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Allergic rhinitis (allergic rhintis), also known as allergic rhinitis, nasal mucosa allergic disease, and can cause a variety of complicatio


Allergic rhinitis (allergic rhintis), also known as allergic rhinitis, nasal mucosa allergic disease, and can cause a variety of complications. In recent years, the incidence of the disease has increased. According to statistics, allergic rhinitis accounts for about 40% of all rhinitis. Clinically, it is generally divided into perennial (perennial) and seasonal (seasonal) two.

Allergic rhinitis mainly by inhaled allergens: such as indoor and outdoor dust, dust mites, fungi, animal fur, feathers, lint, due to perennial seizures in Nanjing area are mainly caused by mites; plant pollen for more seasonal attack. Food allergens and contact with less.

Allergic rhinitis mainly for (a) nasal itching and continuous sneezing: every day often have several paroxysmal attacks, and nasal congestion and runny nose, especially in the morning and night obviously. In the majority of patients with nasal itching, nasal, sometimes soft palate, facial and external auditory meatus itchon, seasonal rhinitis with eye itch is obvious. (two) a large amount of clear water nose. (three) nasal obstruction. (four) olfactory dysfunction: caused by mucosal edema, nasal obstruction, mostly temporary. As a result of persistent mucosal edema caused by atrophy of the olfactory nerve, mostly persistent.

Allergic provocation test: general use skin tests (scratches, intradermal and contact method), the principle is assumed to make a variety of allergic substances, and body contact, as there is no reaction, can assist in the diagnosis of. Allergen diagnosis can also be used after allergen desensitization treatment.

The treatment of allergic rhinitis: a disease not fatal, but can affect the quality of life of patients (sleep, study, work, social and recreational activities), and can induce bronchial asthma, sinusitis, nasal polyps, otitis media and allergic conjunctivitis, especially chronic hypoxia during a greater impact on children. Children suffering from allergic rhinitis, often due to long nose, mouth breathing can cause the maxillary hypoplasia, zygomatic arch is not obvious, the face looked stupid, called adenoid face.

1 drug treatment: antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine, loratadine eng; mast cell stabilizers, such as cromoglycate; adrenal cortical hormone, ketotifen, decongestants etc. mainly used to control the symptoms, often need long-term application, lethargy, drug-induced rhinitis, arrhythmia and other side effects. Systemic side effects of hormones should not be ignored.

2 use the plasma / radio frequency technique to screen the anterior nerve and reduce the sensitivity of the nasal mucosa. Recent studies suggest that peptides, allergic rhinitis and parasympathetic nerve excitability and C nerve fibers in the. Such as the operation under the nasal endoscope, it has the advantages of clear vision, accurate processing site, slight damage and so on. Endoscopic sinus surgery for patients with nasal polyps;

3 desensitization therapy, with the original allergen has been found in the desensitization agent, the beginning of the use of small doses of subcutaneous injection, and gradually increase the dose to the maximum amount of tolerance to maintain the amount until the symptoms disappear. Patients treated with this method can produce a large number of specific IgG blocking antibody, which can block the combination of antigen and IgE antibody, and prevent the occurrence of allergic reaction.

Another type of induced by nonspecific stimulation had no specific allergen, not in immune responses, but the clinical manifestation and the allergic rhinitis is similar to that of vasomotor rhinitis (vasomotor rhinitis) or nerve reflex stimulation in vitro from rhinitis (physical and chemical), or from the body (endocrine, spirit therefore, even if one aspect) as allergic rhinitis, but because the antigen antibody reaction does not exist in the body, so the desensitization therapy, hormone or immunosuppressive therapy are invalid. The most appropriate treatment is to use the plasma / radiofrequency technique to screen the anterior nerve and reduce the sensitivity of the nasal mucosa.

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