory factors. Because inflammation can cause such bleeding. If it is inflammation, treatment is mainly anti-inflammatory, but the general effect of traditional Chinese medicine better, western medicine on the situation of such chronic bleeding effect is not very good (do not rule out a small number of people can also be effective).

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