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Diseases of the throat, especially the vocal cords, often affect sound1 acute laryngitis is acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membr


Diseases of the throat, especially the vocal cords, often affect sound

1 acute laryngitis is acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, often secondary to acute rhinitis, sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, as part of the upper respiratory tract infection, also can occur alone. Sometimes shouting, excessive use of the voice, coughing, can also cause acute laryngitis. If it occurs in children, the condition is more serious. Changbiaoxianwei: hoarseness is the main symptoms of acute laryngitis, light tone pronunciation lost round, clear, tone becomes lower and thicker, or even completely hoarse pronunciation aphonia. Cough, often cough a few white phlegm or yellow phlegm. For thicker, often not easy to produce adhesion to the surface of the vocal cords and aggravating hoarseness. Sore throat, throat pain aggravated, but does not interfere with swallowing. Indirect laryngoscopy revealed diffuse laryngeal mucosa hyperemia and edema, vocal cord was also red, treatment: systemic therapy: severe illness, have obvious symptoms, should be given proper rest, antibiotics and hormone (prednisone) treatment. Local treatment: compound tincture of benzoin vapor inhalation, daily 3 ~ 4 times (with a cup of hot water vapor inhalation therapy, dry towel, the dry towel around the mouth and nose and mouth breathing slowly between the cup. The cup can be placed in mint, compound tincture of benzoin and other drugs, the steam temperature is too high, to prevent burns. After treatment, take a break out, so cold); inhalation: antibiotic solution plus hormone liquid (or add a little adrenaline, 1% ephedrine). The patient should ban alcohol and tobacco, do not eat spicy food, less speech, and inflammation disappeared.

2 chronic laryngitis is a common laryngeal disease, mainly for the vocal cords, room with chronic inflammatory diseases. The causes for recurrent acute laryngitis, without proper treatment; long-term pronunciation improper or excessive use of the voice; often suffer from harmful gas and dust stimulation or usually excessive alcohol and tobacco. Can be divided into chronic simple laryngitis, hypertrophic laryngitis, atrophic laryngitis. Etiological treatment: the appropriate cut the sound, to avoid excessive use of the voice, refrain from smoking and drinking habits, active treatment of adjacent organ diseases. Steam inhalation, atomization inhalation, eliminate inflammation.

After long-term clinical observation, chronic pharyngitis generally will not turn into cancer. But if any of the following circumstances, should pay more attention to it, to contact some irritating substances in patients, especially long-term smokers over the age of 40, likely due to throat mucosa dysplasia, leukoplakia formation of precancerous lesions caused hypopharyngeal and laryngeal carcinoma.

3 refers to the vocal polyp of vocal cord before the edges of the central gray white, smooth surface polypoid tissue, much as one single, or bilateral or multiple, pedunculated or sessile, usually grayish white or translucent, red small protrusions, mobile pedunculated often with the breath, big can the glottis dyspnea obstruction, affect pronunciation. The location is located at the junction of the anterior 1/3 of the vocal cords

4 vocal nodules called nodules located on both sides of the free edge of the singer, vocal, 1/3 junction, symmetrical nodular small protrusions, white, hard. More commonly seen in professional voice and excessive and improper use of voice. The main performance for the voice hoarse, often in the morning light, heavy in the afternoon; speak less light, multi time heavy. At the early stage of intermittent hoarseness, falling into the continuous. The throat secretion: the patient often feel throat sputum adhesion, throat dry discomfort, but not easy to cough up sputum smears.

Treatment of children with vocal nodules in general can not be dealt with temporarily, adult nodules or polyps usually need to be treated by surgery. After the operation should be routinely banned for 2-3 weeks, at the same time pay attention to pronunciation and avoid excessive voice, in order to prevent recurrence.

In the local anesthesia by indirect laryngoscopy or the vocal nodules of vocal cord polyp (applicable to pharyngeal reflex is not obvious, clear exposure, basal smaller patients); the anesthesia in the treatment of patients with no local resection of the body, should take the method of anesthesia laryngoscope, the method of operation under the microscope. Surgery should be noted that if the bilateral vocal cord mucosa can not be damaged at the same time, otherwise it can cause adhesion of the vocal cords.

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